Healing Mandala

Sorry for the silence! I’ve been rather busy with this business and the projects surrounding it.

I have noticed exceptional anxiety as of late, so I created a Healing Mandala to print and colour. I invoked the healing of Archangel Raphael while creating this design, was in a calm and meditative state while drawing, and packed it full of love and Light. My hope is that colouring it may bring you a sense of inner stillness when you need it, most.

Why I do a Daily Guidance Pull for Myself Everyday

One of the first things I do in the morning – after I make myself a nice cup of coffee or tea – is do a shuffling of my tarot cards and the oracle deck I’m drawn to for that day, and then choose one from each.

Doing a daily guidance pull is crucial for so many reasons:
– It sets a goal for the day ahead
– It provides advice for challenges you may face
– It gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel like you can handle anything
– It means the day doesn’t leave you blind-sighted
– It gets you closer to better understanding the cards that appear in your life
– It inspires you
– It becomes a journaling prompt or an introspective experience

A quick pull can propel your day in a healthier, more spiritually aware direction that leads to either being ready to change the things we don’t want or the necessary affirmations to manifest the things we do.

Since it is a part of my every day life, I introduced it as one of my services as well, at a very low cost.

You get to choose which oracle you’re draw to for the day, and any purchase made before midnight gets you your pull in your inbox by the time you wake up.

Set your day on the right foot.

While you’re at it, feel free to use my coupon code which expires on 16/02 – if you put a few Daily Pulls into your shopping cart, I’ll deliver one for every day of the week!


Why I don’t read “reversed” cards

A lot of Tarot Readers read their cards as upright and reversed. Upright cards are when the cards appear, after shuffling, upright in a reading. Reversed is obviously the opposite. I only read cards as upright.

This is the magic of the Tarot; there are so many messages, so much detail, and so many answers to your cards in their upright position. I don’t feel any need to read cards as “reversed”. While most Tarot Readers use the cards alone to get their messages, I also use intuitive messages from my guides to create spiritual stories for my clients and the stories in the (upright) Tarot are endless!

I have found a few professional readers who have written books about Tarot who agree with me, that especially in the Rider Waite standard design, the imagery and the subtle messages are endless and there is no need to conform to reading cards as “upright” and “reversed”.

I find that if a message doesn’t line up (a sunny card for a not-so-sunny situation) my guides will lead me in that direction and there’s no need for the card to be flipped to determine that. But that never seems to be a concern; the right cards always seem to appear at the right time.

I make an effort to shuffle my cards in same direction but I do not hesitate to flip a card to its upright position if it shows up “reversed” when I’m reading for a client. Already, “reversed” cards are seen as having a weak influence on the situation so what’s the point of focusing on energy that will not have an impact on the client?

Do you read your cards in reverse or just upright? Let me know in the comments below, and let me know why you read the way you do!


Choosing Your Perfect Tarot Deck

I am often asked by others how to choose their first tarot deck. Also, I often see beginner tarot readers purchasing the most “hip” or “instagrammable” deck, all the while being incapable of reading or interpreting it because the symbolism is lacking or unclear. You can find a happy medium while on your hunt for the perfect deck, and I’m here to guide you!

Make sure it resonates with you

First and foremost, the deck needs to resonate with you. When you see the imagery, it should invoke hope and inspiration. If a deck doesn’t resonate with you, you will hate using it. Don’t settle for a deck just because it comes paired with a free book, or simply because it’s the cheapest one on a store shelf. Patience will bring you the perfect deck.

Make sure the card symbolism is clear

Rider Waite is the traditional card style of the ancient tarot. Many new cards adapt their style and design to this original style and it makes reading the cards so much easier! Try and find a deck that takes their unique art style and molds it around the RW standards if you’re a beginner to reading. Most books and online tarot aids revolve around this original symbolism and you’re more likely to begin to understand the cards by heart. And don’t ignore the little booklets that come along with the cards, no matter how small!

So many popular decks these days are impossible to read without training and you’ll find yourself constantly referencing the accompanying text with no idea what the card means. And because the symbolism is so vague, you’ll never grow to comprehend all the hidden meanings that each card contains. A cup drawn on a card is meaningless, but a cup being held by a heavenly hand, overflowing with the waters of love is easy to understand!

