I just want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time over the last two weeks to request my free Tarot Reading promotion. It has allowed me to perfect my craft, learn a lot about my cards and myself as a reader, and grow spiritually. I’ve read for about 20 people or so and I still have four more clients on my list, for this promo. The testimonials you’ve all provided me with have been outstanding and I feel so blessed and so honoured to have received them from those of you who took the time to write me one.

Now that I feel more confident and content with my craft, Tarot readings will now cost $5.00 USD. I have been told by a few clients that they’re worth a lot more than that, but considering this is not my primary income and I’m jut looking to help as many human beings as I can, $5.00 is a reasonable amount for now.

So, what will you get for $5.00?
My readings are all done with blessings from the Archangels, which are non-denominational celestial entities. I also select incense and crystals that I am drawn to, for you, personally, during my reading.

Readings are $5 USD for a minimum of a four card spread (including the card that represents you) but could sometimes extend, depending on how much the cards wish me to expand upon the responses I am getting (they have sometimes extended to seven and eight card readings!). This is influenced by the pull I would receive from Archangels and not my flawed human judgement. You will receive a very detailed and personal reading and a photo of your reading and the crystals I was drawn to.

What to do, to get your reading:

Please send me your full name, your birth date, where you live, and any questions or concerns you have that you’d like to be answered, or what you’d like your general reading to be focused on. Please note that I will never share your personal information.(Please read through the Terms & Conditions for my e.mail … by e.mailing me, you accept those conditions.)

I will send you a link to my PayPal account indicating that I have received your request for a reading. Payment must be processed prior to me proceeding with your personalized reading.

I had a lot of moving readings lately, but here is one in particular from a client who wanted clarity about a struggling Twin Flame relationship, friendships that she was leaving because they brought no spiritual satisfaction, and the cards just wanted to give her the confidence that she was headed on the right path.

What do the cards want my client to know about her romantic relationship? – THE CHARIOT:
This card represents triumph over adversity. You can ride confidently knowing there is hope at the end of it all. The chariot rider holds her hands outwards, recognizing that the universe must take hold of the reigns. Only when you and your love recognize that a Twin Flame unity is completely dictated and driven by the horses of sacred energy/The Universe, only then can you successfully move out of the “runner” stage of your union. The presence of the five turtles in the card represent challenges of the mind; difficulties, trials and tribulations that will have you questioning what you thought you knew about the union. The crab in this card indicates it’s protection of something sacred – your union – but also represents rebirth to reach the triumphant ‘end of the road’. Let go of the reigns, stop controlling the direction the horses of fate will take and just allow it to fall into place naturally. The universe knows what path is best.
What do the cards want my client to know about their unfullfilling friendships? – THE SUN:
You are seeing the light – you are signalling to the friends who do not help you become a better version of yourself that you have moved on and have joined a sacred flight towards spiritual bliss. This is all guided by the fates – it’s meant to be. As we start to achieve spiritual clarity in our lives, naturally, the friendships that do not feed our souls slowly fade away. Your soul knows what is best for you. You are headed in the direction of clarity of vision and immense joy. Do not let the mundane loss of earthly friendships of no spiritual benefit stir you off that path. You will be drawn to people on the same path as you. You will form friendships that are meaningful. But first you must let go of the ones that are not.
What else do the cards want my client to know? – FIVE OF WANDS:
You are facing dozens of obstacles and challenges in your path right now – that is usually what happens to a person as they had down a more spiritual path in their lives. But the wands call you to take action, stand tall against all challenges, because you will make it through even stronger than when you first entered the fight. While the foxes in this card represent those many forces that aim to stand against you, they also symbolize the sly and wise person that you will become when you overcome it all. 
Despite reading many of the same cards over and over, every reading I give you is personal to you and applicable to your questions and the other cards that have been drawn in the reading. No card reads the same way twice. You can always ensure that you will get an authentic understanding of the card, not something that is generated by a computer or copied and pasted from someone else’s readings.
Please check out my TAROT READING page for more information, terms and conditions, and my out-of-this-world testimonials from my amazing clients.
Soon, I hope to incorporate Oracle Cards into my readings to give clients an “overview” or an “objective/goal” that the Archangels wish the client to be directed towards.
I am also developing my skills in mediumship — but this one will take a while! It’s something that comes natural for me when I’m looking for guidance in my own life, but picking up on the guides of others is where I have trouble. I see auras with not too much difficulty (building up this skill, always!), but I still can’t seem to see those angelic guides that are always with us!
Thank you again, to all of you, for your ongoing support. I cannot thank you enough.
Blessing, Love & Light,

