Book Review #6 – Energy Healing for Empaths by Lisa Campion

I was given a complimentary copy of this text by New Harbinger Publishing and Lisa Campion in exchange for an honest review. Though I must admit that there is some bias that is innate prior to reading because I was attuned by Lisa last year, after reading her book The Art of Psychic Reiki. That being said, I will try and be as honest and authentic as possible while also being cautious of the fact that I greatly respect Lisa and don’t want to offend her.

First, I need to preface this review by stating that when I read Art of Psychic Reiki, it was like sitting across a coffee table with a friend and having a fun, easy-going, comfortable dialogue. 

Immediately, the energy of the pages of Energy Healing for Empaths are quite heavy. I am not sure of the state Lisa was in when she wrote this book, but it doesn’t feel like a happy-go-lucky friend having an easy-going conversation about her spiritual passion, but rather a person who is going through a lot – something difficult, perhaps – and is using this book as a tool to release that energy. 

As such, the book carries this energy with it. It feels like this book was a tool or a way to help her “explain” suffering or pain she might be carrying in the instance of writing it or help her release ties she formed. I do not know what the circumstances were while she was writing this book, I am just reflecting on the energy of it and how it reads. As such, it was not as enjoyable for me, and it was difficult to get through in one sitting.

The rest of my review will be in random notes, as I jot them down as I read.

  • Highly Sensitive People are not the same as Empaths. It is said that only 2% of the world are *true* empaths, though with the word thrown around as loosely as the descriptor of “breathing human”, you would assume much more. The descriptors used to define “how you might be an empath” are so broad, I can imagine anyone who feels emotions reading and going, “Oh my god, that’s me!”

    This is a problem I have with many “empath” books and the definition surrounding “empath” in general. I think the clarifier of “psychic” is helpful but should have been stressed even further because I can certainly tell you that 95% of the people who have “empath” in their Instagram bio aren’t psychic.
  • I appreciate the emphasis on the physical ailments that plague empaths because I feel that really does stress how different circumstances are for *true empaths*. It’s not just about intuitively guessing what someone beside you is feeling, it’s about soaking in (if you are not trained in protecting yourself) the emotions and having them manifest as physical ailments. It’s *way* more intense than just a hunch.
  • Letting go of the “victim identity” was probably my favourite part of the beginning of the book. How about letting go of using “empath” as an identifier *completely*? It’s become a personality trait rather than a term to define your gifts. It’s exhausting. 
  • Re: Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions – I don’t think it’s fair to say that empaths are more prone to this. I think anyone – especially those with a genetic history – are prone to these things. In fact, I think they’re more a representation of unhealed trauma rather than empathy traits. I think using empathy is victimization tactic and an “excuse” to avoid working on your anxiety, depression, or addictions. I really didn’t like this section, at all. I had anxiety and depression and I am an empath but they are not correlated. I had the former because of trauma I did not work to defeat. To reason away the work that needs to be put in by calling myself “extra sensitive” would be lazy. I think this section could do more damage than good.
  • Chapter 3 – the section on Learrning to Protect Our Energy – is probably the most important chapter in the book, because if you’re not putting in the work and constantly victimizing yourself due to being an “empath”, well, then I roll my eyes at you because you exhaust me, and you’re likely just not invested in your own healing and enjoy the comfort of discomfort.
  • That being said, I think that Chapter 4 – Our Dances With Energy Vampires – could be one of the most misused chapters in the book (by those who don’t like to put in the work). We cannot blame /every/ depletion on our energy and our emotions on the possibility of a psychic attack. Lisa stresses not playing the victim, but this chapter reads like an entire victimization chapter.

    I think using “energy vampires” can become an excuse to not put in the work to discover what internal or traumatic or memory pieces might actually be causing us to be drained, upset, or “shook up”. I think it gives people an excuse to not dive deep into their healing. As a Reiki Master, a lot of what is spoken about in this chapter Lisa should know could actually be just past life or present trauma reaching the surface.

    And I *HATE* the piece about energy vampires coming at you in your sleep when you’re “most vulnerable” — do you think your guides are just like, “Alright man, she’s asleep, we are off duty!” You are endlessly protected, even while you sleep. And giving people the idea that they can be attacked in their sleep will lead to a lot of insomniacs, in my opinion. Dangerous.
  • Chapter five was another super valuable chapter. I think I take back my comment on number three — this one was my favourite.
  • Chapter 6 was interesting, but I feel like it will inflate the empath ego a little bit: “Oh, we are extra special and we form the most important bonds when we love people.” I think this book has amplified the bad taste that “empath” leaves in my mouth, to be honest haha.

