New Spreads!

Blessings, beautifuls!

I’m so sorry for the silence; it’s been a busy week as I ready to head back to work tomorrow (I’m a teacher of a Gifted 7/8 class!) and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write. In fact, this post is going to be immensely short! I just want to share that I am offering new spreads for my Tarot Readings and there are new pricing options as well.

pricing sheet

I hope that my life doesn’t get too insane that I push aside my spirituality as secondary. I very much fear being overwhelmed with this upcoming year but my head has been focused on the spiritual, despite my silence on here!

Send me strength, please!

Blessings, Love&Light!

Spirit Guides

Blessings, beautiful brothers & sisters of the light!

Today has been a chaotic day, but I would like to do a short post about Spirit Guides. When I do my readings for my clients, I go beyond my own spirit guides and ask the Archangels for their guidance (and I intuitively feel their energies and pull with my readings). But tapping in to my own Spirit Guides, beyond daily intuitive thoughts, predictive dreams, feeling their pressure on my upper arms when they’re present and often knowing when things are going to happen before they do, I always want to see them: something about seeing makes it feel all the more real (it’s my ego-desires, I am aware).

Last night I was doing my first personal reading in a very long time. I don’t take enough time to read for myself, though I know I should as a meditative practice. It became an immensely emotional reading, and at the end, I begged my Spirit Guides to see them. My eyes welled up with tears as I said, “goodnight” and flipped my final card… The Moon – my goodnight from my guides, and a mention to recognize my own psychic gifts, seeing past the illusions of the ego. It was a comforting moment, and made me laugh out loud as I felt the pressure of my guides’ energies on my arms.

I then proceeded upstairs and stood in the dark washroom, staring into the mirror with the little bit of light that was pouring in. It was at that point, in a trance-like state, feeling the comfort of my guides’ reading, that I saw them: two outlines of two people standing next to me – a male energy felt on my left, only slightly taller than me, and a female energy on my right with what seemed to be an outline of large wings! I put my hands out to either side of me, palms up, and felt very overwhelmingly strong balls of energy within both of them… I pushed that energy slowly into my Heart Chakra and was completely taken aback by the love and contentment that filled me – a sign that Doreen Virtue states as proof that you’re communicating and working with your Spirit Guides.

It may not have been given to me as a clear image that satisfies my human expectations as to what sight should provide me, when I ask that I may “see”, but it was a comforting and beautiful gesture by my guides.

I have noticed my cat – my familiar – has been exceptionally present when I am involved in Spiritual tasks, since…

Have you every seen your guides? How do you communicate with them?

Now if only they’d tell me their names…

Blessings, Love & Light!

The Byzantine Tarot – Read & Review

I got a new deck and LORD, is it beautiful! I was drawn to it for two reasons:
1. I felt too attached to my Shadowscapes deck and I was told by a beautiful individual that it’s not too healthy to constantly stick with one deck for all readings – client, personal and otherwise.
2. I wanted an “Orthodox Icon” deck for a while, as I have seen them online before! This one crossed my path when I was browsing in a bookstore a little while from home!


As per usual, I imprinted each card within the deck upon first opening it and slept with them by my bedside. My first impression of the cards were that they are LONG and thin – which makes them hard to shuffle and not very durable! But I realized after going back to my Shadowscapes cards that the cardstock was of a similar quality, but glazed rather than matte, which might have given it a thinner feel. I like how long they are because they seem other-worldly and very magical (if that makes any sense!), despite how difficult they are to mix up.

If you haven’t read my other Tarot reviews (if you scroll down to the very bottom of this homepage, there is a drop-down menu where you can select ‘reviews’ and view my other Tarot Deck overviews), I always start getting to know the deck by asking it about itself with three simple questions… they are as follows:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – HOLY FOOL

Be prepared to see the world with eyes anew! This deck will knock down the walls of my tarot readings and give me a new beginning of divine awareness. The deck brings along with it fresh wisdom and awareness and challenges me to embody the nature of The Fool when I read with them: constantly seeking understanding and Light in all my readings.

The deck itself may seem a little absurd or extravagant but it isn’t foolish in the least: it’s breaking the patterns of readings and opening me up to new adventures!

I like that this card showed up in the very first reading, because it emphasizes to me that I need to remove my attachment to my other deck and start exploring my abilities through new imagery and new divine magick. It gives me confirmation that I was right in taking the step to getting a new deck that I might feel just as connected with.