cutting energetic ties

Namaste, folks!

Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to read for four different clients and give tarot advice and direction for another client. What a busy, spiritually-packed day! The readings that came out of my sessions were packed with high-vibrations and understanding the cards came to me with such grace – the thanks for that goes all to the non-denominational celestial beings known as Archangels, as I ask them for clarification and guidance in each session I do. It flowed naturally, authentically, and each person I read for was overwhelmed by the accuracy of the reading. I’ve added some absolutely sensational testimonials to my Tarot Reading page, which will undoubtedly assist me when my free-reading offer is up and I decide to go to paid sessions. I’m not doing this to make a profit or live the rich life, by any means. I’m talking minimal cost for a significant output. I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed to charge for their gift, I’m just not prepared to do it, just yet. I’ll be guided in that direction when the time is right. My skills are improving with each read, my craft is coming together, and I am feeling more confident at the end of each session. It’s an incredible feeling!

But with it comes some downsides. There more energetically invested I am in this, the more I create unnecessary ethereal ties with the individuals I am helping. Thus, they begin to spiritually drain me, without their knowing! This is also a negative aspect of being an Empath. It is easy for other people’s energy to entwine with my own, because Empath energy is one that calls for those who need it most. And so, despite feeling invigorated in the afternoon from all the work I had done, by evening, anxiety set in and a vibrating pressure (it is like a weight on my neck, shoulders and lower back that is pulsating at a slow rate) was happening. It’s heavy stuff, and I’m continuously learning how to cut ethereal ties.

So what does that involve? Think of invisible tubes emanating from your body. Normally, these tubes are just floating around, soaking in the energies of whatever you’re focusing on… so if you’re meditating, it’s taking in high energies and lifting you up. But when you’re doing spiritual work, your tubes attach themselves to the tubes of others and rather than sucking in the good, the person you are attached to is sucking out all your good. They are called etheric cords, and Archangel Michael is my go-to for the cutting of them. Here are the steps, as taught to me by the amazing Doreen Virtue in her many books (my goddess!):

  1. Think of who you want to take energy back from (or if you are feeling drained in a public space, just imagine your etheric cords tied to shadow people)
  2. Close your eyes, breathe deep from the shallows of your body
  3. Call on Archangel Michael – this is an immensely personal part, but you can say, “Please, Archangel Michael, bring me back my energy and cut the cords that I have formed with (person/people).” I also ask him to please remove my energy field from anyone else as it is solely mine, and that he please protect me from further invasions that might deplete my energy field.
  4. Always say thanks to Archangel Michael and ask him to fill you with the Creator’s love.
a photo of doreen virtue’s oracle cards from holisticshop.co.uk

The archangels are reliable sources for all spiritual assistance. I cannot stress enough about the power and grace they have. Call on them and they always come. Ask them for something and they always give. It’s outstanding.

Now, excuse me while I continue my etheric cord cutting and then start some spiritual art.
As always, thank you for stopping by, and thank you immensely to clients I have read for who have shared me with friends and loved ones. I am so grateful for the reading requests that continue to pour in. I am honoured!

What are your tips to unwind, replenish your energy and cut your etheric cords? Share in the comments!

Blessings, Love&Light,

Post Scriptum – I read for a LOT of Hierophants today! I wonder what the significance of that, might be…

my heart swells

Namaste, beautiful souls!