Don’t buy used, but gifted decks are a treasure

Never buy a used tarot deck, even if it’s your first deck and you just want to become familiar with the cards. While tarot cards should be cleaned after each use, there is a bad juju that sticks in a used set of cards. Not to mention, they’re bonded to another reader and you’ll never have a good relationship with them.

On the other hand, a gifted deck carries with it an immense weight of magic and love. In fact, the deck I’ve bonded with the most is not even my most beautiful deck but it was gifted to me by my best friend, my brother, and my sister in law. They found it in Venice and thought of me! What a magical gift! It’s the deck I use for majority of my client readings. We have meshed together on a level I do not share with other decks.

Take time to get to know your cards

Sleep with them by your bed. Spend time looking through each card. Write notes about them. Ask them about themselves, ask them to tell you what they think about you. You don’t need to rush into readings because you feel you have to. Form a relationship with your cards and get comfortable with them. Your bond will grow.

Quality Control – Size, Cardstock, and the rest

Check out how the cards feel in your hands. Are they too big to hold comfortable? Are they too small and difficult to shuffle? Is the cardstock a good enough quality to last you a few years of usage? The downside to this point of advice is that you usually can’t test the quality of the cards until after they’re purchased but they make all the difference. I have some cards that are so thin that they stick together when I shuffle!

I hope this list has given you a bit of guidance as you journey through learning tarot. Remember that first and foremost, you need to love this deck and that attachment will improve your reading ten-fold!


New Moon in Aquarius

The first new moon of the year is here!
No – no — the first new moon of the decade is here!
As if harnessing the power of New Moon energy wasn’t enough, now we have this one that’s not only going to kick-start the adventures of 2020 but the adventures of the next ten years. Do you understand the kind of power this moon possesses!?

New Moons are opportunities to set intentions. work towards manifesting your goals and projects, and beginning something new with the passion and power of the moon energies. Since it’s set in Aquarius, you’ve got the carefree, risk-taking energy of Aquarius to back you up. It’s time to move forward with your heart and stop listening to the doubt of your head. This is the rebel moon to help you get a little wild in all the right ways! Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with those dreams; that’s what this is all about!

Don’t miss the opportunity to shift your energies in line with this New Moon. Harness the power in every way you can. To help guide you on this lunar energy adventure, I’m offering a printable template below that can be your guide with intention setting and manifesting during this powerful New Moon. Don’t worry if you reached this blog post too late — this can be used at any New Moon!

Don’t forget that I’m offering some FEBRUARY ONLY specials on my Tarot Reading and Services! Have a look at my latest newsletter to see all the changes I’ve made in sync with this New Moon!

Let me know what intentions you plan to set for the New Moon in the comments below!

And don’t hesitate to book a reading with me while we enter this new moon phase!


Updates! These are HUGE!

Since turning my spiritual work into a full-time career, I’ve been working daily on improving the business I offer my clients and since February is not only the month of my birth but the month of love, I want to show all of you how much I love and appreciate you! 

Keep reading — these opportunities will blow your mind!

15€ Mini Readings for February!

For the month of February only I’m offering mini relationship readings! 

These three card pulls will be done with the most beautiful and romantic deck in my collection – Shadowscapes – and clients will receive their reading in a special PDF template designed specifically for this February special (see below)! 

The reading is catered to your needs – are you looking for love? are you wondering about your present relationship? are you looking for self-love advice? You tell me the direction you’d like the tarot readings to take and I offer you an insightful (and beautiful) reading at a discounted price. 

Don’t miss out on this deal! The last readings will be done on February 29th!

5 Daily Pull

Looking for a quick pull to start your day off on the right foot?
Send me an e-mail and any invoice paid before midnight is guaranteed a reading in their inbox the next morning. You get to choose the oracle card you’d like to use for your Daily Guidance Pull from a limited number of my decks (more decks offered in regular tarot readings):
– Archangel Michael
– Archangels Deck
– Archangel Gabriel

Begins February 3rd – e-mail today to ensure you get your guidance when you need it most!

Refer Friends – Get a Free


I’m starting a new referral program for my clients of Seeking Celestial Grace!