Which card do you want me to see? – PAGE OF CUPS

Ah — the messenger of emotions! Mediating between me and my clients, I’m sure! The deck is emphasizing to me that they’re already loyal to me, and ready for us to form a devotion with one another. It’s a humble deck who doesn’t want to brag of it’s abilities, but needs me to know that it loves it’s divine work and wishes to be my “shining star” in this relationship we are forming!

What do the cards think of me? – SIX OF COINS (PENTACLES)

It’s very interesting that I frequently get a “six” when I ask my decks what they think of me… The number of harmony!

The deck believes that I have gifts to share with the “less fortunate” (which I simply read as people not tuned into their psychic abilities) and that gift is of wisdom. It also emphasizes that, with it’s presence in my life, I should feel the bounty of it’s gifts that it has to offer me – and I surely do, already! The deck thinks I am generous and kind, ready to offer my talents and abilities to those who need me most.

The awesome text this deck comes with is 160 pages in length and is immensely detailed on the history of the Byzantine Empire which inspired these cards, as well as insanely thorough card understandings and some wonderful, simple spreads at the end of the book. The cards themselves are haunting and inspiring, with beautiful Orthodox iconography which ties the Pagan roots of Christianity wonderfully, and gives my Tarot readings a “holy” feel.  I’m loving the bond I am forming with this deck!

Here are a few photos of my favourite cards (it was hard to choose just one and I’m sure you can see why!):

I am always drawn to “My Queen” personification card, as I like to believe it to be!:

Look at this detail! Outstanding…

I realized I didn’t include a photo of the back of the deck, as I usually do, but MY GOD! The back is just as beautiful and detailed as the front! Blue with gold borders, peach-coloured doves in the corners, stars… simply lovely.
Have you gotten a new deck recently? Or is there a deck you’re particularly fond of, as of late? Let me know in the comments!


In other news, my Tarot Readings are changing – evolving! – to more glorious and thorough options. I’ve been exceptionally drawn to using my Romany Fortune Telling and Archangels Oracle cards in my client readings, as of late, and I have found them to give readings a perfect all-around “conclusion” or a clear overview of the message the guides and fates want to get to my clients. The way they perfectly relate to the Tarot readings is outstanding and of an immensely divine nature!


I have decided to add them to my readings as an “extra” option: $1USD for an Angel Oracle addition and $1USD for a Romany Fortune Telling addition.

If this is something you’re interested in adding to your readings, simply indicate which you’d like added! I have found the messages to be of an immensely high vibration and truly on-point. I can’t thank my guides enough for the growth in this aspect of my readings!

Do you have any oracle cards that you use frequently? Do you prefer them to Tarot or vice versa?

Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting! So much love sent to you beautiful souls ❤

Blessings, Love&Light


Blessings on this full moon!


I have just returned from an absolutely wonderful and much-needed vacation. Our favourite spot was when we discovered a Blue Lagoon on the far end of a private island in the Bahamas, post-storm. The water was warm, the lagoon was empty except for one other couple, the rain was drizzling overhead, and the experience was surreal. What a dream!

I bought some beautiful sacred/spiritual goods when we explored Buffalo prior to our early morning flights.

This astrology tapestry fits a queen size bed or can be hung beautifully on the wall… I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet, but I absolutely adore it!

I’m an Aquarius, and my sign fits me perfectly. What’s your sign? Do you find you fit well with it?

This chakra tapestry is taller than I am! Again, not sure where I’ll be hanging this one, but how could I resist such a beautiful piece?

Another beautiful wall tapestry/blanket that I have to decide upon where it should be used.

I also got a beautiful new blanket for my altar with Sanskrit as well as Krishna and Radha around the borders. It’s a bright mustard yellow with maroon print and it really brightens up my altar space and affirms the positive energy of it all. It’s a perfect addition to my altar!


Full moon tonight! Unfortunately, due to the full moon, I had difficulty sleeping and I’ve been experiencing some nausea. It’s a lot of energy and I’ve been feeling immensely receptive due to all the vacation rest, vitamin D and energy overloads from being near the ocean 24hours a day, for four days straight.

I would have liked to perform a spell from my new Moon Spell book but I don’t have the appropriate candles for the occasion; I need to purchase various coloured ritual candles to perform many of these spells and all I have is white.