To those of you who have been viewing the website, taking the time to comment or share it with friends, thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you. Seeking Celestial Grace has gotten more hits in the last few days than I ever imagined, and Tarot Reading requests are pouring in, every day. I am so grateful and I feel so blessed. My heart swells.

Instagram has allowed me to make a connection with someone all the way across the world who seems to vibrate on the same plane as me. I cannot wait to see how the spiritual connection and friendship blossoms. My heart swells!

I am drinking delicious chamomile tea along with my darling, to calm anxiety and stresses that are rising up in our material bodies and taking bites at our souls’ energies. I am feeling calm, cool and collected. My heart swells.

And I also got a few spiritual texts from the bookstore tonight, that I cannot wait to delve into. One is about learning to better communicate with angels and better develop mediumship skills (by Doreen Virtue, no less… the goddess!), something I have been interested in for a while and have always felt drawn to, even as a young child, having seen sprites, fae and spirits. When I picked up the book, I asked for a sign as to whether I should purchase it; I turned the page and the name “Claudia” was written, right in the centre. Not a coincidence — even my darling’s eyes widened (and he’s quite the skeptic!). Claudia is not a name that you find often in texts! I am thankful for signs from my archangels, guiding me towards spiritual texts that are truly meant for me to read them. My heart swells.

Sometimes, it’s nice to just take a moment to recognize the beauty you’ve been graced with, and the blessings you’ve had in a day.

What are you most thankful for, as of late? What makes your heart swell?

Blessings, Love & Light,

New Oracle Cards!

Blessings, brothers & sisters!

I purchased a new set of Oracle cards today: the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue.


First off, let me begin by saying that I love Doreen Virtue. I got “into” her (but she came into my life with perfect timing) when I read her book about Earth Angels a handful of months ago. It’s the book that led me to better understand my purpose on this planet and that my sense of not feeling as though I “fit in” was normal, because I am not of this planet, and I do not fit in. It allowed me to understand the term “Lightworker” and from there I was able to extend my research to find out that that was exactly what I was. Doreen Virtue allowed me to put a name to who I was, my skills, my gifts and made me feel less alone.

From there, I began to read more and more of her books (Currently reading Soloman’s Angels – a novel based on factual evidence and her clairvoyant conversations with angels – and Mermaids 101 … Signs From Angels is also sitting, waiting to be devoured) and she also introduced me to the power of invoking the assistance of the archangels, non-denomination ultimate spiritual beings – for everything in my life. This invocation has increased my vibration tenfold. I have even had random people come up to me and tell me that my energy is intoxicating and they just want to hug me… strangers! Complete strangers! Many with gifts themselves. I really credit Doreen for opening up my abilities through the divine act of invoking the Archangels.

And so, it was only fitting that the first oracle cards I was drawn to were that of the Archangels, by Doreen Virtue herself, who emphasizes in the booklet that the cards come with, that she infused them with intentions and blessings for the accuracy of the readings. Beautiful.



When I asked the cards to tell me about themselves, the Spiritual Understanding card came forth: Archangel Raziel’s message is “I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols and helping you understand spiritual truths.” Does any message get more clear than that?! And, with all honesty, that was the deepest purpose for getting the oracle cards: better understanding of spiritual truths. The cards have instantly made their purpose known and want me to know that they’re here to help me.

These cards are very easy to read. The messages on the cards, alone, gift enough understanding, along with the beautiful pictures which are based upon how the Archangels appear to Doreen Virtue when she speaks with them. If you want detail or need to elaborate, Doreen’s booklet expands upon the meaning and gives you a suggestion how how to work with that particular Archangel to achieve the goal that the card lays out (or overcome a struggle that the card anticipates).



My favourite card from the deck was this absolutely gorgeous, gypsy-like, bohemian depiction of Archangel Haniel on the Passion card. Having never seen a depiction of this particular archangel before, it was nice to see that there is one who has the same hippy spirit as myself. Passion was a very fitting favourite, considering these cards are extending my passion for the spiritual, mindful and enlightening.