For each person who purchases a spiritual service from me and states that they were referred by you, you will receive 7€ off on the purchase of your next service from me! These savings can be compounded, which means that after you’ve referred 5 friends to me, you qualify for a free tarot reading!

My best form of marketing is word of mouth from people like you, so I want to reward you for your kindness. Think of it as an energetic karma exchange! Thank you so much!

10 for 10 – 10€ for 10 minutes 

Do you have a question that is plaguing you?
Do you need some quick, insightful, and instant guidance? 
Looking for some quick energy from the universe to send you on your way?
Get a 10 for 10 reading!

This offer is limited to the first week of every month to get you going on the right foot for the 30 days ahead and is delivered via a Google Hangouts text-based chat. I am live chatting with you for 10 minutes and I draw and share tarot cards according to your questions.

Ask as many as you want in that short period of time! And don’t worry if you’re in your pajamas – this is all done via text and I will send you photos of your cards at the end of the mini reading.

Please note that the “money” earned from referrals cannot be used on the 10 for 10 readings.

Remember: I am located in Paris, France (Central European Standard Time – GMT +1)  and these readings are offered from 9h – 16h Paris time.

Contact me at seekingcelestialgrace@gmail.com to schedule your 10 for 10 reading for the first week of whatever month you would like! This service starts in February so book now before I’m fully booked!

Celebrating You!

Former clients now get 50% off of a reading, a reading with spiritual guidance, or a channeled angelic message for their birthday month! It’s my way of saying, “Happy Birthday!” and my hope is to get you going on the right foot for your new year ahead. Contact me during your birthday month to book receive your discounted spiritual service.

Buy More – Save More… up to 24%!

Have you seen our new membership option?
Do you anticipate wanting guidance throughout the year?
Do you see yourself looking for reassurance that you’re on the right path?
If so, a Tarot Reading Membershipwith Seeking Celestial Grace is the money saving way to ensure you’re getting consistent guidance when it works best for you.

Purchasing a membership means you’re getting tarot readings in bulk and saving at least 10% on the cost – the more you subscribe to, the more you save! You’re also guaranteed to receive your readings at this originally paid membership price should my individual costs go up through the year!

Finally, keep an eye and follow my Instagram page @seekingcelestialgrace for a contest that will allow you to WIN A FREE READING! This contest will begin on February 1st.

Top 75 Tarot Blog & Card Highlight – The Tower

Wow, what a wild week it has been! Since revamping my website and services, since putting together a newletter, and since making an effort to bring quality content to the spiritual sphere, my work has taken off! I’ve been using affirmation statements and imagining success in the here and the now, and it’s been amazing to see the universe gift me these windows of opportunity that will allow me to make my spiritual work my primary work focus.

Out of absolutely no where and since updating my blog twice (since one post in 2018 and, prior to that, frequent posting in 2015), I got an e-mail from the Founder of Feedspot letting me know that my blog is in the TOP 75 TAROT BLOGS list! The weirdest part: Jordan had sent me that particular list as a “study tool” to recognize where to improve upon my business and to analyze the content that folks like you want to see. Out of absolutely no where, I’m on that list! And not at the bottom, either — working my way up. What an honour!

In addition, I continue to get absolutely beautiful testimonials from my clients. I still have the occasional person who reaches out and asks for an in-person reading, not believing that what I do could possibly work via e-mail but I encourage you to read my last blog post if you’re still hesitant and keep in mind that all my testimonials are gathered from clients read in this manner – remotely via e-mail. The folks don’t lie!

I’ve decided to start a video “mini-series” via Instagram stories that I’ll also post here, featuring common cards that come up in particular readings, what they mean, and how to listen to them. This post’s feature is THE TOWER.

The Tower is not a scary card in the deck, but it’s definitely a card you have to listen to! Even in movies and television, they show the ‘DEATH’ card as the “scary card”, but, honestly, The Tower is far more earth-shattering (visually and literally). When it shows up, get ready to make some big changes that will hurt you, but trust that what the universe has in store for you is so much better!

Oddly enough, the clients who ask me, “Is so-and-so the one for me?” are the ones who always get shown The Tower… listen to your intuition! You’re asking me because you know they’re not for you. Trust yourself, trust your guides, trust the card.

Have you ever received The Tower in a reading? Let me know in the comments below!


