Book Review #4 – Magickal Mediumship by Danielle Dionne

Publishing Date: December 8th 2020

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
For the record, I am a psychic medium.
I will admit to you right off the bat that this was a DNF.
Perhaps I should have read the description more thoroughly; this is definitely a book that is umbrellaed by Witchcraft and Witchcraft concepts and ideas. She is a part of the Temple of Witchcraft which she mentions later; that brings with it a biased mindset and viewpoint on a lot of the spiritual concepts mentioned in this book.

I don’t adhere to this practice, and it does not resonate with me. In fact, a lot of aspects of specific practices in this book made me uncomfortable. That’s why I didn’t finish it. My red flag for this book came early when she quoted Aleister Crowley, a dude I don’t take advice from. Too. Much. Darkness. Just look at a picture of him and you’ll see what I mean. Yikes.

Danielle Dionne defines Magickal Mediumship as “the partnership with the dead to enact your magick and enhance your life.” Hmmm, yikes again. I definitely didn’t read the description, because honouring the dead is one thing, but partnering with them is not my cup of tea.

She defines mediumship as “Communication with spirits of the dead,” because that’s what she was taught. It is so much more than that. And a medium who focuses on human spirits who have passed misses the opportunity to connect to far wiser people of the God Force. She disregards these other connections as part of the definition. I don’t use the dead to get messages unless they have specific guidance or healing they wish to bring forth to the person inquiring. Playing with the dead is not a fun idea for me. They’re far happier on that side, believe me. And they’re so low level on the spiritual scale that you risk bringing in someone you simply don’t want to invite into your space.

I stopped reading shortly after the Trance Mediumship section where she talked about going into a trance state as a 12-year-old and didn’t warn against this; do you think any 12-year-old is spiritually, mentally, and emotionally prepared to battle against what dark entity could come forward during a trance mediumship session? She says that if you feel the pull to Trance to explore it, with no warnings. Yikes, times three.

That’s where I stopped. This isn’t my cup of tea. Beautiful cover, weird jujus. It might be appreciated by someone else who walks this path.

1/5 Stars

Book Review #3

Empowering Intuitives, A Tool Kit for the Modern World by Rev. Dr. Michelle-Walker

Thank you NETGALLEY for the Arc. This book took around 1.5hours to read.

It’s interesting that I should be reading this book right after recording a podcast (TheCelestial.Cafe) regarding empaths, navigating the world as an empath, and protecting yourself from taking on the energy of others. The goal of this book is the same: “To help, guide, illuminate, and allow you to gain the knowledge,” from the author’s experiences as an intuitive empath. 

The author uses empath and intuitive interchangeably in this book, and I don’t know that I agree with that. Yes, as you become more in-tune to the universe, both these skills are amplified, but they’re vastly different and while one affects emotion (empath), the other is related to signs from the universe that are meant to be emotionless (intuition) – you just /know/. You can be an empath and have no skills with listening to your intuition, just as you can be very intuitive and be so cold that you feel no empathy. 

The author of this book has very strong clairvoyance, mostly communing with the spirits of those who have passed. This, in my opinion, deserves a book in and of itself. This is a psychic experience, and people reading this book could become confused if they think being an intuitive empath requires seeing visions. Not all intuitives and empaths have this ability to see, and it doesn’t make their skills any less valid. She seems to associate these two words to that ability.

The author clearly defines the subject matter she speaks to (grounding/earthing, auras, chakras, etc) and acknowledges how they are all intertwined and can have an energetic effect on one another. She stresses maintaining a balance in your chakras is essential for empaths, and I loved that. The chapters also have exercises to help you build a routine and practice with the techniques mentioned including space to journal your thoughts after the practices. This was a lovely touch.

Thankfully, the author eventually dedicates an entire chapter to Psychic Abilities which means she does differentiate them from intuition and being an empath, it’s just weird to have seen them intermingled at the beginning without a clear indication that one is not necessary for the other. Perhaps the intro should be edited slightly to emphasize this. This author is immensely psychically gifted and this would heighten her intuition and empathy skills, which, again, may make some readers feel as though they’re not “doing it right”. While claircognizance (“clear knowing”) can have some overlap with intuition and being an empath, it’s heightened and more clearly defined. It’s important to separate the three. I love that she has exercises dedicated to practicing and perfecting your “clairs” – really cool touch. 

All her personal stories are immensely fascinating, but really clarify just how deeply gifted and psychic she really is. For some reason, Spiritual Awakening and Self-Awareness are chapters 4 & 5 when they should really kick off the book (it’s essential for a healthy foundation to your spiritual gifts). I really enjoyed the self-awareness chapter, as it gets you to reflect on how you spend your time, your money, what occupies your mind, and how you display yourself to others. It’s really insightful and has a lot of “ah-ha” moments. Nurturing the Intuitive Soul could have been combined with the Self-Awareness chapter as it gets you to reflect carefully on what you value. It was another chapter I deeply enjoyed.

