Messenger Oracle Review

Shalom and good evening!

If you follow me on Instagram (@seekingcelestialgrace) you might have noticed that I acquired a gorgeous new oracle deck, just in time for the outstanding Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse we had last night.


Tonight, I did a very brief interview with the deck, as I don’t feel that we have completely imprinted on one another yet but I am already in love with the way it reads, its imagery and its messages (with all these new oracle decks, I might have to switch up my available options for client readings!).

What does the deck want me to know about it? HAVE COURAGE
It’s interesting that the deck should show me this card first when I was just recently speaking of the dreams I used to have as a child where I was running from a giant lion (who I believe might actually be one of my spirit guides). The oracle wants me to know that I am not alone anymore. Gaia and The Great Spirit are with me along my journey and have brought these messages into my life for good reason and divine guidance. They’re here for me now.

What card do you want me to see? SEEK THE LESSON
Again, the deck shows me another animal symbol that I have always felt connected go, perhaps clarifying to me that my guides are truly with me and are communicating through this deck. I really feel the high energy radiating from this deck; I am feeling the love!
This particular card speaks to seeking wisdom in unknown places, and acknowledging the different forms and roles our spirit teachers take. Everything is connected, and I think this deck is emphasizing to me what a divine connection we will have!

What does the deck think about me? REVEAL YOUR TRUTH
The oracle wants me to cast aside the mask that hides my truth, that hides my light. It believes I possess magick and wisdom and I hide it under the normal that so many ask me to be… And this isn’t far from the truth. I have a role to play in society and I play it well. But maybe I shouldn’t hide so much of me. Maybe I’m preventing my own growth this way…


This deck is outstanding. It’s so beautiful. And I’m really starting to feel our bond. The more I read with it, imprint upon it, the more our relationship will grow. I have been blessed with two other-worldly oracle decks as of late and I cannot express how much love flows from my heart in gratitude to the universe for helping me find them when I didn’t expect to.




Have you come across any amazing oracle decks lately? Or tarot decks?

Before I sign off for the night, I’m asking that you please send prayers and positive affirmations for my friend’s husband Paul. I would be most grateful for any blessings you send his way.

Blessings, love&light!

Dreams & Spirit Animals


Last night I had the most curious dream… I was standing in the middle of a forest (it was like a wide open plain in the centre of the forest… encircled by trees) and I was meditating on the thought that I wanted to be shown my Spirit Guides. Two deer emerged from the trees and walked right up to me. They rubbed up against me. I asked them if they were my Spirit Guides and they nodded. I asked them their names and they mentally conveyed that they were named North (the male said he was North) and East (the female told me she was East). I hugged them and they gave me a deep sense of comfort. In my dream, I was sobbing and I woke up just as emotional.

I had gone to bed the night before asking my Archangels if they would please allow me to dream of my guides and remember them. I shared this dream on Instagram and had someone tell me that they truly are my Animal Guides, and will now remain with me on the physical plane, and that I could call upon them and they will manifest, at all times.

I truly did not expect my Spirit Animals to be deer! I went to the book shop tonight and was looking at various Animal Spirit Guide books for information about Deer and I found this:
In the Solar System, they are represented by the Sun.
Their number is 7 (one of my lucky numbers since I was a child).
Their magical association are Fairies (which I have been drawn too since I was a child).
They activate and awaken new adventures.
They are gentle, graceful, represent clarity and peace. They also represent rebirth (I have many tattoos symbolizing rebirth). They’re sensitive and highly spiritual, and are very wise.
A doe has powers in communication, enchantment and achieving goals.
A stag has knowledge, brings messages and omens from the other world, proposes quests, also represent rebirth and shamanic work.

I always thought my Spirit Animals would be a lion or a canine (wolf or dog), as those are animals I’ve felt the pull towards since I was a child. In fact, I had a re-occurring dream about being chased through a castle by a lion that was as tall as the walls. He was huge. I would have this dream about once a week, and despite how fearful I felt in the dream, running from the lion, I still had an unmistakable love and adoration for the wild feline. Could he have also been my Spirit Animal? Why would he frighten me? Or was he just trying to get my attention?

I feel that if my Spirit Guides are named North and East, I must have another pair called South and West! Should I just ask that they show themselves in my dreams, again? Or does anyone have any suggestions for contacting/making a connection with their Spirit Animals? Please share in the comments!

