Empowerment, Ego, Destiny & Free Will

“Any true spiritual teacher – even God – is not interested in having your personal power. Rather, the opposite is true: true spiritual teachers are interested in empowering you.” – Joshua David Stone, Ph.D

This is a powerful statement, and it often crosses my mind when I am asked to give readings where clients ask for their definitive future, not realizing that’s not how the Universe works. When the words ‘Destiny is Written’ are spoken it means that all possible outcomes are available to you, and what path you decide to traverse is your Destiny. This was further emphasized in Dr. Brian Weiss’s book when he began studying progression therapy (seeing into the future). He asked his patients to see what their future looked like if they continued with the same habits and struggles they had now, and then to visualize an alternative future where they eliminated these traumas and healed. That is how Free Will works with relation to Destiny. Will we continue to not learn our lesson in this new lifetime and pick the path that causes us pain and struggle, or will we learn from the lessons of our past lives and our present traumas and change the course of our future? 

Someone asked me: how does that work with people who are victims of horrible crimes, who would choose that destiny for themselves? I used my own sexual assault as an example. I did not choose that road (to be sexually assaulted) but my assailant did. He had the Free Will to choose another path but chosen this one. I was caught in the crossfire of his Free Will. This is not Destiny that was written for me; I could have learned the same lessons in this lifetime if he had chosen the other path. He chose the path of aggression, and I was the victim of that decision. I forgive him for choosing this path. 

I told this person that I have likely encountered this person in many other lifetimes, and he probably has been given the same choice in numerous lifetimes as well – act with aggression, or choose the path of compassion – which causes him to repeat this error in this life. He continues to choose aggression of his own Free Will. My path gets tainted by his decision, but this was not written in my Destiny. My Destiny is the path I choose to traverse after this cruelty. My Destiny is what is written by my own Free Will (no one else’s). 

And so my work as a psychic-intuitive reader lays out the same information: here is the outcome you will have if you choose this path, here is what you will have if you choose the other. You make the final decision. You are the one who is given the tools to create your own Free Will, to empower your own life. So many people are so comfortable in their misery that the thought of altering the path they are already walking is a burden to them. They’d much rather have the world feel sorry for them and the miserable life “they’ve been handed”, but no, you have chosen to continue down that path, you have chosen to keep the road of victimization and self-loathing and sorrow. You can create the abundant life you wish for yourself if you are given the proper tools to do so, which is what a Spiritual Healer aims to do for you. 

No Spiritual Healer will be your quick fix, no Spiritual Healer will put the work in for you, so if that’s what you’re expecting, prepare to be disappointed. You are the Master of your own Life, and the work comes from you and your hands. You are handed the tools by a Healer, and encouraged to start chipping away to reveal your marble self on your own terms. 

Sometimes we hate what we are told – I have had and heard of situations where people think the session is an “attack on their character” when really it’s just your Healer clarifying to you where the weaknesses in your character are preventing you from having the successful life you deserve. It’s not meant to offend. It’s not meant to stir your ego. It’s meant to help you be your best self. And if it made you uncomfortable, that should be even more reason to analyze why. 

What trauma, past life memory, or personal insecurity was triggered by this information, and why? How can you use that as a tool to empower yourself and be better? Often we hate what we are told because it means we must begin our marble carving from scratch after we thought we were doing so well! Will you empower yourself with this frustrating information or continue down your path of ego? That choice is up to you. It’s not said to you to take your power from you or make you feel small or incomplete, it’s said to you to help you better yourself, step into your greatness, and live a life of spiritual grace. 

In the end, distrust any healer who says they have all the answers. Distrust anyone who makes you rely on them like a guru and doesn’t give you the strength or confidence to venture out on your own. But also take the time to reflect on how the choices you make affect the Destiny you create for yourself, take time to reflect on where you failed to use the advice or guidance or information provided by healers because it would be: too much work, hurt your ego, meant you had to start from scratch, would require you to walk down a different path when you were quite comfortable on the one you were on. Where have you failed to use these tools handed to you because they challenged you and your confidence or the comfort of your sadness? 

If you won’t walk down your best-self path with your own two feet, don’t think your Spiritual Healer will push you down it. And distrust anyone who does, because Mastery of Self is the foundation of all Spiritual growth and it can only be achieved on your own.


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