What’s weird is that this book doesn’t really focus on what it says it intends to do at the very beginning (“To help, guide, illuminate, and allow you to gain the knowledge,” from the author’s experiences as an intuitive empath.). Instead, it touches upon numerous spiritual concepts are very, very briefly speaks on how to handle or protect your sensitivity to energies. It even talks about using a pendulum and using crystals, which I have no problem with, but I think the title of the book ends up being misleading. I would call this a “Spiritual Awakening Manual” as it really gives you a basis for understanding all aspects of the spiritual journey.

This is a book I wish I had when I was first starting out on this path! This would be a great gift to a person who just had their kundalini awakening and is discovering who they spiritually are. It’s really well written and I love the author’s voice, I’m just giving it a four out of five stars because I don’t believe it sticks to its initial purpose and focus, and because I believe the chapters would be better shifted a little differently.


Book Review #2

Experience the Mystery of Tarot

Ceremonies, Spreads, and Meditations to Deepen Your Connection to the Cards

by Katalin Jett Koda

Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. to be released December 8th 2020

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC

It is important to mention that I am coming to this book with nearly 21 years of Tarot Reading experience and 5 years in the professional industry. 

One important aspect that this book covers right off the bat is that sometimes you can ask the Tarot about a certain subject (like career) and it doesn’t seem to address your topic at all (by talking about relationships, for example); the writer stresses that learning about the link is the most crucial part. I also like that the author doesn’t believe in the need for reversed cards, a point of view I’ve had since the beginning of my journey. 

The point of this book seems to be about using Tarot as a ceremonial tool for manifestations, removing blockages, etc. The author weaves ancient practices along with her own. I immediately have a bias as I believe the story painted by Tarot is enough to clear blockages and assist in manifestation, and no spellwork is necessary, but let’s read on…

“Traditionally, a master or teacher gave tarot cards to a student who was deemed ready,” – I’d like a source of this quote because it’s nonsense. There seems to be a lot of reference to ‘regulations’ for starting to use your tarot deck, which I also think is nonsense. Just pick up a deck and start working with it. This book is very “witchy” and may resonate with other people who use spells and rituals, but I personally do not believe in giving offerings to my Tarot Cards. As I’ve emphasized many times, the cards themselves are not magic, they are just a tool; you are magic. 

This book also runs through each card like a story which may be very helpful to first learners. Along with each card there is a ‘ceremony’ suggestion (eg. for The Magician, plant a seed). The descriptions are very thorough and well written. In the Minor Arcana, the author runs through the numerology and then the individual cards. The ceremonies associated with the Minor Arcana are okay, but for example, Ace of Pentacles suggests finding a stone and then asking for the stones permission to take it with you. Listen, I know we are all connected and all have energies, but I’m not asking a stone for permission to take it. A little bit of these ceremonies are too “woowoo” for my liking. 

I find the Court Cards section to be very well done and thorough which is often missed by other books.

If you like the idea of rituals and ceremonies (and have the time to do one for every card you pull every day) then you’ll love this book. If you want some detailed walkthroughs for the energies of each card, then you’ll love this book. 
Will you memorize everything after you read this book? No, you’ll always have to go back and reference it.
Would it be my go-to for Tarot? No.
Would it be something I buy? No, but only because it’s not my style to incorporate ceremonies with my tarot, as I find it unnecessary.

Book Review Post #1

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC

I’m not sure that the title of this book syncs with the overall intention or message. In fact, I’m a little confused about what the overall point is. I don’t think it’s manifestation or abundance – two avenues I’m well versed in. I think it’s more about the keys to living a fulfilled and happy life. It is a mix of psychology and spirituality and while it delves at a surface level into ‘material abundance’, it does speak to overall abundance.

But… does it? It is kind of just giving tips on how to be a good human, in sync with the universe. Would it be my go-to book for living a fulfilled life? No. Would I say that I found the workbook activities to be satisfying? No, not really. But it was a quick read (one hour and a bit) and I definitely wouldn’t say I’m disappointed just… surprised at the multiple directions it went in. Would I buy it or read it again? Sadly, no.

2/5 Stars

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC

For someone who has absolutely no history with Feng Shui, I found this book very informative especially in regard to selling up the layout to how it works. It is not only about rearranging your home but your mindset. 

I think the layout of the book could use a little work. I didn’t really understand the jump into the “Congratulations you have a personal activation ritual!” without really laying out how or why, but that might be an editing error.