On a different note, I’m currently in the process of letting my spell in dedication of Archangel Michael on his Feast Day settle until I have to get back to it and complete it. And I am definitely looking forward to the Full Moon tomorrow and the spell casting to go along with it! I am planning on cooking up some Lunar Elixirs for this moon cycle, I just need to gather the essential oils, the herbs and the stones necessary. I’ve never done anything like it before and I’m very excited to try my hand at elixirs! Have you ever made one for a new moon or full moon cycle?

I am noticing the positive effects of many spells that I have cast over the last little while, and I’m so grateful to my guides, to the Archangels, to the universe, to the Great Spirit, for working along with me and allowing all this positivity to manifest in my life. I am truly blessed!

Blessings, Love&Light,
Cloud xo

Book of Shadows

Namaste, folks!

I had someone on Instagram comment on my video of my Book of Shadows that they loved what I’ve begun to put together, always wanted to do one, themselves, but that they had no idea where to begin. And thus, this blog post was inspired! (Thank you, beautiful goddess!)

First, what is a Book of Shadows?
While a BoS is usually a text that is used by Wicca or Pagan individuals, it’s basically a collection of important spiritual writings or information that guide one’s practice or collects many sources in one easy-to-use text, for quick access. Instead of buying a BoS at a book store, compiling one turns the text into an immensely personal object and something that can be passed down to generations if you so choose. It also becomes alive as it is ever-changing (you can add things or take away things as you see fit).

How could it be made?
Some people just buy a lovely notebook and it becomes the place within which they collect their thoughts, ideas, and collection of spiritual information, but mine was made a bit differently.

I took a binder (easy to add and remove pages in a binder!) and I used Mod Podge to cover the front and back of the plastic. I then layered on brown tissue that I had crumbled up to give the book texture. I even folded some tissue paper and made a fake “binding” look on the spine of the binder. I used alphabet stickers to label my BoS and added a bit more texture and design with a dry brush and some tan paint.

I am using protective binder sheets within my BoS so that my pages can easily be moved around and organized as I see fit. I’m using pretty page labels on the edges so that I can quickly access the information that is important to me. And I am designing all of my pages on scrapbook paper that I cut and slip into the protective plastic when I am done.

It’s simple, easy to use, easy to change around, and it’s lovely to look at which is always a bonus!

But how do I start? What pages do I need in here?
The easiest way to begin compiling your BoS is to start with the most important pages of your text and the inspiration for the rest will follow.
The first pages of your BoS should have:
An authorship (made by, on what date) and dedication page (the gods/goddesses/spirits you worship/dedicate this text to)
A page that states the law of your coven (if you’re in one) or of your spirit (things you abide to within your spiritual practice)

From there, the rest will follow. But in case the inspiration doesn’t flow naturally, here are some ideas of what you can put in your BoS:
– spells
– important tarot spreads or info
– numerology info
– astrological info
– elemental info
– herbology info
– the wheel of the year
– information about gods/goddesses/spirits/other
– memorable dreams you had
– moments of intuition
– making notes of synchronicity in your life
– chakra info
– your favourite yoga poses
And there are so many more possibilities you can role with!

This text is immensely personal and need not be fancy, but it does help to create a bond with yourself, your spirit, the Great Spirit, and your practice in a way I cannot explain in a blog post. I highly recommend it for all spiritual individuals out there, looking to make their lives just a little more sacred!

Please share photos of your Books of Shadows if you make one/have one!

Blessings, Love&Light!

Equinox in Tune

Blessings! Namaste! 

As you may have read in my previous posts, I’m in the middle of the forest on an overnight trip with students and while I was dreading it, it’s the time I get alone that make the experience so valuable to me. 

I took a solitary walk on the grounds, which are South Algonquin and are absolutely beautiful. While I was walking, a frog made himself known and I had a moment with him. Then, when I was walking along, wondering what my spirit animal might be, a rabbit walked right in front of me, crossing my path, looking at me but knowing I wasn’t a threat. Later along this solitary walk, I was contemplating for a sign about my spirit animal, again, and I heard movement in the bushes around me. Again, a rabbit stepped out, right in front of me, this time running as if to say, “catch me if you can!” I never imagined that my spirit animal could be a rabbit. I have always been drawn to wolves, owls, and lions… How can I know for sure, what my totem friends look like? Can anyone help with this? 

The starry sky was outstanding; so clear, so beautiful, and the crisp air made the experience so magical. I love Autumn and I love being up North. It’s the only place in Canada that really feels like home. 

I also retired to bed a bit early in order that I could do an Autumn Equinox spell. Setting my intentions for the new season – my favourite season – is very important to me. Making time for sacred moments on such a special night was absolutely necessary to me. 