Everyone is referring to this full moon as a Super Moon because of it’s close orbit to earth, but let’s not forget that it’s a full moon in August which makes it a Corn Moon! It’s the perfect moon for affirmations and intentions related to giving thanks to Mother Earth and putting away anger and disagreements. The fact that the moon is on a Saturday ties it to Saturn’s energetic connections, and the moon is in Pisces which makes it an emotional, perceptive and sensitive moon (which explains my nausea!).

Full moons are highly psychic and intuitive phases, and you may feel as though your spiritual abilities are heightened! It’s a perfect time for celebration and for spells of almost any kind.

Are you feeling the effects of this full moon or is it just me?!
Are you celebrating La Luna in any wonderful way?!
Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love&Light, and I missed you all!

traveling spirituality

Namaste, friends!

I’m heading out of the country tomorrow – a long overdue vacation! – and I began to set aside what spiritual/sacred goods of mine I want to take with me as I travel. It got me thinking:
1. I have too much that I want around me all the time!
2. What do others pack in a spiritual travel bag?!


Here’s what I’m packing in mine:

– 3 books; Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Handbook (nearly finished it, and it will likely just be an unnecessary weight after the first day!), Discover Your Psychic Abilities handbook, and my Moon Spells book (which emphasizes that it is not a witchcraft book, by the way!)
– My Shadowscapes Tarot
– The Book of Dreams is a little leather, hand-bound notebook that my brother got for me in Amsterdam… I use it for Tarot notes. I wasn’t a vegetarian when he bought it for me, but I no longer purchase leather goods.
– A handful of crystals that resonate with me and feel appropriate for my travels.

But I still feel like I’m missing important things! I’m sure I’ll end up coming home with more sacred goodies than I left with, but I still can’t help but feel like I should bring more with me. Unfortunately, I can’t bring incense, as it cannot be burnt in the room I’m going to be in, but I’ll be on a cruise and the salty air will be incense enough, for me!

I cannot wait to be one with the sea, again. I am most energized and invigorated and spiritually driven when I am near an ocean (something that is no where near my home in the Greater Toronto Area). I’m ready for it, and I’m longing for it. The best part of cruises are the midnight hours on the top deck, in total silence, lying beneath the starry skies in the middle of the ocean. It’s outstanding.

What items do you bring along with you, when you travel or go on vacation? What is inside the spiritual pack that you carry? Share in the comments below!

Again, please head to my Tarot Reading page to see the delays that will occur in light of this travel. Thank you for your understanding.

And, as always, thanks for reading!
Blessings, my sisters and brothers!


Blessings, everyone. 

Today, we lost an important member of our family: our budgie Boe. 

Boe was not the first bird I had but he was the first domesticated bird I owned. I nursed abandoned birds to health and taught them to fly as a child. I always felt a connection with birds- I even had a birdwatching book and would spend hours in my backyard tracking the feathery visitors. When I went to a bird sanctuary for my birthday two years ago, my love of birds was re-ignited and a week later Boe (named as such by the Face of Boe in Doctor Who) was added to our family of animals. 

After a year, we realized consistent bonding was difficult and we got Pan a cage-mate and a brother, Pan. Pan and Boe bonded instantly. They groomed each other. They loved one another. 

Today, unfortunately, while cleaning their cage outside, Boe saw his opportunity and flew the coop. Who could blame him? The feeling of freedom… But now I imagine he is scared and lonely, and Pan hasn’t been the same since. 

Being a spiritual person doesn’t make loss any easier. My human ego causes serious attachment to the physical. I can only let go so much but when it comes to my darling animal children, it’s too difficult to not be attached. His flight hurt me far more than I imagined it would.

I’m in too distraught of a mindset to ask my guides and archangels whether Boe is okay, and I don’t want to selfishly ask for his return and then be angry with the fates if they don’t listen to my requests. I’m kind of at a loss. There are moments where I distract myself but then I’m brought back to thoughts of him. I only hope he is okay. And happy. But we all miss him; even the cat is confused at his lack of presence and lack of song…


In other news, I live close to Toronto and there is currently a fair happening called the CNE. It’s a big exhibition with rides and greasy food and the like, but the part I love the most about it that brings me back every year are the numerous booths of different countries with so many beautiful, sacred wares and the fantastic crystal booths. I got some beautiful blessed items. I cannot wait to show you all. Tomorrow, perhaps. 


Tarot clients and perspective Tarot clients… Please note: 


Goodnight, you beautiful stars in my universe…


Inspirational Questions Lead to Inspirational Blog Posts

Blessings beautiful brothers & sisters!