This book also touches on numerous other spirituality practices that can coexist with Feng Shui. 

I found the Elemental Energy section to be very overwhelming and disorganized.

I do like that the author lays out Feng Shui rules but says there is no need to adhere to them if something doesn’t sit with you. It makes the process less intimidating. 

I particularly liked the ‘Home Hot Spots’ section because it is not only very simple and informative – this section covers “enhanc[ing] these hot spots to raise your energy and increase happiness in your life.” I think if I was to have just one Feng Shui book on my bookshelf, this might be it.

4/5 Stars

Why is my/her/his/their success a threat to you?

I love seeing people succeed. I don’t view anyone as my competition because our journeys are in no way the same. Despite it being a spiritual journey, my path is mine and someone else’s path is their own to traverse. I don’t even brag. I emphasize gratitude but I stay humble. And maybe it’s the fact that I’m so focused on my own path that I continue to succeed. Everything I’ve ever wanted to manifest for myself, I’ve done it. I’ve done it by worrying about me, my life, my goals, and no one else’s opinion of it, and no external validation that I’m doing well.

Maybe that’s why I’m continuously rewarded; because I keep my eyes on me and my path and don’t let the insecurity of others get projected onto my way. And maybe because I celebrate the victories of others with a genuine and authentic internal happiness that I am gifted with rewards in my own life. When someone publishes a book (my dream), I don’t resent them for it. When someone pursues a path that fascinates me, I don’t wish I had done it first. I use the goal-setting and success of others to inspire me and remind me that, “I can do that too!” I don’t use it as a window into my internal disappointment that I hadn’t done it first.

I once had a best friend who would continuously celebrate my failures and not my successes. With my successes, she would make sarcastic comments or find an aspect of the journey to criticize. Needless to say, I disconnected from her completely. I’ve also had friends who have faked their enthusiasm towards my successes (I am psychic, you can’t really hide this from me, sorry), including as my loving relationship progressed (they projected their own insecurities and doubts onto my relationship with Jordan). And I just don’t understand it. I am not a threat to anyone. My success in love and in life is not detrimental to your own. Me succeeding does not create a roadblock to you succeeding. I am not anyone’s competition. 

Did you know I have two Bachelor degrees, a Masters degree, and 6 additional educational qualifications including a Specialist certification in Religious Education? No? Because I am fine with being defined as the humble tarot reader behind her cellphone if it means I am off of most people’s radars. Did you know I resigned from a Special Education Administration position (with a hefty pay) to pursue this side gig in the city of my dreams? Probably not. Because my accreditations and professional successes and paycheque are not akin to my self-worth. Why other people would see it as a threat to their self-worth is beyond me. If it doesn’t affect my self-worth, why would it affect yours? 

I pursue the paths I do because I feel it helps me grow in my own personal wisdom and be better for my clients. That’s my focus, always. I love to learn, I love to grow, I love to be endlessly better. And if people would focus more intently on their own personal growth rather than how my growth is potentially detrimental to their own (what?), then perhaps they’d be ions ahead of me! But I wouldn’t even notice as I’m so focused on my own path; but I would definitely celebrate the successes you gain along the way because your successes are no threat to mine. And because that’s what I do.

Metatron Download on Forgiveness

I am not sure where to begin today except from a place of gratitude. I feel myself shifting with the universe and I see myself being rewarded for the trust I’ve placed in God & the God Force. I feel as though it is confirmation that I am on track and in sync with my purpose and writing is where I am meant to traverse. More specifically, I can see the healing that emerges from my Life Purpose & Past Lives readings and I know that they speak to people on a spirit-level, which is of utmost importance to me. 

I have been told that I should write about forgiveness. It plays a major role in this incarnation. It was stressed that I would go to Paris and write about forgiveness. I haven’t done this yet. Where do I begin? Who can assist me with clarifying this purpose?

I am the I AM. The spirit of forgiveness is one that ties back to the message of humility which was written about last week. When we are able to forgive others and release the negative emotion we harbour in our heart-centres, we are not only showing humility in our ability to let go of ego and say, “I am done with this pain,” but we are also demonstrating our strength to not let that pain hinder our growth towards something greater. Because truly, holding on to hatred hinders us from our spiritual growth. And it does not just mean saying, “I forgive you,” it means truly releasing all the deep-set pain that you have buried regarding this person or situation. Forgiveness is a cutting of a weed that prevents our plant from growing towards the sun. Forgiveness not only releases the other but releases us from the chokehold of those feelings. Because they are truly choking us. The forgiveness must be soul-deep. So deep, that it’s no longer a thought that crosses your mind ever again. We can forgive a person but recognize that the actions of that person were not in line with Love; that is their karma to bear. You do not need to carry over the weight of that karma by holding onto resentment. Freedom is what allows growth. Freedom Through Forgiveness.