This trip is teaching me patience, better understanding of the adolescent mind, and it’s allowing me the time I so desperately have been guided to spend in nature, where I belong. I’m grateful for this opportunity, regardless of how exhausting it is. 

Goodnight, beauties. 


Have you noticed a new page?

Namaste, beautiful strangers and friends!

Have you noticed a new page in the navigation bar on my website? Well, let me tell you all about what I am now offering at seeking celestial grace!


I have always been drawn to healing. As a youth, I believed I would be a psychiatrist, and my friends knew me as the one to solve any problem. Into my adult years, I saw my career choice – a teacher – as a healer in a way; a good teacher creates a safe space where students forget any issues they had before they stepped over the classroom threshold. And so, as someone who has finally acknowledged her Lightworker self, and who has begun to embrace her Empath abilities, and who has been pushed in readings and communication with guides to share my healing abilities with others, this seemed like the logical next step for my website.

I haven’t yet gained the skills of physical healing, but I do have a gift with healing mental, emotional and spiritual struggles, and I wish to share those skills with you.

For $12 USD, you can send me an e-mail (an essay or story if it helps to type it all out!) and ask me for guidance in anything that plagues you: relationship troubles, misunderstanding readings or dreams, next steps you should take in your life when nothing seems to be working, and the like.

What I will offer you in return is the following:

  • Highly intuitive understandings of emotional situations, dream and reality imagery and accurate readings of the intention of others
  • Guidance for spells and rituals that you can perform that will help you with centering yourself, focusing your thoughts, achieving what you’d like to manifest in your life, or help bring solace to any struggles
  • Assistance with a reading from the Goddess Isis oracle for how to go about solving your problem
  • Honest and unbiased opinions about the situation and how to manifest intentions that benefit you
  • Crystal and incense/oil suggestions
  • Archangel guidance suggestions
  • Book suggestions, if applicable
  • Astrological information that might be applicable to your situation or needs
  • All the while, my words are being directed through the counsel of my guides and the Archangels

All this will be done in my sacred space, an environment filled with positive intention, and never when I am not in the right frame of mind (tired, angry, high on caffeine or having had any alcohol). This guidance is sacred, and I always treat it as such.

I have been offering spiritual guidance for years, so you will receive a response that is very personalized and highly professional.

If you require a response in 24 hours or less, the fee for “Rush Guidance” is $22 USD. If this is a requirement, please title your e.mail subject line as, “RUSH GUIDANCE”.


If this seems like something you might be interested in, you can e.mail me, titling your e-mail as, “GUIDANCE”. Write out as much information about your situation as you can provide.
This is completely confidential and your e.mail will never be shared with anybody.
Include the names of anyone else that might be referenced in your e.mail.
Include your birthday and the signs or birth dates of anyone else in your e.mail.
Clarify your main concerns/your main reasons for the e.mail and guidance request.
And my guides and myself will do the rest! Please read the following terms&conditions, and by e.mailing me, you agree to the following:

My spiritual healing and guidance are not meant to be definitive representations of what your future holds (I do not predict the future!), but a guide to assist you in your personal needs.

I will never tell you what to do, how to do it, what the definitive answer is, or what someone else should do (I will only answer for you and your needs). I will give you suggestions, but cannot be held responsible for what occurs after I have sent you my reply.

My spiritual guidance will be intuitive and knowledgeable and will aim to give you a sense of grace or assist you in overcoming struggles. I am an honest Lightworker, I am down to earth and free of prejudice, and I will always give you the best, most thorough guidance that my guides will allow me to give. You can always expect something personal, just for you, but I cannot be held responsible if the response you’ve received leaves you angry or disappointed.

I will only assist individuals 18+.
I will not give legal or financial advice.
I am not responsible for any events that may occur following.
I reserve the right to refuse a guidance.
“Rush Guidance” are the only guaranteed way to get your response in under 24 hours.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, you can e.mail me at: 

Once you’ve e.mailed me, I will send you a PayPal invoice indicating that I have received your request, with an approximate time as to when I will be able to dedicate time to your concerns.


This is something I have been contemplating for a while, as, firstly, I felt it was an important ‘next step’ with regards to my psychic abilities and the journey I am taking to grow with them, and secondly, it’s always been something that I intuitively did with other people, and I am very good at it, so it seemed like a natural progression! I find that a lot of people are not ready for a Tarot reading but still would like guidance or would like unbiased advice on their issues, and this is truly the best way to go about offering my assistance and my healing to others in a way that might make them feel more comfortable. It is highly personal, very detailed, very professional, and jam-packed with tips and tricks, spells and sacred suggestions!