    The part about sex was interesting and I’m glad that she mentions that casual sex is not an empowering choice. Lisa mentions that Mystics say that that sex and death are two initiators into the world of transcendent  experiences (did you know that the French call an orgasm “le petit mort” – the little death). I think this information, paired with the addictions section, could lead to a lot of people in unhealthy sexual situations under the guise of “well I’m an empath and I’m transcending” — glad to see that she followed it up with a warning.
  • Loved chapter seven — continue to play the victim and you become the energy vampire! This will be a hard chapter for many people to digest. 

Overall, did I enjoy the book? Yes. 

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, those who I feel will truly benefit, not those with “empath” in their IG bio. 

Did I like it more than The Art of Psychic Reiki, no. 

Would I warn people to be critical when reading and also be aware that there is a heaviness to the text that makes it a slower read? Yes. 

Will I continue to support everything Lisa does with curiosity and open arms? Yes, because I can tell she’s just an all-around good person who has the best intentions at the heart of all she does. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (keep in mind, I’m a very hard reviewer)

One Year Ago, SCG Became My Full-Time Gig

One year ago today, I decided to make Seeking Celestial Grace my full-time job. I had a job offer available to me and I declined it and told Jordan (my husband), “I want to put all my effort into making this my priority. It feels important and feels right.” I re-opened my Instagram, and started posting, started making connections, started meeting friends.

It’s pretty interesting that shortly after, we fell into a pandemic and jobs were at stake in the process. I don’t believe in coincidences, because I believe the work that I did over the last year was very impactful to a lot of people when they needed hope the very most. And that shows me that my intuition to make this work my focus was gifted to me, and I’m so grateful I listened.

And now, a year later, my work is going through a transition. Unsure of what I want this to look like or to become, and trying to figure out how to mold it in the most energetically sustainable way, I’ve put it on hold. 

It’s also interesting that on the night of that one year anniversary, I had the strangest dream/spiritual experience:

I was dreaming that I was trying to drive my mother somewhere, but there was something stuck in my eye. When I went to go look in the car mirror at what it was, it was three tiny black stones that always seemed to slip out of my grip when I tried to pull them out. They would slip back under my eyelid and then scratch my eye.

I woke up (no longer dreaming) to Archangel Michael standing over me and he told me it was a symbolism for my third eye, and he’s currently clearing it.

He then put out his hands and they turned into this light scanner (that’s the only way I can describe them). He then started scanning parts of my body and images were flashing in the light – I am unsure if they were past life memories or future life glances. And then suddenly he had a naked person in his arms. This person was adult-sized – I don’t know who they were, I don’t know if they were male or female – and I didn’t know what he wanted to do with this person. So I said, “Not sure who that is, but I give you permission to help me release all expectations and fears,” and then they both vanished. 

Strange, I know. Anyway, I could have put this into an Instagram comment but I’ve chosen not to. I decided maybe it’s important and worth referencing later, so it’s better off in a blog post. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Thank you for being along for this journey.

xx C

What to do When Your Mentor Lets You Down

When we are heading on a spiritual journey, especially during our Awakening, we are often drawn to people who inspire us. Eventually, these people can become like mentors to us – we look to them for advice, for guidance, for spiritual direction, or even for lifestyle choices (what books to read, what card decks to use, what shows to watch, etc).

Unfortunately, mentors are human, and sometimes these people we once looked up to can begin to let us down. I can say it’s happened to me – I used to look to Kyle Gray as a spiritual leader in my own life, but power and popularity lead him down a path with an inflated ego and conflicting guidance. 

So, what can we do when the people we once saw as teachers along our journey begin to let us down? I have some advice to help you handle the situation, or to help you kick start your own ideas on how to manage this disappointing change of circumstances.

Remember: They’re Human

It’s important to remember that we shouldn’t hold anyone so high up that we forget their humanness. The problem with being human is that our ego can take over at any moment. Often, people we admire love being in a position of power or spiritual leadership and forget how to treat others when they start to gain followers or “worshippers” (as I like to call them – echo chamber, you’re so great, commenters). They take opposing ideas as challenges against their authority, and rather than managing them with a calm, cool, and collected spirit, they take it personally. 