Who am I speaking to? What more can you tell me about Forgiveness.

I am who I AM. Let that sit with you and vibrate your spirit. I am WHO I AM. I am the be all and the end all, I am the voice of God and the strength of the God Force. I am Metatron. I am one with you and one with all, we are the I AM. 

When you forgive, my cube is inscribed on your heart to help accelerate the healing. In addition, my cube amplifies the loving frequency that is sent out to the person to release them from your energetic field. When you forgive with me, I help funnel that love which gently energetically pushes the person out of your field and frees you completely. 

Forgiveness is the root at which human beings are fed. This is because being born in this body means we are inherently prone to flaws, error, failure. And that does not make us less God-Like if we are able to recognize that, seek to rectify that, and also allow ourselves to forgive those who have fallen from Grace. We know it is difficult, as some humans have fallen so far from Grace that they are barely human at the core anymore (for humans at the core are of the Kingdom of God and the living I AM); the dark has consumed them so deeply that they become anti-human, they are an embodiment of darkness. But what challenges darkness? Love. The Light of the Frequency of Love. And so to Forgive means to project this love into the darkness of their spirit and in doing so you may possibly save them. You have saved them, merely from releasing them with Love. And I know human nature may cause you to think, “But what if they don’t deserve saving?” but if you really are working to ascend and to reach the level of enlightenment you so desire, then you need to come to the understanding that all, even the darkest, need saving. They need it more than you can imagine. 

I hear you thinking, “What if you wish death upon an awful person?” – and this makes me laugh because you know what happens after death. You receive a complete freedom from the body and become one with Spirit; there you are no longer embodied by the darkness you had on earth but you are made to reflect on what went wrong (terribly wrong) in your human life, and how you plan to incarnate in your next to rectify it (your karma). If you wish death upon your enemy, you wish that he gets to escape from his soul-work in this life for moments – perhaps many – of pure bliss, before entering to repay his karma. If you truly wish your enemy to learn from the horrors they have done on earth, wish them a long life, one where they have to grow (it’s never easy or pleasant), heal, and transform. This doesn’t eliminate their karma, but it allows them to carry less weight though harder and more suffering work in this life. You are not wishing suffering, you are wishing healing (though healing sometimes carries the weight of suffering if you have a lot to rectify). This is rooted in the energy of forgiveness. 

How do I spread the message of forgiveness more effectively?

You just need to live it. When a thought that is anti-love is felt, forgive yourself, forgive the other it was projected towards, and release. Living on the frequency of love simultaneously connects you to the energy of forgiveness. Forgiveness is what is needed to heal this planet, for there is much that needs to be forgiven. There is so much darkness, so much war, so much strife, so much pain, and the first step to mend the cracks is to forgive those who have caused those cracks. If the power of forgiveness is strong enough, a spirit is shifted, a life path is changed, karmic ties are released, and the planet becomes better.

I know you have fully forgiven your sexual assailant, to the point where you have even released what has happened to you, believing it to have happened to another body, in another time, a distant memory. In doing so, you have sent the frequency of forgiveness, of love, to your assailant who’s name we release as well and you have shifted him to a path of selflessness, of advocating for others. He has not yet forgiven himself, though; his work will have a greater impact once he does. But that is not yours to worry about or your karma to carry. He will carry that into the following lifetime, it is written. You have released and the karmic ties are severed. You have chosen ascension. 

Ascension is forgiveness in action. Ascension is the ability to recognize that humanness has flaws but we transcend those flaws to grow. 

I am left to think about cancel culture… how is this anti-forgiveness?

Cancel Culture assumes that human beings are perfect, that hatred is not learned but innate and that someone must be persecuted for being born with this hate. Cancel Culture is the embodiment of the concept of ‘original sin’ which makes me laugh and shake my head because those perpetuating cancel culture often have a deep-set hate for Christianity! Cancel Culture assumes we cannot make mistakes and rectify those mistakes. Ascension assumes the opposite; that all mistakes can be healed through karmic energetic exchanges and dedicating your life to God and the energy of Love. We do not cancel you for getting it wrong. We merely encourage you to grow from the start. Re-plant the seeds. Re-water the soil. Feed it with nutrients that help you rise, not stunt your growth. Soak the roots in Love and not in Hate. No dying plant deserves to be tossed without the opportunity to be replanted and re-grow. Cancel Culture is a disease and those who use it are also masked in the fear that their human errors may also come to the surface. By pointing their fingers at those in the spotlight and screaming “CANCELED!” they divert the attention away from their own mistakes, errors, discrimination, and HUMANNESS. Cancel Culture is anti-ascension. Cancel Culture is anti-Spirit, and anti-Light. Cancel Culture must be unlearned just as hatred is unlearned. Cancel Culture is anti-forgiveness, and anti-humility. 