I hope to learn these cards, imprint upon them and grow with them in order that I can extend my readings with my clients. I would like to begin adding Archangel Oracle readings to go along with my tarot readings as a kind of overall message from the Archangels for their individual lives. The greater the insight that I can help give them, the more my soul smiles!

Please don’t forget that I am currently offering a promotion of FREE TAROT READINGS via e-mail. Just visit the link at the top of the site that says, ‘Tarot Readings‘ for more information and for details on how to contact me.

Thanks, as always, for your presence and your spirit.

Blessings, Love & Light,


bad vibes, bad karma, bad things all around

Namaste, folks.

this is authentic
this is authentic

I just want to talk about something that is immensely concerning to me: the “spiritual” Instagram universe.

I use spiritual loosely– it’s falsely spiritual. It guises itself as being spiritual when it is really ego-based which is the opposite of enlightenment and sacredness.

Rather than being a gathering place for like-minded people to share ethereal beauty, it is an on-going performance piece and a pit of lies, under a mask of being “one with the earth” or “lover of all things spiritual” etc. All I see in my newsfeed and from so many people that I follow that seem to have these hippie/gypsy/boho/witch-y accounts are “FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW!” and “SHOUT OUT TO 100K!”, posting the photos of others without credit, and posting photos of other IG users with pretend compassion just so they do the same and increase their follower count to the next thousand… where is the spirituality in this? What a joke! What an absolute joke!

Feeding the Ego is the most earthly thing a person can do. Nothing keeps you more grounded to these low energies, no matter how many posts you have afterwards that state how much you love the higher frequencies.

It is all a game. It is all a show. A circus act. There is nothing authentic about many of the experiences of spirituality on Instagram.

Obviously, there are a few exceptions to this rule, but if you’re feeding this perpetual black hole of false sacredness, then prepare to live with the karma that follows. Ten thousand followers won’t help raise up a heavy soul. Ten thousand followers won’t authenticate your spiritual experience. This is not the kind of spirituality we want to feed to people just finding their ground. This is the easiest way to get lost in falsehood and remain dissatisfied when a real spiritual life is the most gratifying experience of all.

Stop clowning around and focus on the spirit, not the ego.

Are you finding a disconnect between the spiritual lifestyles displayed through Instagram and other social media? Do you struggle with this yourself? Share in the comments. We are in this together.

Blessings, Love&Light.
With great concern for the spiritual future,

Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!

Namaste, friends!

I made something pretty cool! But I won’t be selling (due to licensing requirements for selling food and drinks) but I will be gifting them in various Instagram contests!


Have a taste of something for the mind, body and soul…

Making tea is a meditative experience that takes patience and awareness. The very act of stopping your worldly cares to boil a pot of water and prepare your loose leaves is calming and can turn an emotional or negative moment into a quiet and contemplative pause from reality.

Different tea leaves also have specific spiritual and physical purposes. They can calm anxiety, they can invigorate your senses, they can heighten your awareness before an intense yoga session… The opportunities are endless, as are the benefits of quality blends for living a healthy spiritual life.


And so, a Tarot’s Tea Potion Bottle from Seeking Celestial Grace, full of delicious tea blends, can help kick-start (or continue) your transformation from the inside and have it extend into your spiritual life!


Potions are available in 1-cup brew, 2-cup brew, 1 pot brew, or 1.5 pot brew sizes. The contest running this time around will be for a 1-pot brew size of either The Star or The Lover blends. I will be picking one winner for each.


Each label and tag are hand-painted and hand-designed, giving the potion a more authentic look and feel for display on your alter or in your sacred space. On the back of each tag, steep time and water temperature recommendations are featured. Potion (tea) blends are named after Tarot cards in the Major Arcana…


The Lovers (A chocolate black tea & vanilla tea rooibos tea blend):

The Lovers represent a perfect union and passionate love. The chocolate and vanilla blend in this tea intertwine to create a smooth and invigorating flavour sensation. Bring yourself comfort, warmth, and passion with this smooth blend. Black tea leaves are believed to help with blood flow while rooibos tea leaves are said to have cancer fighting agents.