What do you think of the new offerings at Seeking Celestial Grace?!


In other news, I went to a Renaissance Faire today and came back inspired, and as such, I came home, found some branches that fell off the gorgeous tree in my backyard (I wish I knew what it was…) and created a magic wand! Check it out (poor photos, but I’ll get better ones soon, I promise):



What do you think?! I burnt elemental, rune, Wicca and astrological symbols into the wood (which burned so smoothly and beautifully, because I truly feel I have a connection with that tree in my backyard) and gave it an Amethyst and Quartz point tip. The feather is from an owl at a bird conservatory, that was given to me by the caretaker of the owl (I adore owls). It was such a pleasure to make that I was thinking about whether or not this should be something I offer in my shop (for about $20-$30 USD depending on the size, crystal, etc)… would that be something you think you’d be interested in? Or something you think someone else might be interested in? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all for today – but I think it’s a whole lot! I still have to put together my Altar Box that I have to bring along with me on my overnight trip with the school and get to some Tarot Readings.


Blessing, Love&Light! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments… I’m eager to read them 🙂

so much to do, so little time

Namaste, gorgeous souls!

There’s a lot to share with you, and I hope I remember it all…

I got a Tarot reading by a beautiful human on Instagram called @nathaliesage (I have read for her, as well, and we have exchanged many talks since then… I haven’t had a reading by another in ages but I am in love with her energy and took her up on the offer for a free reading) and she told me some absolutely incredible things, that really solidified the answers to a lot of questions I was holding in my heart. Here a few snippets of the high-energy beauty she shared with me:

  • Tapping into my energy blew her mind! (The feeling was mutual when I read for her!)
  • I can do anything I set my mind to – I’ve got the spirit to will it
  • There are Fae around me that are asking for my attention
  • I’ve come a long way on my spiritual journey and am ready to step up and fulfill my mission
  • There are some fears holding me back from tapping into all of my own power and it could be tied to past life trauma I am bringing with me into this life
  • I need to tap into Nature’s energies, get in touch with my inner Wicca and make more meditative connections with nature spirits
  • I also need to move forward with healing – possibly past life stuff – and let myself be more vulnerable

All of the reading resonated with me, but the thing that stuck out the very most was the emphasis on tuning in with nature, connecting with my inner witch and taking time to talk to the Fae that surrounds me. It really stuck with me because as of late, I have been drawn to books that focus on naturalistic religion and nature-focused spell casting. And I used to see fairies, goblins and really evil, evil sprites when I was a child, but haven’t seen them in years. I have very vivid memories of these creatures… The fairy flew into my room through my window, a small sparkle of light, flew towards me, moved things around near my head (I heard it) and then I watched her fly out. I also used to see goblins walking up my stairs, peeking through the stair spindles, peeking into my room and then running away, and walking around – as if on guard – outside my room. My experience with evil little sprites was I once woke from my sleep having had a bad dream, and joined my grandparents in their bed in the guest room. I was lying between them and looking at the chandelier on the ceiling… these little black, evil looking things were hanging from it, holding fingers to their lips, telling me to “shhhh” and threatening to climb down onto the feet of my grandparents (and I could sense it was to harm them). I told them “no” and “don’t” and they stuck their tongues out at me and disappeared…

Overall, the reading seemed to indicate that I’ve got some strong psychic abilities about me! And that I need to heal, tap into my energy and my guides and move forward. If you have any suggestions on Fae literature or cards, I would love to hear them!

After my reading, I felt drawn to pull a Goddess Isis Oracle card about where to go next, and a Byzantine Tarot card about the same or the next steps. The readings I got were outstanding!


The Portal of Light was the oracle card I got, indicating that I am only bound by the physical world, but I’m conscious beyond this! It’s safe to allow myself to expand as I grow in power and awareness. I am not who I thought I was – I am a much vaster being, and even more wonderful gifts await me, including gifts of healing, and Isis would like to guide me, beyond time and space! The portal of light is opened for me to walk through, be healed, and share this healing with others.

The Four of Staffs was the Tarot card that I drew, and in simple terms, it indicates a harvest of the work I have put into myself, my spirituality and the acknowledgement of my psychic abilities and gifts. It speaks of a “homecoming” and when I work with the spirit is when I feel most at home.  I will taste the fruits of my bountiful soul!

