Toe Dipping Spirituality & Dreams vs Visions

Toe Dipping Spirituality

What is it?
This is the idea that you have to, “do it all” when it comes to your Spiritual Path. It’s the New Age concept of putting your fingers in all the pie. It often ends up in the study or practice of conflicting paths and leads to burn-out, confusion, loss of identity, or could potentially lead to issues with dark entities. 

Apart from just a general human nature of being curious – which often fades away after we take a sniff and say, no, that’s not for me, – Toe Dipping Spirituality (with a linger) can happen for the following reasons:

1. Power/Control – this is an emotion stirred by the ego, the desire to “Master it all, Learn it all, Be the best at it all,” and is usually a push from dark entities and not from the Light. Seeking to control all aspects of Spirituality is the opposite of one of the most important aspects of the Spiritual Journey: non-attachment.

2. Insecurity – The lack of security that you have in your own abilities or your own place within the Spiritual Community. Feeling as though you are not good enough and need to learn it all in order to be respected, validated, accepted, or trusted. Another cause of insecurity could be from not really knowing who we are; this takes deep healing.

3. Temptation – This ties slightly in with Power though it comes from a more empty place; being tempted by what power potentially awaits you at the end of the path.

Being tempted by what power potentially awaits at the end of a path

4. “Fads” – This leads back to insecurity because path-pavers don’t follow fads and you only follow Spiritual Fads if you fear your own path or strength to walk it.

We don’t need to do it all.

We all have our one path, unique to us. We need not compare our path to the next person.

Curiosity is not dangerous, but the emotion leading our continuation down the path could be. Ask yourself: what is the source of you desiring to ‘Master it all?’ Be honest with the answer that comes to you.

Conflicting paths confuse our spirit.

Point form notes on Dreams vs Visions

Have emotional responses

You can wake up emotionally responding – you could want to go back to sleep or fear falling back asleep

Get you excited, scared, sad

Cause reactions

Often suit your wants or needs
Can keep you “stuck” in one thought or emotion

You mentally process the emotions in the visions without actually feeling them 

Do not cause emotional reactions following them (you do not feel excited, sad, powerful) – once you begin processing them or manifesting them, then your human impact on the vision can cause these reactions but initially, it’s just kind of like an, ‘oh okay,’ moment

Cause a reflection and not a reaction

Leads to betterment 

Often different from what you want or think

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