In addition, humans are prone to be pulled into a fear mentality, and this can often lead our spiritual mentors down the ‘conspiracy’ path. It’s crucial that we forgive them for this and remember that they’re on a journey as well. They’re not perfect; they are endlessly growing and learning, just as you are. They likely have their own mentor. It is human to mess up. Keep a mental tally of these “mess-ups” and when your tally gets too large, reconsider looking to them as a spiritual leader.

Call Them Out (Politely)

If your mentor respects you as you do them, they won’t be offended if you call them out on material they’re sharing that you believe to be offensive, words they’re preaching that you think they should re-evaluate or reconsider, or even just sharing an alternative viewpoint that make them think about their ideas in a new and refreshing light. Even teachers don’t have all the answers or contain all the knowledge, and if they are genuine and compassionate and eager to grow, then they’ll welcome your alternative thoughts and thank you for them. If they turn away from you, delete you, or become passive-aggressive in their following posts, then you’ve learned enough about them to know to avoid them.

Speak to Them Privately

A spiritual leader or teacher should be someone that you feel comfortable enough with to message privately and share your thoughts with, openly and honestly. If you can’t do this, they’re not a mentor, they’re just someone you idolize (and that’s not healthy on a spiritual journey). Take a moment to open up to your mentor in a private DM or conversation, and tell them what concerns you. Ask them to explain themselves, or elaborate on ideas that confused you. Ask them if they’re doing okay if you notice their posts seem to be filled with fear, conspiracy theories, or negativity. If they’re truly a leader in the spiritual domain, they’ll see this conversation as an opportunity of growth and not confrontation. 

Unfollow Them & Find Someone New

It’s sad but sometimes it has to happen: sometimes the only solution is to unfollow the person whose content no longer serves you. It’s okay to find new mentors and teachers and people to look up to when we are on our spiritual journey. We are changing, and so the people who we need and vibrate with also change. It doesn’t mean the person is bad, it just means you’ve learned and taken what you can from this person and it’s time to move along your path. Don’t look at the moment of hitting the unfollow button with sadness but with gratitude, and from your heart-center, wish them the best and hope they gain clarity as they proceed down their own path. Someone new will appear when you least expect them, and it will be exactly the connection you’ll need at this point in time.

Do you have any advice that I’ve missed? Please leave a comment for everyone to see — you never know who may need to read it.

xx C

Fear in the Spiritual Community

TLDR: Dear Spiritual person spreading fearful messages, your emotion of fear is valid. But you, more than most, know that our emotions are meant to be felt, learned from, healed and released so they don’t consume us and block us. By passing on your fear to your followers, you are literally sharing your trauma. In a parent-child relationship you would call this GENERATIONAL TRAUMA and would exclaim how it’s your DUTY to break that Trauma Chain. So, why is acceptable now to share your fear-centered trauma with others under the guise of wisdom?

Listen, let’s begin with this: true change comes from a point of discomfort, that is known. Discomfort and fear are not synonyms. But Spiritual accounts who come from a place of fear to “scare you” into action is, quite simply put, a cult tactic. That is truly how cults work: they get down to your biggest fears (lack of freedom, being watched, nothing can be trusted, etc) and they manipulate those emotions to put their misinformation wyrms in your head while making you believe: “You are so wise to have discovered this! Make sure you tell others that they need us as well! You are finally safe with this wisdom!” Hello Ego, what’s up?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever communed with Spirit, but they’ve never spoken to me from a place of fear. They have never used fear to make me aware of the “dangers” on planet earth. We are certainly in a confusing and fearful time, but be wary of information that preys on that fear of yours and fans it. Your sensitivity is being taken advantage of.

Sometimes your growth and betterment /is/ scary, that’s for sure! But the information given to you to proceed down this path is given to you from a place of abundance and not from a place of scarcity. The Spiritual information provided to you is never /scary/, it’s just your emotional reaction to what you’re called to do that brings fear (it’s risky, it means letting go, it involves changing your behaviour, etc). That is the key to analyzing who you’re taking advice from: Is the information full of fear (be careful), or is your human emotional reaction to the information one that brings fear (normal)? 