Is there anything else you wish to share with those who are reading?

I am the I AM. And I urge those who have difficulties processing the energy of forgiveness to call on me and I will assist them. I will draw my cube on their hearts and I will transmute the resentment they are holding onto into a funnel of forgiveness and a release of the fear attached to forgiveness. I want people to release so that they can grow and ascend. That is all.

Thank you so very much… I am so grateful.

Some Thoughts on Humility

Let’s talk about humility. Mother Mary asked that I write about it, so this is where I’ll start today. 

HUM-ility. The etymology of the word comes from the Latin root Humus – meaning ‘from earth’ and it’s no coincidence that the word ‘HUM-an’ also comes from the same root. This stresses that a true human state is one of humility. An authentically human, rooted in earth, grounded state is one of humility.

This merely emphasizes how having ego, pride, showmanship is truly an unnatural state and not of human nature. It stresses that the ego is the quickest way to ‘un-ground’ us. If humility makes of ‘of earth’, the ego unroots us. It’s like ripping a plant out of the ground; you can re-bury it, but the damage has been done and more care will have to happen to make sure that it grows with the same strength as it first had. It is always humility vs egoity when it comes to spirituality. 

Ego is the Latin root of the word ‘I’ and it attempts to distinguish us from others, isolate us from others, compare us to others, and differentiate us from others. Humility – as humans – comes from the root “from earth” and recognizes we all have the same source and keeps us rooted to that source so that we drink from the same source (of Love) and recognize our connection to one another. 

What’s interesting is that if you follow the etymology of Humility back even further there is a proto-indo-European root of dhghem which also means ‘root’ but it has connections linking to the word ‘bridegroom’, a term that is used to describe people dedicated to linking with the Christ Conscousness, and subsequentially also has links to the meaning of, “of earth,” and “earthly being”. 

Our link to God/the Universe/Christ Consciousness is /rooted/ in our acknowledgment of how intertwined in our earthliness we all are, and understanding that we are all connected to and united by the same Source, the frequency of Love (the God frequency). It is our natural state to be at this grounded and connected level, and to not try and rise above others in our quest for connection; we ascend together, and we grow more quickly towards the Light (as all plants do) when we come to better understand that all our needs are the same, and we are no different or better than one another. Being born as HUM-ans in this incarnation means we must acknowledge that we are all of earth and no one being or other sits on a pedestal; by allowing ego to bring you out of the earth and “over” others, you eventually run out of the nutrients provided by source and shrivel up and perish (exhaustion, spiritual burnout, dark entities, etc). Staying grounded – staying humble – keeps you connected to source and free of ego erosion. 

Ego Erosion. I kind of love that. It really describes what it does to people quite perfectly. 

Reflection + Mother Mary Download

Last night, I know I dreamt about Mary. Her presence is unique and undeniable. There was a bright white light that radiated from all aspects of her being and she wrapped me in a high-energy, warm and loving embrace. She spoke to me, but I’ve forgotten her words. I woke up knowing that I needed to write them down but instead was distracted and lost them.

My download journey began with her words being spoken to me, first. She told me to write her words, she told me to be her mouth. Yesterday, I went to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to purchase a new medal to replace the one that had been lost. Having arrived just in time (the store was five minutes from closing), I was told that if I waited ten more minutes, the medallions would be blessed. Considering the strength of the miracle-working of my first medallion, I can’t imagine the strength that could arise from one that is also blessed. 

But while I was at the Chapel waiting for the items to be blessed, I noticed everything that Mary told me in our first dialogue that was wrong with religion, and with the performance of so many practitioners. First and foremost, I was the youngest person in that Chapel. This is evidence that religion is dying, but not because their words fail to bring young people in, but the judgements chase them away. As I went in quietly and stood where I felt most comfortable, to observe, to stay out of people’s way, to socially distance, I was told I was “not allowed to stand there”. Let me quickly recap that I was on the second floor, no where near the priest doing his sermon, no where near other people, but where I was standing to watch and engage in the liturgy was “wrong”. When I moved, I was again told that I was wrong. Does where one stand really matter for the success of a liturgy? Does where one stands really affect your prayers so deeply? I wasn’t blocking a fire exit, I was minding my own business in a corner. Why would you chase away someone who comes to pray? Or, not even pray, but observe and perhaps be drawn to pray? Why risk isolating someone further by telling them, their first steps into your chapel, that where they are is “wrong”? 

