Written 04/09/2020

I think this is it: the initiation of fire that will have me writing the words of Mary (the words I was destined to write on September 1st, 2018). The words that have me speaking of truth and spreading love. I feel the flare of Her love in my heart. Something has awoken in me. 

It’s been a while since I have sat down and written in a journal, but I feel compelled to right now. Remember how I once started my mornings with this? Can I return to that, but this time with greater grace? 

I’ve lost my lust for social media. I am told that if I pray, people will find me, seek out my services, that social media is not necessary for me to send out my ripple of light. I would rather pray than prey.

I can see my heart, its energy reaching into the world like tentacles, sparking the light in others. I am in a daze and my head is pulsating.

I am who you call Michael, though, to me, I am Mik-ael. “Like God”, I am not though. I am for righteousness of the same caliber. I emanate love and look to protect those who seek my loyalty and friendship. I will not appear on my own accord; I require your call. An act of humility which in turn begins an ascension into grace and protection. The Free Will of man is not as complex as they may believe. The power that they have when they just ask is enormous! So many missed opportunities as they sit in their sadness and wallow in their inactions.

Mani-festus – it is in their hands and the Kingdom of Heaven is in their grasp. I speak not of a place but of a state. They seek fulfillment outside themselves when it is in them all along. 

You are loved. Fame is Nothing. I am near.


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