What’s exceptionally scary is that so many of these Spiritual accounts that are spreading fear about governments and Instagram and privacy and freedom were also silent during BLM. BLM was “picking a side” but this conspiracy blow-up is about “saving the planet”. Curious… That’s because these messages have actually come from right-wing sources, and the ultimate goal of the source of this misinformation isn’t saving humanity and uniting people, it’s about further division, freedom of speech to spread misinformation, racist, anti-semitic and discriminatory content, and about not being policed while doing so (as that content gets removed from IG). Go onto Parler – a social media application that does not police content – and check out what kind of content gets shared there. It’s an echo-chamber of offensive ideas and racist ideologies. Again, Ego anyone? 

Spiritual accounts are calling this spread of fear an “intuitive feeling” and a “message from Spirit” and are begging their accounts to listen and be aware, but for what? So everyone is scared of these theories (that’s what they are, just theories)? What is the purpose of perpetuating this message? What difference does it make to humanity if all it’s doing is increasing fear? It creates division, it creates distrust, it creates isolation, it creates a focus on the government (they’ve never been for the people, this isn’t news) rather than life purpose and helping others, it streamlines your focus in a fear-centered direction which not only leads to zero change and betterment but where your attention and energy goes, you manifest. Fear-centered attention leads to some pretty scary manifestations: usually, things that add to your fear and not your abundance

You can place whatever mask you want on your fear-based content that will make your Ego feel more comfortable about what you’re spreading. You can call it whatever name you want – your duty, your duality, your intuition, your desire to bring harmony to the planet, your soul purpose – but that doesn’t negate the fact that it all comes down to being information carrying a fear-based emotion and thus doesn’t speak to the Spiritual core of others but inflates and stirs their Ego, and is, ergo, not the information of Spirit Source. Plain and simple. And if that makes you angry to read, get to the Ego-reason for it. Analyze carefully why it makes you so angry. If you’re as connected as you believe yourself to be, I can guarantee: you’ll come to the same conclusion.

I will continue to bring you messages that come from a place of abundance, not scarcity, and I hope you will be more cautious about what people you look to as Spiritual Mentors and Teachers and analyze their content more carefully. Just because someone you once loved and respected says it, doesn’t mean it’s always good. Fear is a cult tactic, and it begins with a foundation of trust and friendship in the “powerful person” who is sharing the message. Beware.

Book Review #5 – In Search of Jesus of Nazareth and His Original Teaching


This ARC was provided to me by REEDSY.

I always love to read books that aim to look at Jesus outside of the solely Christian lens. I love books that try to uncover who he truly was before man tainted his image and filled his words with judgment and hate, and so I was excited to delve into this book which the author kindly prefaced with writing that he doesn’t need readers to accept his conclusions, he just wants to share where research brought him.

The books begins with: “Jesus of Nazareth declared that the same internal force that drove him was in every individual, and he called it “the Kingdom of God.”” – as a spiritual person, I always reference the Kingdom of God as the God-energy and the author, being a Scientist, also refers to this as energy (rather than a literal kingdom), so right off the bat, I’m interested to see where this is going. I had never heard of the ‘Three Faces of Jesus’ but was excited by the concept. Unfortunately, I thought by the description that this would be looking at just the ‘Spiritual’ face, but it begins with the ‘Historical face’ – I’m very interested by the tangible history of Yeshua. 

I was pleased to see this wasn’t another ‘make everyone Divine Christians’ book disguised as an ‘information on Jesus’ book. This was stressed with quotes like, “The divinity of Jesus is most likely a device of the later Gospel authors to elevate Jesus above the gods/prophets/ leaders of the other beliefs, from which they wished to gain converts.” I do believe the humanness of Jesus is no less important than his (potential, as I do believe) Divinity. 

I really love all the investigative trips the author makes to get specifics. He mentions he has a business background and that solutions are meant to be simple, and the way he lays out historical “facts” (I use quotations because there are many who may doubt them as fact), make figuring out Jesus seem really easy. 

When we get to the section speaking to the Spiritual Face of Jesus, the author prefaces it with: “ Unfortunately, 2,000 years of transcription errors, poor translations, editorializing, misattributions, and outright fabrications (Fake good News) have seriously clouded the record of Jesus’ spoken words.” — I was glad to read this. I also loved this section. It is so approachable and not coated in the junk that often follows Jesus around. 

