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Helping you write your spiritual story.

In light of COVID19, I’m currently offering Pay What You Can readings.

What makes me different (and better!):
I read tarot far more effectively and with fewer limitations than standard readers while simultaneously ensuring you’re not inconvenienced trying to obtain a reading.

I use tarot as a communication tool for my intuitive psychic abilities as I connect with your angels and spirit guides and relay these messages in written format. I don’t use limiting spreads or “just read the cards”. There is no need to be “live” because my energetic connection transcends that physical limitation; I am endlessly available and my process extremely convenient for you. I use this gift to help write you your most inspirational Spiritual Story meant to guide you and transform you, and I create you a spiritual and authentic keepsake that you can return to, again and again.

You don’t need to revolve your busy life around scheduling a reading, you just need to be ready to have your life changed.



I am a spiritual storyteller. I am also a certified Angel Healing Therapist. I read tarot, offer intuitive spiritual guidance, & write channeled angel messages for clients.

All my work is done remotely and via e-mail. Readings are detailed, inspirational, and spiritually authentic. They are delivered to you in a beautiful template in PDF format that you can print and keep.

You can continuously return to the message you have received, discovering more information as it reveals itself. My readings are true stories of your spiritual journey.



full spreads


mini spreads


oracle cards


remote readings

All personal, private, and available to re-read at your convenience.


I have so many outstanding clients who have given me out-of-this-world testimonials and recommendations to their friends and social media connections. I have read for cynics and non-spiritual people as well who have been amazed at the detail and accuracy of my readings and guidance. It is such an honour when I am told that my words resonate with my clients, and I make an effort to follow up and respond to any lingering questions or concerns people may have in reaction to their readings.


“Immediately Resonated”

The amount of detail and attentiveness put into my reading was just beautiful! The insights you provided me with eased my heart and reaffirmed my trust in the divine universe. 



“Soaking it in & Reflecting”

Really appreciate and love that you have taken the time to write such detailed information and even wrote it like you are talking face-to-face with me! It makes the whole experience feel more personal rather than ‘just an email’.



“Definitely Recommend You”

It was a really unusual experience for me… it was not only interesting but also intensely special! I’m still in awe at how much stuff you got just right! Your analysis was spot on!


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