IngredientsBlack tea, yerba mate, stevia with chocolate, ginger flavour, rooibos with vanilla flavouring, flowers


The Star (A ginseng green tea & hibiscus rosehip tea blend):

The Star represents spiritual awareness, inspiration and a sense of serenity. This tea blend increases concentration and awareness and the hibiscus and rosehip are believed to have antioxidant effects; better your physical self to better your spiritual self.

Ingredients – Green tea with ginseng root, citrus flavouring, Hibiscus, rosehips with berry flavouring, flowers

Drink it, place it on your alter as an earthly offering, or just sit them on your counters for a magical piece of decor… it’s your choice! But in order to enter to win one of these Tarot’s Tea Potion Bottles, you need to read the contest rules on my Instagram account: @seekingcelestialgrace

Contest is only open to Canadian and US residences.

Tea leaves are purchased from a bulk supplier and as such, may have come into contact with nuts, gluten or other allergens. Seeking Celestial Grace’s owner is not responsible for allergic reactions to the Tarot Potion Tea Blends.

Good luck & blessings!

shadowscapes review :: my new favourite deck

Namaste, friends and new visitors!

Yesterday, the mailman brought me the tarot deck I researched, fell in love with, and just had to have. I have been waiting for it, for a while and now it is mine, in my hands, ready to become a part of my daily life: SHADOWSCAPES tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Man Law and Barbara Moore.


What can I say about this deck but wow, I’m in love. I am truly in love with this beautiful piece of sacred divination art. I took it out and admired it yesterday, wrapped it up, slept with it next to my bed to attune it to me and this morning I finally had a chance to read it, ask it questions about itself and get to know it, truly…

First, let me begin with my favourite card: THE QUEEN OF CUPS.

behold her beauty

While it was difficult to really pick a favourite as every single one of them are outstandingly beautiful, this one really resognated with me. Last night, when I was looking through each one of them and getting to know them, visually, this card spoke to me. I stopped on it for a very long time and felt as though it was my card. I felt like it was a representation of me in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck. And the more I stared at her and devoured her, the more I felt it to be accurate.

Pictured is a woman who is illuminating. She radiates grace and beauty. She walks on water while floating on the winds of the sky – she is a combination of two energies; air and water. This is accurate of my sign Aquarius, as it is actually an air sign while being a water bearer. She is connected with life, with animals. To interact with her is to be touched by grace. The creative universe drops from her very essence. She is led by this desire to follow the spirituality that draws her, though, who knows where it may lead…
While my reading of this card sounds like I am being the least humble person of all time, I suppose I am seeing the goddess within, who constantly struggles to show her face behind her earthly veil.

The Shadowscapes mini booklet described the Queen of Cups as simply as so: “She is poetry in motion, imagination incarnate. She heeds her intuition and follows her heart. Though her steps seem random and impulsive, they are guided by instinct.” I would say my reading of the card was pretty accurate to the intent of the artist. That’s how easy it is to create detailed and perfect stories of these cards without assistance: the imagery paints a perfect picture for the novice or advanced Tarot reader. It speaks to the open, spiritual heart.

I decided to continue by reading the cards as I usually do when I get them a new deck, by asking them three important questions about themselves:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – TWO OF CUPS

The cards wish to form a union with me, one of earthly energies and spiritual energies, entwined. it offers me love and a cup of abundance, of flowing grace and knowledge. It wishes for our roots to grow around each other, deep in the soil of understanding, as we read together and become spiritually fruitful. We have a relationship, now. We have a bond.

I am so touched that the cards feel that way about our bond, because I fell in love with it as soon as I browsed through each card mindfully. I feel honoured to be in this union with the deck.

Which card do you want me to see? – KNIGHT OF WANDS

The cards are regal; strong, yet graceful. And they are on an intentful path towards wisdom. The cards wish to illuminate and lead me in the direction of good and positivism: this is it’s goal. The cards are passionate about this intent.