I know a lot of this book will be hated by By-The-Book Christians, but as a Spiritual individual who likes to learn more and improve her understanding of Jesus and his love-centered spiritual leadership, I appreciated this book a lot. At just 20 pages (because the other thirty are references – speaking directly to the amount of research that went into this – and I’m super grateful for those as well as they contain endless valuable information), it was a super quick and easy read despite being written like an academic paper (which makes it a bit cold at times). I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this.

Book Review #4 – Magickal Mediumship by Danielle Dionne

Publishing Date: December 8th 2020

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
For the record, I am a psychic medium.
I will admit to you right off the bat that this was a DNF.
Perhaps I should have read the description more thoroughly; this is definitely a book that is umbrellaed by Witchcraft and Witchcraft concepts and ideas. She is a part of the Temple of Witchcraft which she mentions later; that brings with it a biased mindset and viewpoint on a lot of the spiritual concepts mentioned in this book.

I don’t adhere to this practice, and it does not resonate with me. In fact, a lot of aspects of specific practices in this book made me uncomfortable. That’s why I didn’t finish it. My red flag for this book came early when she quoted Aleister Crowley, a dude I don’t take advice from. Too. Much. Darkness. Just look at a picture of him and you’ll see what I mean. Yikes.

Danielle Dionne defines Magickal Mediumship as “the partnership with the dead to enact your magick and enhance your life.” Hmmm, yikes again. I definitely didn’t read the description, because honouring the dead is one thing, but partnering with them is not my cup of tea.

She defines mediumship as “Communication with spirits of the dead,” because that’s what she was taught. It is so much more than that. And a medium who focuses on human spirits who have passed misses the opportunity to connect to far wiser people of the God Force. She disregards these other connections as part of the definition. I don’t use the dead to get messages unless they have specific guidance or healing they wish to bring forth to the person inquiring. Playing with the dead is not a fun idea for me. They’re far happier on that side, believe me. And they’re so low level on the spiritual scale that you risk bringing in someone you simply don’t want to invite into your space.

I stopped reading shortly after the Trance Mediumship section where she talked about going into a trance state as a 12-year-old and didn’t warn against this; do you think any 12-year-old is spiritually, mentally, and emotionally prepared to battle against what dark entity could come forward during a trance mediumship session? She says that if you feel the pull to Trance to explore it, with no warnings. Yikes, times three.

That’s where I stopped. This isn’t my cup of tea. Beautiful cover, weird jujus. It might be appreciated by someone else who walks this path.

1/5 Stars

Book Review #3

Empowering Intuitives, A Tool Kit for the Modern World by Rev. Dr. Michelle-Walker

Thank you NETGALLEY for the Arc. This book took around 1.5hours to read.

It’s interesting that I should be reading this book right after recording a podcast (TheCelestial.Cafe) regarding empaths, navigating the world as an empath, and protecting yourself from taking on the energy of others. The goal of this book is the same: “To help, guide, illuminate, and allow you to gain the knowledge,” from the author’s experiences as an intuitive empath. 

The author uses empath and intuitive interchangeably in this book, and I don’t know that I agree with that. Yes, as you become more in-tune to the universe, both these skills are amplified, but they’re vastly different and while one affects emotion (empath), the other is related to signs from the universe that are meant to be emotionless (intuition) – you just /know/. You can be an empath and have no skills with listening to your intuition, just as you can be very intuitive and be so cold that you feel no empathy. 

The author of this book has very strong clairvoyance, mostly communing with the spirits of those who have passed. This, in my opinion, deserves a book in and of itself. This is a psychic experience, and people reading this book could become confused if they think being an intuitive empath requires seeing visions. Not all intuitives and empaths have this ability to see, and it doesn’t make their skills any less valid. She seems to associate these two words to that ability.

The author clearly defines the subject matter she speaks to (grounding/earthing, auras, chakras, etc) and acknowledges how they are all intertwined and can have an energetic effect on one another. She stresses maintaining a balance in your chakras is essential for empaths, and I loved that. The chapters also have exercises to help you build a routine and practice with the techniques mentioned including space to journal your thoughts after the practices. This was a lovely touch.