I could not be more excited about what the future holds! This was all shared with me shortly after ordering my first batch of business cards and as I was planning to create myself a Book of Shadows! And so, I did! At least, I mean, I’ve started to! As of such, I’ve created my dedication page, my “Law of Spirit” page (I suppose I am “solitary” so it’s the laws I follow for my spiritual journey), a page on the elements and I’ve started a page on numerology. I really love it, already, and I am starting to feel the energy I’m pouring into it being a very powerful thing. In it’s collective and complete state, I bet it will be a very powerful book. A very personal book, but immensely powerful.

I am so excited for Mabon/Autumn Equinox, but a very unfortunate event is occurring that prevents me from enjoying it in my own sacred way (it’s also my partner’s birthday on that day, so it has more loving intention poured into it)… I have to go on a 3 day, 2 night trip with a bunch of 8th graders on a leadership camp/cabin trip, starting on the Equinox. I’m so disappointed. Already I have been complaining that I don’t have enough personal time to start my days off in a spiritual manner, and that I’d like to take more time to focus on me and my sacred needs, and here I will be, up at 6, on duty at 7 and in bed by 11:30pm… how does that give me any time to dedicate myself to honouring nature, honouring the spirits, honouring the universe… Despite the exhaustion I’ll likely face, I will have to take the few moments before bed to do something in private for my soul… Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

I suppose that’s all I have to share that is of value. I know there has been more going on with this week, but alas, if I don’t write it when I think it, it’s lost. And I can’t seem to bring myself to write it late at night, because I would much rather make some time for spiritual reads and casting.

Oh! One last thing: I found a book at the thrift shop that’s about Mary Magdalene. Specifically, it’s a man who is channeling her spirit and writes, in her words, her experience. It’s amazing… I paid $2.99 for this book that is causing me the most intense vibrations from my guides! When I sit down with it, I am overwhelmed by the beauty in the words and the story she tells about her experience with the Master, Jesus. It’s so beautiful… I am flying through it. I’ll tell you more once I finish it up!

Are you reading anything lovely lately?

Wishing you the most blessed night, the night of Rhiannon! Have you cast your spells of self-love or romantic love, tonight?


Oh, and Mercury is in retrograde so I dropped a million things today and I was unnecessarily stressed and the like. Could be worse!

Tips and tricks appreciated

Morning blessings!

I need some help… I’m not a night owl (I get pretty sleepy as soon as the sun dips) and I’m not an early morning person (before 8:30am is pushing it) but I do get a lot of spiritual work done, focused, in the morning hours. 

My problem is as such: I started work again which means early wake times, and I’m currently driving a friend, meaning wake times are at 5:40am. I’m not only too tired to focus on the spiritual, but when I finally start waking up, it’s time for me to head out of the house. I don’t start my morning with something spiritual and so I feel as if I haven’t started my day on the right foot.

I don’t want to rush the sacred. I definitely can’t do the waking up any earlier business. I’m so torn. 

How do you all balance the spiritual with the work day? 

Love and Light!

The downs to being an empath & Halloween

Namaste, lovely people!

I love being an empath. I feel very in-tune most of the time, and when I’m able to ground myself and handle the energy of other people, than I see my gift as a blessing. But there are real downs to this gift, and as I become more energetically aware, more spiritually-lightened, my sensitivities have started to become far more physical than just the emotional reactions I used to have.

I was on a flight a while ago and prior to us taking off, there was a huge fight between two families, where individuals threatened to fight one another and there was the possibility of individuals being removed. The families agreed to stay civil, but the tension was high, and we were stuck at the back with both the fighting families. Shortly after take-off, I felt immensely nauseous, and I never get sick from airplanes! I love flying! It was so uncomfortable, and no medication or usual therapies could help the sickness. It slowly passed after we landed and began to drive away from the airport.

Last night, at a most marvelous family dinner for Rosh Hashana (my partner’s family is Jewish), I began to, out of no where, feel really physically sick, like I was coming down with a bad cold. There was no reason for this feeling to pop out of no where, and I didn’t feel the “comings” of a cold, which I’ve pretty much nailed at this point from having worked with children for so many years. Then, as the dinner table began to clear, so too my “sudden cold” began to clear, and by the end of the night I was perfectly fine.