I’m glad to see that the cards read with purpose and intent. I am happy to know that their goal, as is mine as a tarot reader, is to make the path clear and to head there confidently, gracefully…

What do the cards think of me? – SIX OF CUPS

There is a youthful innocence about me, as I hope to ‘play’ the role of ‘host of abundance’ when I read, and give sustenance to the souls of all and any who accept what I offer them. I aim to illuminate a path to spiritual grace but can sometimes get caught in the almost nostalgic-like pleasures of my generosity, that I may be pouring my energies into those that do not even care to receive. I take joy and pleasure in these acts, regardless.

Child-like innocence is an absolutely accurate representation of me, and as both a Lightworker and an Empath, I truly pour myself out into any and all people, offering myself up endlessly, despite how draining it can sometimes be. Perhaps the cards are warning me to recognize this, so as to not deplete my abilities and energies.

my 3 card reading & the beautiful backing
my 3 card reading & the beautiful backing

Overall, these cards will definitely be my main deck for readings. While the little booklet it comes with does offer very short, two-sentence blurbs about each card, allowing them to be used by beginner readers, I really think this is a deck that needs to be learned and known by novice and advanced readers.

This will be a bond that I form slowly and beautifully over a long period of time, and I believe we will continue to learn and grown and understand each other better through each reading and journaling activity that I do with the cards. I am so happy that I did my research into these cards and got to know them before I bought them; it made loving them so much easier when they arrived at my doorstep. The art is ethereal, soul-touching work, and it is truly like stepping into a new world with each card I read.

Do you have a favourite deck? One that moves you as Shadowscapes has moved me? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading, spread the word of the page to friends, blessings, love & light to you.

Etsy Shop!

Blessings on this lovely night!

I did it! I’ve done it! It’s here… my very first Etsy shop! Here are some of the things you can expect to find there:



These divination / crystal / tarot bags are made by hand, to order (no sewing machine used) … sewn together in a ritualistic fashion, with a positive atmosphere and energy, good intentions and blessings from Archangels.

The fabric is layered inside with a random tie-dye fabric.

The fabric choices are in picture two — these are made to order, so you select which one your prefer to have. They are all 100% cotton.
From the top, starting at the left, the patterns are as follows:

These drawstring bags are made with white and gold ribbon and slipped onto them is a bead that helps pull the strings together, easily.

Between the two layers of fabric, a dash of sacred White Sage from my local Native Reserve has been added, creating an even more sacred piece of work.

These hold large Tarot cards with room to add crystals or crystal wands. But these lovely bags with sacred imagery can hold absolutely anything! They are $6.00 USD.


Do you want to double the sacred intention of your bag? Add on a sacred image sachet to layer over your original tarot/divination bag.

These sachets have been decorated with the sacred imagery of 100% cotton fabrics in a ritualistic fashion, with positivity and good intention, and the blessings of Archangels, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that does not contain any negativity.

For $1.50 USD, select the intention (the image) you wish and I will make it to go along with your bag order. They come in green or red but the colours are randomized based on availability.

If you select EGYPTIAN as your sachet choice, you can expect something as seen on the left hand side of image one.
If you select LARGE LADYOFMERCY, you can expect exactly what is seen in the centre of image one.
If you select SACRED GEOMETRY, you can expect something as seen on the right side of image one.

The other options have not been created – due to not having been ordered yet – but you can expect something of the same good quality and positive intention. See image four for imagery options. (Our Lady of Mercy in that image is my smaller fabric used for divination bags only… the large lady of mercy used for these layered sachets are larger)

If you wish me to invoke a particular intention as this product is made, please let me know as you order.


Would you like to enhance your phone with some sacred geometry and the healing power of crystals? No need to worry about EMT when your phone is constantly being charged by the positive energy of these reliably sourced crystals (from my local new age shop)!

Covered in various colours of Jasper, Amethyst, Citrine, and various Quartz, the sacredness of these stones shine through in the geometric shapes I have created on the phone cases.