Thankfully, the author eventually dedicates an entire chapter to Psychic Abilities which means she does differentiate them from intuition and being an empath, it’s just weird to have seen them intermingled at the beginning without a clear indication that one is not necessary for the other. Perhaps the intro should be edited slightly to emphasize this. This author is immensely psychically gifted and this would heighten her intuition and empathy skills, which, again, may make some readers feel as though they’re not “doing it right”. While claircognizance (“clear knowing”) can have some overlap with intuition and being an empath, it’s heightened and more clearly defined. It’s important to separate the three. I love that she has exercises dedicated to practicing and perfecting your “clairs” – really cool touch. 

All her personal stories are immensely fascinating, but really clarify just how deeply gifted and psychic she really is. For some reason, Spiritual Awakening and Self-Awareness are chapters 4 & 5 when they should really kick off the book (it’s essential for a healthy foundation to your spiritual gifts). I really enjoyed the self-awareness chapter, as it gets you to reflect on how you spend your time, your money, what occupies your mind, and how you display yourself to others. It’s really insightful and has a lot of “ah-ha” moments. Nurturing the Intuitive Soul could have been combined with the Self-Awareness chapter as it gets you to reflect carefully on what you value. It was another chapter I deeply enjoyed.

What’s weird is that this book doesn’t really focus on what it says it intends to do at the very beginning (“To help, guide, illuminate, and allow you to gain the knowledge,” from the author’s experiences as an intuitive empath.). Instead, it touches upon numerous spiritual concepts are very, very briefly speaks on how to handle or protect your sensitivity to energies. It even talks about using a pendulum and using crystals, which I have no problem with, but I think the title of the book ends up being misleading. I would call this a “Spiritual Awakening Manual” as it really gives you a basis for understanding all aspects of the spiritual journey.

This is a book I wish I had when I was first starting out on this path! This would be a great gift to a person who just had their kundalini awakening and is discovering who they spiritually are. It’s really well written and I love the author’s voice, I’m just giving it a four out of five stars because I don’t believe it sticks to its initial purpose and focus, and because I believe the chapters would be better shifted a little differently.


Book Review #2

Experience the Mystery of Tarot

Ceremonies, Spreads, and Meditations to Deepen Your Connection to the Cards

by Katalin Jett Koda

Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. to be released December 8th 2020

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC

It is important to mention that I am coming to this book with nearly 21 years of Tarot Reading experience and 5 years in the professional industry. 

One important aspect that this book covers right off the bat is that sometimes you can ask the Tarot about a certain subject (like career) and it doesn’t seem to address your topic at all (by talking about relationships, for example); the writer stresses that learning about the link is the most crucial part. I also like that the author doesn’t believe in the need for reversed cards, a point of view I’ve had since the beginning of my journey. 

The point of this book seems to be about using Tarot as a ceremonial tool for manifestations, removing blockages, etc. The author weaves ancient practices along with her own. I immediately have a bias as I believe the story painted by Tarot is enough to clear blockages and assist in manifestation, and no spellwork is necessary, but let’s read on…

“Traditionally, a master or teacher gave tarot cards to a student who was deemed ready,” – I’d like a source of this quote because it’s nonsense. There seems to be a lot of reference to ‘regulations’ for starting to use your tarot deck, which I also think is nonsense. Just pick up a deck and start working with it. This book is very “witchy” and may resonate with other people who use spells and rituals, but I personally do not believe in giving offerings to my Tarot Cards. As I’ve emphasized many times, the cards themselves are not magic, they are just a tool; you are magic. 

This book also runs through each card like a story which may be very helpful to first learners. Along with each card there is a ‘ceremony’ suggestion (eg. for The Magician, plant a seed). The descriptions are very thorough and well written. In the Minor Arcana, the author runs through the numerology and then the individual cards. The ceremonies associated with the Minor Arcana are okay, but for example, Ace of Pentacles suggests finding a stone and then asking for the stones permission to take it with you. Listen, I know we are all connected and all have energies, but I’m not asking a stone for permission to take it. A little bit of these ceremonies are too “woowoo” for my liking. 

I find the Court Cards section to be very well done and thorough which is often missed by other books.

If you like the idea of rituals and ceremonies (and have the time to do one for every card you pull every day) then you’ll love this book. If you want some detailed walkthroughs for the energies of each card, then you’ll love this book. 
Will you memorize everything after you read this book? No, you’ll always have to go back and reference it.
Would it be my go-to for Tarot? No.
Would it be something I buy? No, but only because it’s not my style to incorporate ceremonies with my tarot, as I find it unnecessary.

