Sherlock Holmes of the Shadows

Dark entities* exist and the strength behind the messages and the way they speak to you is not random. Words are selected with intent. 

If you were a child raised in a Christin household, your first trauma would be hearing that you are sinful and need to repent. Dark entities will come to the child of a Christian past can call them a sinner. If you were a child who was told they would never become anything of value or be enough, dark entities will come to you and use the same words. If you were a child who was told how great, beautiful, and how perfect you are, dark entities will come to you and tell you that you are better and more powerful than others and that others just want to bring you down. If, when you were young, your parents called you crazy for what you thought, heard, or felt, dark entities will also call you crazy. If you were a child who was made to feel guilty from a young age, dark entities will come to you and use words that put you in a guilt trip. 

They aren’t dumb! But they aren’t clever, either. 

There is a reason that Shadow Work so often addresses accessing and acknowledging the wounds of the Inner Child. This is precisely the trauma that dark entities play off of. They go to your very first memories and use that convince you of the message they are saying to you. They find your most vulnerable point and use it to their advantage. There is nothing more helpless than a child, so they dive deep into your spirit and find those memories and say exactly the thing that needs to be said that will fill you with self-doubt and darkness. 

While I am only human and am just as susceptible to the dark words of dark entities myself, I don’t fear them. I see right through them and recognize how hollow they are and that helps show me how truly powerless they are against the arsenal I’ve got on my side. I have noticed that a lot of people, out of no where, come to me and share their demons, and figuring out their tactics is like solving a riddle. It brings me a lot of satisfaction (not ego or personal, but joy in knowing I can share this clarity with others) knowing I can figure out their chess move as easy as it is to tie one’s laces. It’s almost /laughable/ how transparent them and their tactics are! But the knowledge isn’t my own; it’s been buried in my spirit by God for me to uncover and share, and I get a beautiful “ah-ha” moment when I really nail it. I guess you could call me the Sherlock Holmes of the Shadows! 

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve done this in a past life, and that’s why it’s so easy for me to battle them – fearlessly – now. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the reason why so many people come to me and say, “Can you shed light on this darkness I’m dealing with?” I’m sure this hasn’t been my first mental battle with these entities, but I’ll continue to unravel them and expose them without hesitation.

*And to clarify: I’m not talking about a sad thought or a low period in your business that causes you stress, I’m talking about real demons, baby. I’m talking about the ones who cloak themselves in familiar clothing to make you trust them but then lead you down a lost path. I’m talking about the ones who start by tempting you with ego, and then consume you and isolate you. I’m talking about the ones who sleep in your chakras and will fight you if you try and kick them out.


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