FAQ: What makes you different? How does a remote reading work? How *can* it work?

What makes me different (and better!):
I read tarot far more effectively and with less limitations than standard readers while simultaneously ensuring you’re not inconvenienced trying to obtain a reading.

I use tarot as a communication tool for my intuitive psychic abilities as I connect with your angels and spirit guides and relay these messages in written format. I don’t use limiting spreads or “just read the cards”. There is no need to be “live” because my energetic connection transcends that physical limitation; I am endlessly available and my process extremely convenient for you. I use this gift to help write you your most inspirational Spiritual Story meant to guide you and transform you, and I create you a spiritual and authentic keepsake that you can return to, again and again.

You don’t need to revolve your busy life around scheduling a reading, you just need to be ready to have your life changed.

I’m often asked by people new to the Tarot world or clients new to the idea of remote reading about how it could possibly work without their live interaction with me.

I’m here to tell you that not only does it work, but the details that come out of a remote, written reading are beyond your expectations.

When you ask to be read by me, there is an energy exchange. I can not and will not ever read someone without their permission. It just doesn’t work. I cannot pull out my cards and say, “Tell me what So-and-So will do next year,” because that’s not how the universe functions. Without the clients approval to read them (followed by the energy exchange of payment), I am able to use my guides to tune into my client’s guides and create a very accurate response to their many questions.

My tarot reading is very different from standard readings. You’ll notice I don’t follow the typical spreads or limiting formats. I am more of a psychic-medium who uses tarot cards as my communication tool with higher energies. My cards are the tools to help visually guide the responses I already intuitively feel, but would like put into clearer words.

That’s what makes me different.

In addition, I am a writer by spirit, so this work allows me to create the spiritual stories of people’s lives. Clients are consistently amazed by how long and detailed my work is, and find themselves reading it four or five times after they receive it. When you are participating in a live reading, it’s difficult to focus, take quick notes, and sometimes your emotions get in the way of you completely understanding a message. By having a written reading to refer to, you can take your time with it and return to it in one week, one month, one year, and analyze how you’ve transformed according to this guidance.

It really works. This process is truly authentic and mind-blowing. Energy exchanges don’t need to be “live” to be real and transformative. My guide has never let me down and he always manages to tune into the communicative angel guides of my clients. It’s really unbelievable how beautiful and authentic and moving the experience is.

I hope that clarifies the process to you.
Do not hesitate to ask me more questions about my work in the comments, below.

Cloud S. Amen

Work/Life Balance

I’ve moved back to Paris and am on a job search. But I’m conflicted. Firstly, I enjoy being at home with the dogs while also taking care of our space, whether it’s organizing, cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking dinner. I like the “housewife” role. But at the same time, I enjoy making money and feeling established, so I’m looking for work.

I want to make my spiritual life my professional one. I want my writing, my tarot reading, my intuitive skills to bring value into the lives of others. I’m trying to find out how to do that.

At this moment, I am feeling lost. I asked my cards (my guides) for clarity on what I should be doing for work and how to get there. The responses were very clear: reassess my talents in regards to my financial situation and find out where I am lacking, sense and pleasure are the measure of appropriate, personal wealth, I have at my disposal the strength to pursue happiness and to make my fortune, and my love of self and others allows me to get out of life what is most important, I must organize my everyday routine in a way that moves my daily life.

The message is clear: I need to do something that is spiritually satisfying and wealth will follow. I’m just trying to be open to signs and indications on how to go about doing it. I’ve never owned a business. I don’t know how to create a business plan that will ensure me success. I don’t want to do the self-advertising aspect because it’s not spiritually satisfying to me. So, what do I do? What steps do I take? Do I accept the mediocre jobs and get stuck in the comfort of 9-5 because it’s safe, or do I keep searching? How many branches can I put out into the universe until one catches?

This is my adventure. I’ll just take it one step at a time, no matter how exhausting some days may feel.

