Some Thoughts on Humility

Let’s talk about humility. Mother Mary asked that I write about it, so this is where I’ll start today. 

HUM-ility. The etymology of the word comes from the Latin root Humus – meaning ‘from earth’ and it’s no coincidence that the word ‘HUM-an’ also comes from the same root. This stresses that a true human state is one of humility. An authentically human, rooted in earth, grounded state is one of humility.

This merely emphasizes how having ego, pride, showmanship is truly an unnatural state and not of human nature. It stresses that the ego is the quickest way to ‘un-ground’ us. If humility makes of ‘of earth’, the ego unroots us. It’s like ripping a plant out of the ground; you can re-bury it, but the damage has been done and more care will have to happen to make sure that it grows with the same strength as it first had. It is always humility vs egoity when it comes to spirituality. 

Ego is the Latin root of the word ‘I’ and it attempts to distinguish us from others, isolate us from others, compare us to others, and differentiate us from others. Humility – as humans – comes from the root “from earth” and recognizes we all have the same source and keeps us rooted to that source so that we drink from the same source (of Love) and recognize our connection to one another. 

What’s interesting is that if you follow the etymology of Humility back even further there is a proto-indo-European root of dhghem which also means ‘root’ but it has connections linking to the word ‘bridegroom’, a term that is used to describe people dedicated to linking with the Christ Conscousness, and subsequentially also has links to the meaning of, “of earth,” and “earthly being”. 

Our link to God/the Universe/Christ Consciousness is /rooted/ in our acknowledgment of how intertwined in our earthliness we all are, and understanding that we are all connected to and united by the same Source, the frequency of Love (the God frequency). It is our natural state to be at this grounded and connected level, and to not try and rise above others in our quest for connection; we ascend together, and we grow more quickly towards the Light (as all plants do) when we come to better understand that all our needs are the same, and we are no different or better than one another. Being born as HUM-ans in this incarnation means we must acknowledge that we are all of earth and no one being or other sits on a pedestal; by allowing ego to bring you out of the earth and “over” others, you eventually run out of the nutrients provided by source and shrivel up and perish (exhaustion, spiritual burnout, dark entities, etc). Staying grounded – staying humble – keeps you connected to source and free of ego erosion. 

Ego Erosion. I kind of love that. It really describes what it does to people quite perfectly. 


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