These phone cases were created in a positive environment with good intention and the blessings of the Archangels. The crystals were cleansed but will be re-cleansed before being sent to their new home.

You will get either or of what you see in the picture (iPhone 6 Plus or the 5/5S), exactly as is. They are both hard cases. They are $10 USD.


Well, what are you waiting for, my blessed brothers and sisters?! Head over to the shop and have a look-see for yourself: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/seekcelestialgrace

I intend on adding tea blends to the shop, eventually (if you have a look at the Sacred Art of Tea page, there is more information on that, there).


I got a tarot card deck that I had been waiting for, for forever: SHADOWSCAPES!!!!! I am so thrilled! I wanted to do a reading today, but it didn’t happen because it got too busy. I will hopefully have time, tomorrow.

Blessings, Love&Light!
Don’t forget: I am still offering FREE Tarot readings for a limited time. Please check out the TAROT READING page for more information.

Cloud-ia xo

in a creative mood

Namaste to all.

I was up pretty late last night, with the moon streaming through my window, as I was crafting and creating. As seen in my last blog post, I bought some absolutely beautiful fabrics with some pretty sacred imagery all over them. And so, I got to thinking what I could make with such gorgeous, positivity-infused things… and here is what came out of it:

astrological and sugar skull divination bags!
closed up and ready to travel

I made some beautiful drawstring bags for my Tarot cards, although they can be used for holding crystals, for placing sacred objects within or divination tools and the like… I made them with a sacred atmosphere present and with positive intention, calling on the Archangels to infuse my creative work with their healing presence. To amp up the use of sacred imagery as a way to infuse the objects that will be held inside, I made these, as well:

sacred imagery

Clear sachets to hold the same tools of the trade! I picked the images from the fabrics and used those as a focus for decorating the sachets. The left has Egyptian imagery (very powerful), the centre (which is my favourite) has the holy mother Mary in all her glory, and the right has geomancy-themed goodness: planets, planet movements, geometric shapes and layering, a compass to direct the spirit.

But these sachets didn’t blow me away on their own, despite the amazing imagery focused upon them. It’s when they were layered that they really popped and look so sacred and filled with intention…

astrological imagery layered with the holy mother Mary… double the sacredness and intention!
on the back, you can really see the astrology back peek through

Aren’t they magnificent, wrapped together?! I love them so much. I’m so pleased with how they look.

If I offered something like this – choose your drawstring fabric, choose your sachet imagery, and get both through the mail – would you buy it? How much would you pay for something like this? Leave me detailed tips and opinions in the comments!

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to the poll. I’m interested on reading your comments about the bags, below!
Blessings, Love&Light,

blessed tuesday

Hello my blessed brothers and sisters!

Oh, what a beautiful day. Yesterday, my parents returned from California and with them brought an amazing haul of goodies for me, from Haight street — the Hippie District of California. I went to visit them today and they came out with two beautiful bags full of spiritual goods! I was blown away by the immense amount of things they found me.

look at all the sacred goods!
look at all the sacred goods!

From calligraphy paintings, to pieces of artwork by Navajo artists. From incense that’s burned in the temples of India to crystals of all colours, sizes and shapes. From a new Buddha incense burner, to bitty Buddha candles. From gorgeous sacred pieces of jewelry to new Tarot cards.


…yes! New Tarot cards! The Victorian Steampunk Deck! My parents said it was their favourite of all the ones they saw in Californian stores.

So, of course I had to delve into them, learn them, explore them, get familiar with them, and I did so with an introductory reading: my introducing myself to the cards and the cards introducing themselves to me. I asked them a particular set of questions and got some pretty incredible answers that made me quite excited about what this deck has to offer me!