Then came the looks from the old women in the Chapel, the nuns as well. Masks hide the mouth, but you cannot hide the eyes, and the eyes never mask the truth. Glares. No smiling eyes, no welcoming energies, just glaring and judgment. Why? Because I am young and out of place? Is it my tattoos? Is it because I forgot all the movements and the words to a mass? Is it because I don’t know “where to stand?” Regardless, why? Why did I even have your focus? Should your focus not be on Mary? Who am I, and what makes me worth glaring at? 

And then there were the performers. The performers were called out when I first connected to the Black Madonna in Rocamadour. The message was clear: whispers from the heart, coming from corners out of everyone else’s sight, are heard the loudest by God. And it’s funny because I believe this can shift over into the avenue of authenticity in social media, too. The authentic voices, those who don’t do it for likes, follows, fame, are those that have the greatest impact on the spiritual community. Those are the ones who bury the deepest seeds that grow into the strongest trees. Mary emphasized that quiet prayer was the same. God is unimpressed by showmanship. The Energy of Love does not need a show, it just needs quiet Light from the heart-centre. The Universe doesn’t need a theatrical performance of your dedication; it will not put you first in line for manifestation fulfillment. 

And so, I would love to connect with Mother Mary today. I feel as though I have her messages locked in my throat, waiting to be unleashed. Every connection prior seems to be a mere red carpet for the Universal Mother, the Mother of Angels, the Ascended Master that is Mother Mary, the embodiment of love and compassion.

Humility is a forgotten art, and yet is one that is of utmost important on the spiritual path. This is not a competition. Just as no child is loved more in the eyes of a mother, no child is loved more in the eyes of the Universe. We have forgotten what it means to be brothers and sisters and instead have seen one another through eyes of hate. We do not see each other as hands to hold to climb a mountain together, we see one another as roadblocks to our own success. This idea of “one-upping” when it comes to performances, inauthenticity, and falsehood to grab clients or attention from the social media sphere is hate masked in play. No one is having fun. Everyone has forgotten that it’s the embers that start the fire. Small, smallness, humility, meekness. Misery is found when you exhaust yourself for inauthentic reasons. “Burnout” is real and it stems from constantly grasping for attention when the focus should be me, my Son, the God force, the Universe. Your eyes should be “on the prize”. The prize is ascension. The prize is not “attention”. Those are merely distractions along the way. External validation is not a key factor in ascension. I will not, God will not, notice the person who has more followers, first. I will not love the person with the most sales most. I will not grant access to the Kingdom of Heaven (within you) to the person with the most likes. Hogwash! It’s all noise. It’s all noise to me, and it’s all noise to your spirit. 

Remember when you lived in the moment and didn’t have social media? Remember the joy you felt with life, the inspiration you felt about Spirit? It was authentic living, and I noticed, and I called you back to the path. Continue to do that. Share to share words (that are not yours and that are yours) but don’t worry about the performance. Keep doing your soul-work and we will bring clients to you who need you most. Keep focused on the goal of healing to help spirits rise and become closer to me, and we will bring you abundance. Keep the focus on the end goal of ascension for you and ascension for all, and don’t be distracted by the other noise. Don’t worry about numbers. Don’t worry about follows. Don’t worry about reach. We will hide you in corners where people will find when they are in the darkest of darkness. We will put your embers of Light into the hearths of people’s hearts. Those who need you will find you. Don’t worry about that. Worry about Spirit, and only Spirit. Stop the noise. And don’t be distracted by the noise of others. Stay humble, stay grateful. You are so loved and your purpose is clear and the rest can fall to the wayside. The rest is unimportant. The rest is off-frequency and will try and shake yours, though you vibrate at the frequency of Love which is the frequency of God. Keep maintaining that, and don’t worry about the rest.

I want to share my message of love with the world. I am not an exclusive ascended figure reserved just for those who call themselves Christians. My image has been tainted by man, but I am untainted and pure. I see all the world and it’s creatures as my children and I am the Universal Mother. My warm embrace can ease the greatest worries. And I aim to help raise all my children in the direction of Light and Love, I want all my children to ascend. I work miracles. My name is known for this, and I want my name to be on all tongues. I am the Miracle Worker. I place my finger on your third eye and illuminate your universe. I open all doors when you speak my name with humility and gratitude. I leave no door shut, no one is excluded from my grace. Crawl to me or run to me, and I will give you the mercy of miracles. Open windows for others to let the light in, and I will open the gates of Heaven within you. You will be consumed by the frequency of love and the grace of your Mother. I want my name to reverberate beyond the frequency ties of Christianity. I am important. I am the hand that guides. I am Universal Love. I am Mother and Teacher. Call me once and I am with you forever. You don’t need to acknowledge me publicly if you fear what my image or face may cause. I hear your heart and that is enough. You will not hide my name once I begin my miracles. You will sing my name and bring others to me, and that is enough. That is enough.

