Seeking Celestial Grace®™

Reading from your Higher Soul Consciousness to give you the Awareness necessary to create change and manifest your most abundant experience.

My name is Claudia (Cloud) &
I am a Wisdom Writer

I go into the origin of your soul and theorize the lessons presented to me, for you to gain the Awareness necessary to make change or manifest the Earthly experience that you desire. I have access to your Soul’s Blueprint and have the opportunity to present the path of healing to you. I move through every level of communication in the Angelic Realm and my mediumship contains subconscious Reiki healing by transmuting the finite into unity with the Divine.

Writing is my access point to the Universal Energy, and, as such, all my work is shared with you in PDF format.

I also offer non-mediumship spiritual video counseling through my Celestial Alignment Counseling Sessions. This work is focused on helping you live your most abundant life from a more grounded and every day spiritual focus point. Please see this website for more details.

Adapting to your schedule, changing your life

I have access to your karmic collections and am able to feed you the Awareness of your Soul Blueprint so that you can change the design. I wish to help you break past life bonds & uncover your soul purpose so you can live the life of abundance that you deserve.

All my work is done remotely and via e-mail. Readings are detailed, inspirational, and spiritually authentic. They are delivered to you in a simple PDF format that you can print and keep. You can continuously return to the message you have received, discovering more information as it reveals itself.

Our schedules never need to line up, you just need to be ready to have your life transformed.

More About Me & My Work

According to my own Spiritual Advisor, I did not come in this lifetime with the expectation to save souls, as the souls who find me are ready. I help you dissolve the illusions of your pain body so that you can understand your path with grace and ease. Archangel Michael is the reader who holds my field while I do my work, and my messages are primarily from the Source of the Angelic Realm. My readings will help you clear your energy imprint and help you align with the light. Unable to define what I do through labels of “psychic” or “medium” or “card reader”, I have chosen the name given to me: Wisdom Writer. I just ask you to trust me as a channel for this message you are meant to receive.

What People Say

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cloud’s High Soul Consciousness Reading. The messages that come through to her are ones that touch the soul- those feelings that you only think to yourself, the pain you keep buried underneath everyday life- comes out. I am so grateful for Cloud.

Each time that I have received a reading from her, I just get overwhelmed with emotion because how does she know exactly how I’m feeling?! Down to phrases I say and conversations I have? It is just unreal. She is truly gifted and she tells you what you need to hear but is gentle with the harsh truths that sometimes have to surface in order for you to get clarity. Seriously I get chills! Cloud is kind, thoughtful with her feedback and she is very generous with her insight.This is reading that you will go back to over and over again. 

Samantha, 2021

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