Analyzing these situations, I now very strongly believe that both times I was picking up on the energy of other individuals and feeling the physical reactions of their negative energies. It was clear on the flight who’s energies I was feeling within me, but at the family dinner it was less obvious. But, considering it is a family event of sorts, I imagine the stress was high for a lot of the people involved in organizing it (and one of them did actually have a cold!) so perhaps that’s what I was feeling…

Before, my empath abilities only had me feeling the emotional reaction’s to people’s energies, but this physical energy is far worse. I asked for Archangel protection, but when you’re overcome with these feelings, it’s hard to focus on the intention. I’m obviously still trying to work at protecting myself, and if anyone has any tips or tricks, I would be most grateful…

Unrelated entirely… who else is excited for Halloween!? I want to dress up like a sorceress goddess lady and dance around all night! I love going into stores and seeing all the Halloween decor, and I have to resist buying it all, especially the beautiful pieces I’ve been finding at Homesense, a Canadian decor store for 60% less than the brand-name price (same company as Marshall’s in the US). I’ve found the most outstanding pieces and I struggle to put them back on the shelf … haha! I also have to remind myself that I don’t have the biggest house and I need to think about where I’m going to put all this stuff, if I were to get it!

Autumn, for me, is hot chocolate and candles season, so I have been stocking up on pumpkin scented candles and have them running almost 24 hours a day. I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving long weekend when I can head back up to the cottage for a much-needed escape from the suburbs for some forest living… it’s my happy place, and I’ve never actually been up in the Fall, so I’m so very excited.

But, back to Halloween! I wish I could pack my house full of spooky pieces and funky “potion” bottles and the like. At the fabric shop, I couldn’t resist the outstanding Halloween fabrics! I picked a new tarot cloth/altar cloth for the season, but let me tell you, choosing was no easy task!

Autumn truly feels like the most magical season. I know that everything is in the process of dying, so to speak, but it’s as if the whole planet bursts with colourful energy, prior to taking a rest for the winter months. It’s so beautiful. Everything about it gives me a sense of comfort and bliss, and, as I had hoped, I’m feeling the ongoing pull to the spiritual. As the cards read for me, work has been nothing but wonderful and this year, I truly found my niche and my happy place. The universe has blessed me.

I’m rambling tonight, I’ll stop here! Let me know if you’ve found any cool Halloween goodies or if you have any tips for my Empath issues!

Blessings, Love&Light!

Ancestral Path & Goddess Isis deck reviews

Namaste on this New Moon!

Technically, the moon made the switch in to Libra yesterday, but today, the percentage of the moon covered by shadow is greater than it was yesterday! I love that the universe gives us more than one day to celebrate this change. I’ll let you know how I celebrated, shortly.

Firstly, I want to tell you about the “Deck Interviews” I did. Unfortunately, I still haven’t formed a connection to my Ancestral Path tarot deck, and the whole interview, I felt on-edge about them, despite the reassuring messages they gave me. I don’t take such energy readings lightly, and I think I’ll leave them aside for a while, until I feel drawn to them with positivity. My interview with the cards are as follows:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – THREE OF CUPS

The deck wants to be my bridge between people and places of the past – curious that it should tell me this, when that was the reason I was drawn to them in the first place! They wish to bring balance into my life and have a kind of “reunion” with me, allowing me to recognize their important presence in my life. They understand that I have internal trust issues, but they wish to form a commitment with me and create something of importance.

What card do you want me to see? – EIGHT OF CUPS

This deck is definitely not short of a big change for me, and it wants me to acknowledge that although it brings me uncertainty, it recognizes my spiritual yearnings and would like to head on the quest with me.

What do the cards think of me? – ACE OF STAVES (WANDS)

Funny that the card that is pulled is one from the Ancient Egyptian part of the deck…
The cards see potential in me, in our bond. They see me as a ball of fire that represents light and warmth and they can sense my energy. They want to see growth come out of our relationship with one another, and they can sense my creative spirit as well.

How can I remedy the disconnect I am feeling with this deck? – NINE OF SWORDS

I need to acknowledge my insight towards this deck as accurate but our disconnect will remedy itself in due time. I will dream about the deck – a prophetic dream will improve our bond with one another. And then it’s up to me to take action and work with this deck to help that bond grow.

I have dreamt of my other cards before, so perhaps I’ll wait for the moment when I dream of this deck to pull them out and use them again. As of right now, I’m not getting the most pleasant ju-jus from them, so I’d just like to store them… Is that weird? Tell me I’m not the only person who has experienced this with a deck that they purchased, with excitement and anticipation? What a disappointing switch!