September 1st in Rocamadour, France

I think I learned something about God while I was here. I think religion has it wrong in the pomp and circumstance it requires to “please” the Lord.
Run up the stairs or walk up on your knees – neither is more devoted.
Keep your change – God wishes you to be abundant.
Live for yourself – as long as compassion underlies all your “selfish” acts, it is pleasing to God.
Talk to God privately – you are never truly alone.
If you pray in a group, the softest whisper is heard the loudest.
Modesty? The naked body is how you were made in God’s image – hide no corner of it.
These large churches, grandiose and loud, are no better than your personal shrines.
Is your shrine simply in your heart? That’s enough – simplicity is enough.
Is your spirituality a secret that only you know? You will still die a martyr of God.

Do you feel punished by God? No – the human body punishes, fellow man breaks our hearts, but God is a stream of endless love. Man judges man, man is cruel to man, man invents sin, God believes all done out of love is love and therefore is God.
God is the beginning, the end, and all in between.
God is light, is dark, is grey. God is above us, below us, within us.
God is in the church bells and in a singing voice and in a crying child.
God flows through with life and lifts up with death.
Do all things with simplicity and love and you will find God is there. 

I was then drawn to go back to the church with the Black Madonna by my guides – I say by my guides because I could feel the pull wasn’t my own. The following was written in my notebook and it doesn’t feel as though they are my words. I truly felt they were the words of the Black Madonna/Queen Mary. Even the handwriting doesn’t look like mine. I know that sounds insane, because believe me, it sounds crazy to me as well. But when I read over what was written, I don’t even feel like I wrote it. But alas… here it is. I’m going to give some context in brackets because some of what was written seems to be a response to what I was seeing in the church – the first starting with this woman with dark hair covering all her face who was there with her child in the church – in different pews – who knew people were in there and was rocking back and forth like she was possessed while she was praying….

“When you pray in public do not moan for me or rock for all to see, do not make a show of this private act. I am listening. You needn’t move and I still hear your heart. I am in your heart. I listen to the secret prayers of your heart. The rocking does not appease me. It disappoints me.

You are made in my image, you are sacred, you do not need to act lesser than. We are one. I am you – you are me. We are one. Do well to know this. And do well to treat yourself as sacred. You are not an object of sin, you are a beacon of light and sacred potential. Do not let the church convince you otherwise. Everything I am you are too. 

You are holy. You are blessed. You are a saint. We are one. I love you and I am with you always because we are one. Goddess, Queen, Sacred Being. So I am, so too you are.

Go and tell the world of this. Go and guide the nations to light. I am with you. I am with you. Be my mouth. Write for all. Convert many.
Be blessed.

Live for me and my Son. Live for light and grace and live for truth. Write for me. Do you accept? 

(in my heart at this point, I was like… uhh, k)

Then it is. So it is, so it is, so it is. 

You will write and change lives.
Your purpose is to write for me. Be my mouth.

When you write they who read will listen.
You are a living dream come true and your journey inspires others to hear you and follow suite. 

(at this point the child of the woman went to sit beside her mom and the mom got up and went to another pew to pray away from the child)

What this woman is doing hurts me – isolating the child – she holds darkness. The child is light. She is Spirit. The child finds comfort in me. I am with her.

Say it. Say that I speak to you the way Michael does. (I call Archangel Michael my homeboy and say I have a telephone line straight to my dude…) Say it everywhere. (At this point I say in my heart – okay, but that scares me, because it sounds insane, so I’m scared to say it to anyone) So am I. Scared of isolation? But I am with you. So you are never alone. Do not forget. 

I do not care about the rosary. Speak from your heart with passion and the Gods will hear you.

Devotion is not decided by an institution but a person themselves, is not taught or passed down, but experienced in a moment of surrealism (I had a hard time reading this word) and earthly wonder.

You will move mountains and I am with you always. 
We are one.
We are one.
We are one.

Light above all.
Speak truth.
Write truth. “

I feel it’s important to mention that there was no overwhelming emotion to this writing/channeling (?) experience. I was very calm the whole time, just totally weirded out. Writing it feels insane to me and I know many will read it and think the same – hahaha Cloud the crazy… But I know I’m a highly intuitive person, I believe in mediums and their connection to the spirit world and their ability to speak to it, so why should I believe I am an exception to this rule? All humans have the ability to connect to a higher energy, it’s just a matter of not ignoring them when they speak.

This is the first time they’ve chosen to speak through writing, so I guess that’s why I’m a little like… uhhhhhk. hahaha