First, let me introduce you to the deck a little bit… Have a look at a few of my favourites from the Major Arcana as well as the back of the cards:

cali3Whoa; that checkerboard pattern is easy to get lost in!  (And have a look at my brand new Tarot cloth, too!) The back is also accented in the suits of the Minor Arcana which I will get to, shortly. Have a look at the design of these cards: collage art of vintage and steampunk imagery. Very cool. Very bold. And very easy to read and understand. Already I am thinking this to be an excellent deck for beginners, despite the Minor Arcana changes. Let me get to those changes, now…

cali2The Minor Arcana have been accentuated using the popular fascination of the Victorian era: nature/botanicals. Instead of Cups, there are Dragonflies, Beetles for Pentacles, Moths for Wands and Bees for Swords. In case it’s a little too confusing, you can find a traditional logo somewhere on the card to help direct your thought accordingly. The dragonflies are my favourite cards of the Minor Arcana because of that turquoise; it’s phenomenal.

The first thing I did with the deck was pick out the card I was most drawn to. That ended up being The Hanged Man.

cali4This card is covered with content imagery that are suspended in time, as those it show all wait for answers and knowledge of eternal truths. This card accepts it’s fate as it waits patiently to be gifted with direction and understanding. But this card also encourages the reader to look at things another way, as change might come a little quicker to you. Rather than stare, hypnotized, as the pendulum swings back and forth, endlessly, turn away and you’ll find the knowledge you seek. Seems like a fitting card to be drawn to considering this deck is new to me, and will encourage me to look at things another way, and will bring with it eternal truths and answers to many questions.

I then shuffled the deck, held it with positive intention, called on Archangel Michael to assist me with finding true answers within the cards, blessed them with incense, touched my crystals to their back and began to ask the cards questions about themselves…

What do you want me to know about yourself? – THE HIGH PRIESTESS

This deck will illuminate the truth and there is other-worldly knowledge contained within this earthly object. This deck will be a mirror for a better understanding of what hides behind “the veil” of the self. It is sturdy, reliable and ready to help.

What card do you want me to see? – EIGHT OF BEES
This card represents the earthly element air, indicating that this deck is a sign of spiritual change. This element is also tied to thought which shows me that the deck has thoughts that it wishes to share with me. “I think…” it says; it wants it’s opinions and knowledge to be shown and known. This deck does not want me to be restricted to reading with just one deck anymore. It wants to relieve me of the anxieties tied to that kind of commitment.

What do you think of me? – THREE OF BEETLES

The deck believes me to be a creative entity, full of ideas. And it sees these ideas taking form through projects, creative pursuits and business ventures. Things look favourable for me in this regard. And the deck predicts good omens for me, as well.

the three question spread

What an amazing reading I got from this deck, and what a better understanding of it that came with it! I truly think this deck packs a punch, and it’s immensely easy to read. It came very natural for me, and it’s got me down pat as well: this blog is a kind of “business venture” for me, and having also started my day with a creative crafting run in search of goods for ideas I have brewing inside me, also related to extending the blog’s abilities, the accuracy is outstanding.

I see these cards being an important part of my readings from here on out.  I will spend the next three days attuning them to me before I read with them, again; wrapping them, sleeping with them near me, touching them daily. This is an important part of getting the cards to be in-tune with your energies and connecting the bond they have with you.

I am very grateful to have been blessed with such generosity from my parents. Before I end this blog for the night, I would just like to show you a few more pictures of the goods they brought to Canada from California, for me…

beautiful smelling Indian temple incense
new crystals to add to my collection
new crystals to add to my collection
crystals being cleansed by unpolished, uncut amethyst, post-tingsha bells cleansing
crystals being cleansed by unpolished, uncut amethyst, post-tingsha bells cleansing

Thank you again, as always, for stopping by to read and share in this spiritual journey with me.
Blessings, Love&Light.

Post Scriptum:
To add to a day filled with sacred goodness, I decided to stop in my local thrift shop for no particular reason and was graced with this holy Orthodox icon:

beautiful holy angel Mary & the ever-blessed Jesus Christ
beautiful holy angel Mary & the ever-blessed Jesus Christ

Also, I’m crafting some creative goodness, that perhaps I’ll be selling via this blog, shortly. Have a peak at some of these beautiful fabrics, as a teaser:


Gorgeous! What could I be making… Hmmm!
Namaste, friends!