Book Review Post #1

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC

I’m not sure that the title of this book syncs with the overall intention or message. In fact, I’m a little confused about what the overall point is. I don’t think it’s manifestation or abundance – two avenues I’m well versed in. I think it’s more about the keys to living a fulfilled and happy life. It is a mix of psychology and spirituality and while it delves at a surface level into ‘material abundance’, it does speak to overall abundance.

But… does it? It is kind of just giving tips on how to be a good human, in sync with the universe. Would it be my go-to book for living a fulfilled life? No. Would I say that I found the workbook activities to be satisfying? No, not really. But it was a quick read (one hour and a bit) and I definitely wouldn’t say I’m disappointed just… surprised at the multiple directions it went in. Would I buy it or read it again? Sadly, no.

2/5 Stars

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC

For someone who has absolutely no history with Feng Shui, I found this book very informative especially in regard to selling up the layout to how it works. It is not only about rearranging your home but your mindset. 

I think the layout of the book could use a little work. I didn’t really understand the jump into the “Congratulations you have a personal activation ritual!” without really laying out how or why, but that might be an editing error.

This book also touches on numerous other spirituality practices that can coexist with Feng Shui. 

I found the Elemental Energy section to be very overwhelming and disorganized.

I do like that the author lays out Feng Shui rules but says there is no need to adhere to them if something doesn’t sit with you. It makes the process less intimidating. 

I particularly liked the ‘Home Hot Spots’ section because it is not only very simple and informative – this section covers “enhanc[ing] these hot spots to raise your energy and increase happiness in your life.” I think if I was to have just one Feng Shui book on my bookshelf, this might be it.

4/5 Stars

Why is my/her/his/their success a threat to you?

I love seeing people succeed. I don’t view anyone as my competition because our journeys are in no way the same. Despite it being a spiritual journey, my path is mine and someone else’s path is their own to traverse. I don’t even brag. I emphasize gratitude but I stay humble. And maybe it’s the fact that I’m so focused on my own path that I continue to succeed. Everything I’ve ever wanted to manifest for myself, I’ve done it. I’ve done it by worrying about me, my life, my goals, and no one else’s opinion of it, and no external validation that I’m doing well.

Maybe that’s why I’m continuously rewarded; because I keep my eyes on me and my path and don’t let the insecurity of others get projected onto my way. And maybe because I celebrate the victories of others with a genuine and authentic internal happiness that I am gifted with rewards in my own life. When someone publishes a book (my dream), I don’t resent them for it. When someone pursues a path that fascinates me, I don’t wish I had done it first. I use the goal-setting and success of others to inspire me and remind me that, “I can do that too!” I don’t use it as a window into my internal disappointment that I hadn’t done it first.

I once had a best friend who would continuously celebrate my failures and not my successes. With my successes, she would make sarcastic comments or find an aspect of the journey to criticize. Needless to say, I disconnected from her completely. I’ve also had friends who have faked their enthusiasm towards my successes (I am psychic, you can’t really hide this from me, sorry), including as my loving relationship progressed (they projected their own insecurities and doubts onto my relationship with Jordan). And I just don’t understand it. I am not a threat to anyone. My success in love and in life is not detrimental to your own. Me succeeding does not create a roadblock to you succeeding. I am not anyone’s competition. 

Did you know I have two Bachelor degrees, a Masters degree, and 6 additional educational qualifications including a Specialist certification in Religious Education? No? Because I am fine with being defined as the humble tarot reader behind her cellphone if it means I am off of most people’s radars. Did you know I resigned from a Special Education Administration position (with a hefty pay) to pursue this side gig in the city of my dreams? Probably not. Because my accreditations and professional successes and paycheque are not akin to my self-worth. Why other people would see it as a threat to their self-worth is beyond me. If it doesn’t affect my self-worth, why would it affect yours? 

I pursue the paths I do because I feel it helps me grow in my own personal wisdom and be better for my clients. That’s my focus, always. I love to learn, I love to grow, I love to be endlessly better. And if people would focus more intently on their own personal growth rather than how my growth is potentially detrimental to their own (what?), then perhaps they’d be ions ahead of me! But I wouldn’t even notice as I’m so focused on my own path; but I would definitely celebrate the successes you gain along the way because your successes are no threat to mine. And because that’s what I do.