But today I was drawn to the most outstanding Oracle set – Goddess Isis Oracle. It’s strange that I’ve felt the pull back to my Ancient Egyptian connection that I had as a youth, as of late! I was in my favourite store, in the town I grew up in, called Akasha’s Den. I was looking at all their available decks, and the wonderful part about this store is that they have many samples of the decks, open to explore and see if they resonate with you. I noticed the Goddess Isis Oracle and went up to the desk.
Me: “Hey, I was wondering if I could check out one of your Oracle decks.”
Clerk: “NO! Just kidding. Which deck?”
Me: “Well there are so many beautiful ones, but I’d like to see the G…”
Clerk: “The Goddess Isis deck?”
Me: “…how did you know?”

Already, I took that as a sign from the universe that the deck was making it’s presence known to me, calling out to me, and emphasizing it’s purpose and place in my life. Shuffling through the deck, it was impossible not to fall in love, I mean, look at these cards…


 Needless to say, I walked out of the store with the deck and I couldn’t be more in love. I had an interview with them, as well, and I look forward to the bond we will form with one another. I think I will offer client readings with just these cards, at some point, once I figure out a spread that fits it beautifully. The interview went as follows:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – ENTER THE CHAMBER OF HEALING

“This oracle comes to you as a messenger. Prepare for great changes for they are on the way to you, now!” These cards will provide me with the spiritual gift of healing. Isis offers this to me with open arms and I should be ready to accept this deck into my heart with unconditional love. I should not have specific expectations for this deck, because it will create a sacred space for me and I will grow to understand it. This deck will change my life.

What card do you want me to see? – TEMPLE OF THE BLACK OBSIDIAN

Two cards focused on healing have been pulled – the deck is surely stressing the spiritual healing it will bring me and my clients.
This temple is of raw love and healing. I must be prepared to take the journey within and fill the darkness with divine love, in order to move forward, successfully, with this deck. Isis will be with me, along this journey, and will allow me to confront my ego – The Shadow – that stands in the way of unconditional self-love and ultimate healing. Our journey together may be a challenge, but it will truly be worth it, in the end.

What do the cards think of me? – INITIATION

What absolutely stunning imagery on this card… These cards have “initiated” me. I am now on a path of intense growth, where I will feel the fire of Ra but Isis will not let me burn; she will help me nourish and grow in my light. I have wounds that need to be cleansed by Ra’s sun, recognizing the growth that came from those wounds. I must now be ready to be open to new levels of power and peace. Isis has sweet fruits awaiting for me, at the top of the mountain.
I also think the cards are emphasizing that I contain the fire of Ra within me, along with the balancing element that soothes the fire, like that of Isis. I am passionate and powerful but composed and compassionate.

I can feel the bond – as I had hoped I would feel with the Ancestral Path tarot. The beautiful thing about this oracle deck is that it comes with a very thorough and detailed text – 211 pages long – that not only explains the cards but has rituals to go with them and incantations! It’s outstanding! The vibrations were high with these cards and they really resonated in my heart of hearts. I truly can’t wait to continue working with them. They’re so, so beautiful.

It was a busy spiritual night for me, as I then proceeded to do a New Moon spell to (yet another Ancient Egyptian presence!) the god Thoth which was simple but very moving and beautiful, and I hope the New Moon brings with it some Autumn beauty and positive changes.

Truly a blessed night! I will be ending it with watching a Halloween themed movie (haven’t decided what, yet, but I’m leaning towards possibly Adam’s Family…), some pumpkin scented candles, my “fake fireplace” heater on full blast and some cuddling of my familiars and my love.

I cannot think of a more beautiful way to spend this New Moon night.

How are you spending your Saturday night?

Blessings, Love & Light!




I am so, so glad that I prepared myself mentally and spiritually for heading back to work (I am a teacher of a grade 7/8 Gifted class), that I prepared mulling bowls full of positive intentions for this month and the year ahead, that I prayed for strength, read myself and asked for advice and direction, and overall placed all my worry and the whole weight of the return into the hands of the spirits and the universe. As such, these past two days were nothing short of amazing. They weren’t stressful or exhausting, they weren’t overwhelming or negative, they weren’t filled with stress or strife (not even the waking up early part!)… they were just beautiful. I love my class – a bunch of strange nerds, just like me, who are brilliant and creative and hilarious – I love the freedom I have within it, I love the new age group I’m working with this year, and I love the energy of the space I created in my room. Not to mention, I am back working at a school I used to call home because I loved it so much. All things have come together with perfect harmony and I am so happy.

As such, in my excitement and happiness, I went to the book store and spoiled myself a little, yesterday, and then went to the local “hippie shop” (as I like to call it) after work today, and spoiled myself again. Bad, I know. But when it’s spent on spiritual goods, I never see it as a waste of money or out of the budget (also bad, I know!).