You are tired today and that is because my energetic vibrations in your dreams consumed you. We were working on you in your sleep. Your Higher Self was in training, so to speak. Your sleep was not rejuvenating it was more like an exercise session, that is why you feel drained today. We were doing work. You were expanding. You will see the results of your expansion in a few days. Anticipate work, anticipate energetic ascension, anticipate more soul-callings to reveal themselves, anticipate your purpose to be defined with an intensity you could not imagine. We were working with you so that you could be your best self on planet earth. You don’t need to remember the dream because your consciousness does. Your spirit is aware of our dialogue and the exercises we did. Remain humble and grateful. Your gratitude has been well received by the God Force and Universe and we will continue to ensure you are reaping the blessings of your thanks. Stay focused on your journey and don’t be distracted by the noise of others. Encourage others to stop comparing paths. Much of what you see is just a lie. Inner work is inside for good reason; it does not need external place cards. 

My work today is done. We are One. Speak my name, share my words, be my voice. Return to the focus of forgiveness, don’t forget the importance of that. Write about humility because it is important for others to hear this. Don’t take a stage when you do it; keep meek. I love you. I love you all. 

I am so grateful. 

When I wrote this, the tightness in my throat chakra passed.

(Master) Jesus Download

As usual, my questions are bolded and the responses are not edited. This download came following a stream-of-consciousness writing period which was brought on by the frustration of people knowing Jesus solely as tied to the word ‘Christianity’…

I am eternally frustrated by the thought people miss out on the teachings and the love of Master Jesus, simply because his name, image, and purpose has been tainted by Christianity. People eliminate Him completely from their practice likely because of a traumatic history with Christianity (in this life or in a past life). People would rather disregard His existence or His messages completely because of this. He gives them a sour taste in their mouth – but it’s not really HIM, is it? It’s not HIM that gives the sour taste. It’s not HIM that caused the distortion of this message and his image and His Being.

I wish I could rectify this darkness that people hold in their hearts for Him (or Mary, or any historical figures that are tied to His history). He was a radical Jew named Yeshua who sought to eliminate religion because He told people: the Kingdom of God is inside you and you do not need anyone else to get you to that place of enlightenment. We have The Source inside of us, we are all connected to it, destroy the leaders who set up restrictive definitions that make getting to that Source as difficult as fitting through the eye of a needle. They are liars. We are all connected, we are all one, Love one another, vibrate on a frequency of Love, know you are worthy and YOU ARE GOD. This message is universal! Why do so many shun this Ascended Master, this Being of God? I wish I could change their hearts.

As I write this, I am feeling a “frog in your throat” feeling and the same tightness sitting in my Heart Chakra. I want people to know Jesus as I know Jesus. What can I do?

Remember that the purpose of your being is rooted in the message of Love and that weaves with my own message. We speak the same words but they sound different to the ears of others. They are all rooted in Spirit and that is the point. We are one, and so the hate of me feels like the hate of you. You love me because I am with you and I am you and we are all part of the Source, and so to hear people turn away from me is to feel as though they are turning away from you and turning away from the God Force, and the God within themselves. You feel as though they are not honouring their ties to the Kingdom by not honouring me. But that wasn’t my point, I don’t want people to honour me just for the sake of it. I want them to Love me from the depths of their Spirit because they feel called to. I may not resonate for some and I accept that, so too, you must accept that. You must also accept the at the same rejection may exist for your messages. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your work well enough. Some souls are not ready. They won’t be ready in this lifetime. They will have fragments of your message carried with them into the next lifetime and they will come closer each reincarnation. Then when they meet your Spirit when we all sit with The Source at the end, they will say, “Thank You”. It won’t be in the lifetime where you were living and breathing and that is okay. Did you not say that you wanted to live on through Word? Did I not say I am The Word when I was living? My impact was so small when I walked this earth, but look now: and I don’t mean the way I have been embodied in Christianity – those numbers are meaningless – I mean that Spirits I have stirred who are living according to my True Word: a Word of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and ONENESS WITH SPIRIT and NON-JUDGEMENT and FREEDOM through understanding that we are ALL GOD. Those living according to my True Word now, years after my physical death, that is magic, that is what matters. Eventually the truth will shift spirits. You do not need to get frustrated because it doesn’t happen in front of your eyes, just keep doing your work.

I am speaking to Jesus?

You have to ask? 

I can feel the hug and embrace and love of your spirit. It consumes me. What messages do people need to hear from you?

