Why I do a Daily Guidance Pull for Myself Everyday

One of the first things I do in the morning – after I make myself a nice cup of coffee or tea – is do a shuffling of my tarot cards and the oracle deck I’m drawn to for that day, and then choose one from each.

Doing a daily guidance pull is crucial for so many reasons:
– It sets a goal for the day ahead
– It provides advice for challenges you may face
– It gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel like you can handle anything
– It means the day doesn’t leave you blind-sighted
– It gets you closer to better understanding the cards that appear in your life
– It inspires you
– It becomes a journaling prompt or an introspective experience

A quick pull can propel your day in a healthier, more spiritually aware direction that leads to either being ready to change the things we don’t want or the necessary affirmations to manifest the things we do.

Since it is a part of my every day life, I introduced it as one of my services as well, at a very low cost.

You get to choose which oracle you’re draw to for the day, and any purchase made before midnight gets you your pull in your inbox by the time you wake up.

Set your day on the right foot.

While you’re at it, feel free to use my coupon code which expires on 16/02 – if you put a few Daily Pulls into your shopping cart, I’ll deliver one for every day of the week!



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One thought on “Why I do a Daily Guidance Pull for Myself Everyday

  1. Waw, the Daily Guidance Pull is surely a powerful way to transform how we live. It may not sound a revolutionary idea but, as my Favourite Jim Rohn says, “success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day,” to me it makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for the amazing content!


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