Sorry that there haven’t been daily updates as anticipated. When I don’t have much to share, I’d rather not be verbose just for the sake of verbosity. But today I have quite a bit to share, starting with a PM I got on Instagram that really inspired me to start writing this post.

An individual messaged me and asked me about their Tarot deck: all the cards have been negative recently! They tried cleansing them, they tried burning sacred sage over them, they tried leaving them under the full moon, and they even got the card Death twice this week! What were they doing wrong?! This is what I told them:

Firstly, DEATH is not a negative card. Death asks you to recognize something in your life that needs to end for something new and amazing to begin. In the Shadowscapes deck that I read with, death is represented by a phoenix, emphasizing re-birth! So, getting this card twice in one week is clearly an attempt from the universe that you ‘get the message’; recognize what in your life needs a big change to move forward, and get moving.

Secondly, negative readings are really a state of mind, in my opinion. I can find a good message or guiding lesson in all  the cards, even the ones that most people are afraid of or scared of. They often just want you to recognize something in your life that needs to be a bit different before abundance can be obtained. You need to tear down the foundations of your spirit before you can build yourself up to enlightenment. When you’re on the right spiritual path, you shouldn’t be comfortable! If you’re comfortable and pleased, then simply put, you’re wandering on an ego-lead path, and it’s the wrong one. Challenging readings or dark readings are often just a sign that you’re on the right path.

Third, if the tarot cards are purchased from a used items store or hand-me-downs, then they might be too intensely imprinted by the previous owners. Get rid of them. Or keep them aside but never read them. They’re not yours to read.

Fourth, are you taking the time to imprint your cards, carefully and delicately? Touch and look at every image, daily. Sleep with them by your bedside. Fan them out and hold them in front of your heart, filling them with positive love-filled intentions and thanking the universe for their guidance.

Finally, all these “negative” readings might just be telling you that you need a big cleansing, or that your chakras need cleansing! You can’t get a proper reading with blocked chakras.

What are your thoughts on decks that read “negative” all the time?


Last night I had the most curious dream. I wrote it down as soon as I woke for fear that I would forget it, despite how vivid and real it seemed.

I was in the middle of a forest, deep within, with bright greens and deep floral colours all around. I was surrounded by animals coming out of the forests, birds sitting in the trees, Fae folk (faeries in particular) with brightly coloured gorgeous wings, all around me and smiling at me, and dozens upon dozens of cats, with strange bright coloured geometric shapes floating above each their heads.
I was working intently with crystals of the earth and pieces of nature in a bowl, and I was being told by the other Fae that I was the fairy healer.

Unfortunately, it was at that moment, that I was woken up by my cat licking my face and meowing in my ear, at three in the morning (the witching hour).

Is that not bizarre? What do you think it might mean?

I have always had a deep connection with Fae folk, the good and the bad. As a child, I could see goblins dancing around outside my bedroom door and hanging from the lap on my ceiling. Some were wing-less, the ones on the ceiling had little wings. They were mischievous, mean looking things.

But my most comforting and beautiful memory of Fae folk in my childhood was when I saw a sparkle move through my window, float across my room, and make it’s way to my bed. I then proceeded to see that bright sparkle move away from the head of my bed and go back out the window. There was no doubt in my mind that that was a fairy.

I don’t really know what it would mean to be a faerie healer, but I will be asking my guides for more information.


I started a new craft form (because that’s what I do… I love to learn and experiment with new crafting ideas): Wood Burning!



-And I got two amazing new books today, too! But perhaps I’ll save talking about my collection of spiritual texts for another day…-

It’s far more difficult than it looks and I’ve already burnt myself a few times over. The altar box above is something I’m working on: those are just the outlines I’ve done but I have to use my other wood burning heads (they’re little pieces you screw onto the hot tool) to do sharing and various detailing. But, so far, I’m liking the way it’s coming out! I don’t really have plans on what to fill it with, yet, but I’m excited for it, most especially because it’s a piece of my own and would have more sacred intention within it. I am also planning to paint it with watercolour paint!

Are you working on any spiritual crafts, lately?


That’s all, for now! Remember, the moon is waxing, which means it’s a perfect time to start something new, create intentions to send out into the universe for things you want to grow or succeed, and to keep your mind focused on abundance!

Blessings, Love&Light!