I got two books: Spell Craft and 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability.

Now, I’m not a witch. I don’t give myself that title. I do participate in witch/pagan/druid-like things, I do read Wiccan texts, I love Wiccan stories/movies/TV shows/etc, I do recognize and sing praises to the gods and goddess of the faith which resonate with me, and I do spell-cast (but often direct my spirit protection to Archangels as opposed to the guarding spirits of Wiccans).

When I was a teenager, I identified as Wiccan without really knowing what I was really identifying with. Often people ask me (privately) what steps they can take towards becoming “a witch” and I always ask them:
1. Why Wicca?
2. Why do you assume I am Wiccan?
3. Why tie yourself to only one religion?
4. What do you know about Wicca?

As it’s usually fantastical ideas that draw them to it, not the reality of the faith… often they just start playing with Tarot-as I did, as a youth-or are following lots of “cool looking people” on social media who are self-identified as Wiccan so they suddenly think it’s made for them. Or they’ve watched lots of cool movies on witches and want to be magical, etc. Or they think they have to be Wiccan to participate in Wiccan rituals authentically and accurately. These are all ego-driven reasons to move towards a faith, and I always recommend that individuals educate themselves before they commit to anything.

The Wiccan faith is immensely important to me (as is any faith founded on Light and Truth and Love), and I follow many pagan practices in rituals of my own, but I’m not committed to it, alone. My Universal Energy I call ‘God’ and I worship Jesus as a prophet of Love, I honour the Archangels of messengers of Truth and Light and the Mother Mary is the Queen of the angels. I also give offerings to Saraswati and I love Ganesh. I adore Krishna and Radha and I honour Lakshmi for her grace and love. The Egyptian gods and goddess are recognized and appreciated by me as well… and the list can go on. I don’t discriminate when it comes to my spirituality. I also don’t label myself as one faith and disregard the rest. I don’t think anyone should, before thoroughly researching about a faith they’re interested in (and I don’t mean one source or one book, I mean analyzing all sides to the faith before taking it up as your own). What do you think?

Whoa — this all took a tangent. All because of my Spell Craft book! It advertises itself, throughout the text, as being Wiccan, but I find it to be a fascinating addition to the spiritual books I own and I will be happy to adapt the spells accordingly, as they will be no less effective with the right intention. Have you had this experience with certain books of certain faiths, as well?

Today’s spell was for the Feast of Durga; another Hindu goddess that I respect and love. The book categorizes the spells according to ideal cast time, and this week, the spell for self-sufficiency and financial stability was in honour of Durga. It was a beautiful first cast from the text.

The other book I got – 365 Ways – will be a journey I will be traversing with my spiritual self. I am constantly reading about mediumship as I feel it is where I am being pulled, and perhaps this book will help me on the journey. It invites various journaling opportunities, one per day, about different spiritual aspects of one’s life. Day One was about goals, Day Two (today) was about number patterns, and so forth… I am excited to continue with it!

I also got a new Tarot Deck that I will be interviewing here, soon! I felt drawn to it as I am drawn to ideas about my past lives… I believe I was involved in Ancient Egypt in some way or another, but due to my love of the art and the gods and goddesses, since I was a youth, I believe I was of a wealthy family. Then, I believe I lived a life somewhat tied to Judaism, perhaps to heal karmic wounds from mistreatment of Egyptian slaves. I think I was a gypsy at some point (and the cards seem to think so, as well). I also believe I might have been my great grandmother. And before it all, I think I might have been a part of Atlantian civilization. But I do know I am a Lightworker, so I think I chose all those paths consciously and carried them with me, deep in my memories. I’m hoping the cards will bring them forth a little more clearly.

What past lives do you think you might have lived?

Unfortunately, when I opened the cards and imprinted them, I didn’t feel the connection with them as deeply as I did when I excitedly saw the box in the store. I’m hoping that changes after we exchange a little energy with one another. Have you ever felt this way when receiving a deck as a gift or after purchasing a deck yourself? What about a spiritual text? Or a crystal you thought resonated with you but ended up being something you put to the sidelines?

Okay, 9:15pm is late for a school night… hehe… I’m tired, so I’m going to go read in bed. I also got a used copy of a 2001 Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac. I browsed through it and loved the articles, even if the dates don’t match up. I was 13 when this Almanac came out, and I was just starting to call myself Wiccan… how strange, indeed!

Blessings, Love&Light…
Cloud ❤