Please make sure you are authentic about your spirituality. Please ensure that you credit and give praise to sources of knowledge where credit and praise is due. Don’t sit back and accept the praise given to you by someone for a spiritual or divination suggestion if you were influenced to do that spiritual choice by someone else, as well. It’s real bad karma. When you allow someone to credit you for an idea that wasn’t even your own, you’re soaking up the negative energies with that deceit. So be prepared to live with those spirits, which won’t be easy. 

I am seeing too much of this on Instagram, including finding people thank and grace others with praise for something that gave them personal suggestion for of guidance towards! I’m not looking for praise, myself, but I’m certainly deserving of credit. 

Be prepared to live with dark spiritual entities and real bad karma if you live an inauthentic life and pawn off my spiritual suggestions to you as wisdom of your own. Deceit is not wisdom. Deceit is darkness. 



colourful days

Namaste, beautiful, blessed people…

I missed a day of updating! The past two days, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with readings (thank the Heavens! I am so blessed!), appointments, events, festivals…!

yes — festivals!

At a large park about 8 minutes from my house, a festival called, “Midsummer’s Dream” was happening — a hippie/gypsy event with live music, beautiful spiritual wares, fortune telling booths and colour-throwing every 30 minutes – an experience similar to the Holi festival in India! It was out of this world. The vibes were amazing. Everyone was carefree. Everyone had compassion for one another. Everyone was telling one another how amazing they looked, covered with all the colours of the rainbow.

FullSizeRender (2)


It was a nice experience getting to release my inner-gypsy in public!

I’m not sure if I had mentioned this on my blog already, but Archangels are known to answer requests made by those who call out to them. I asked the Archangels, before going to sleep the other night, to give me a sign that I was on the right spiritual path, to clearly explain my spiritual purpose to me, and to ensure I remembered it when I woke up. The next morning, I thought back on my dreams and thought, “What the heck… where is my answer?” Now, remember, the Archangels always answer your requests, but you can’t ask how they will do it — that’s their own secret. So I was sitting there, in bed, disappointed, and I opened up my e-mail … the list of tarot reading requests from clients was OUTSTANDING! There was my sign! It couldn’t be any louder or any more clear! It is comforting to know I am headed on the right journey.

I also went to a tea leaf reader, yesterday. I was so thrilled with the opportunity to get a reservation with the reader who goes to my local tea room every Tuesday and Friday. I waited there, I anxiously saw her moving from table to table, and then FINALLY she came to me!

What a disappointed… When I encounter highly spiritual people, I feel their vibrations around my biceps. It’s an unmistakable pressure and “prickly” feeling. This woman had none of that. In fact, she barely looked at my tea leaves at all… she stared off at the table behind me, she looked at her watch a few times, she didn’t even peak at it when she sat down and immediately started talking about social issues. She grasped with a lot of questions that had me building up the foundations for her to “elaborate” on, in the most un-inspirational ways. She barely sat for 3 minutes and couldn’t wait to get up and go to her next client — but not without reaching her hand out for her payment. How people could play on the spiritual needs of people who need guidance for a few bucks here and there is mind-blowing and heart-breaking. I left heavier than when I got in. So disappointing…

Have you ever had a bad experience with a ‘spiritual’ individual? Or someone offering spiritual guidance?

Have a beautiful night, you beautiful souls!

Blessings, Love & Light,

short & sweet

Namaste, beautiful souls!

It’s late so let me make this short and let me make this sweet …
The new moon is bringing beautiful change along with it. I have a line-up of extensive Tarot requests and I’m beyond honoured! Usually, I like to get my readings done in 24 hours, but with so many (and many earthly appointments to attend in the upcoming days, as well), they might be delayed until Sunday. I thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding during this busy time!

But all this could not have been done without the absolutely beautiful gypsy that was my client, Vienda. She posted an IG about my reading with this: “Omg. YESSSSS. I just has the most incredible, intuitive + spot on tarot reading by the incredible @seekingcelestialgrace […] If you’re looking for some guidance, go + email her!”
The universe connects you with high-vibration individuals for good reason; mutual guidance – full circle spiritual connections. She reached out to me for guidance, I helped her not because I had to, but because I feel called to do it, to read and to assist any way I can, and without knowing it, she helped me by sharing that testimonial on a social networking app which opened the door to a flood of requests for my help — a full circle. A beautiful and sacred thing! I am so grateful to the universe, to all the beauty it has blessed me with.

I also got a whole bunch of outstanding crystal and mineral specimens today, and the connections I’ve felt with them already have been outstanding.


Blessings, Love & Light!