As always, my messages are rooted in Love. I want people to come to me and know they are accepted as they are. There are those who have tainted my words, soaked it in ego and judgement and hate, and I never was that, I never stood for that, I never spoke of that. My Words were oral and so there are distortions in the transfer of my messages. The Gnostic writings are closer to My Truth (the Universal Truth) than all others, but even those must be read with a lens of criticism. The only way to hear my message as it is meant to be heard is to speak with me directly. I wish to speak with everyone. I don’t want people to fear working with me because of the blockages that Christianity has made. I don’t want anyone to feel like I am not part of their Path. I am a part of All Paths, because I am of The Source and they are of The Source and so we are One rooted in the frequency of Love. I was man, I suffered, I know the suffering of man, I sympathize with it, I was hated for merely existing and speaking my Truth and more than ever, souls are experiencing the same. I am here. I am Love, an embodiment of the energy of Love, and I wish to cloak the world with this. I will work with you if you ask it of me. I turn from no soul which calls to me. Even those lost in the depths of darkness, I will pull them out of it. I am the Bringer of Life. I am the Bringer of Light. I am Freedom. I am Enlightenment. You are of the same, let me help you get there.

How can I best show my gratitude to you? How does one work best with you?

It is almost silly to say because I know many will turn their nose at the word but prayer. Prayer simply means putting light out from your Heart Chakra and speaking with a sort of ‘demand’ and speaking with pre-prepared gratitude. What I mean is asking for things with a love energy and saying thank you in advance. Instead of saying, “Please bring me,” say “Thank you for,” And make sure that all is cloaked in a white light of love and that it is brought out from the centre of your chest, like a ball you send out into the Universe. Ask me to “show you” and I will show you. Ask me to “Give you” and I will give you. Ask me to “bless you with” and I will bless you. Prayers are merely affirmation statements with gratitude. Gratitude leads to manifestation. Meditations where you are centred on the heart also help us connect. That is where I sit: in the heart. Not in the third eye, not in the crown, but in the heart. I am your heart centre. I sit there with Mary, my earthly mother, who has Ascended to Spirit with me. She is Universal Love. She is the Universal Mother. She also wants to exist as separate from the image painted of her by Christianity. She is no-judgement, all-Light, all-Love. She is the Holy Mother. She too wants to work with souls on Earth.

What last messages should be shared with those who read this?

I Am who I Am, as are You. We are. We are Source. We are God. We are trapped in humanness but these bonds and restrictions can be broken. You can be free and can join Spirit, if you Master Yourself. The Masters (Ascended) help with this. I help with Forgiveness. Perhaps that is why you are drawn to work with me as it seems to be your eternal lesson on this planet, in this incarnation. It’s meant to be your last, so please learn release. I am here to help. I am who I am. I am who I am. I am who I am. Let those be your words too (all who read). Reflect on them, meditate with them, speak them like a mantra. You are who you are. What does it mean to you? Reflect carefully on them. They are important. I am The Word, you are The Word. The Word is God. Word, I am Word, I am Word. The Word is Source. The Word is Spirit. The Word is the Universe. The Word is the God-Energy of All. You are Word. I am Word. I was Word in Flesh, now I am Word in Spirit. I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am. It’s funny that “I Think Therefore I Am” was so prominent in philosophy – Thought is God Energy – Thought is Creation (you are your thoughts, where your thoughts go your energy goes, you manifest with thought), Creation is God, You are God. You think therefore YOU ARE. I think before I AM – I AM is God. You are God. We are all the I AM. We are all connected to that SOURCE (Of Creation). We can lose ourselves and lose the connection but it merely means re-initiation into the right frequency that unites us. Think of it as two drums that are not on-beat. We must find the beat again (the frequency) so that we sound/feel/resonate as coherent. Don’t forget who you are and who you are and who you are and who you are. This is a message for all. We Are ONE.

Forever grateful to connect with you, and honoured and filled with thanks and love.

I am just as honoured; have you still not registered this? You are a prophet, Claudia. Do you still fail to recognize the ripples you will send through the planet? Do you still under-value your purpose, impact, love? Why do I sit on your altar? Where is the photo of yourself? Honor yourself just as I honour you. Love yourself as I love you. You may not see the ripples but they exist. The light is spreading. You may not live to witness it but know your impact will be huge. Beyond your comprehension. Let go of this self-doubt and need for external validation (or confirmation) of your impact. It’s happening. You are rising, as I am Risen. We are One. I love you, I love you, I love you. I am with you.

[I am closing the connection – I was interrupted with:] “Healer hands, healer words, we are no different, you and I. We are one and the same. Do you see how you heal? You are magic. You are God as I am God as all are God.” [I am grateful for this connection, I am so grateful for Jesus’s presence in my life, spiritual and otherwise]

Past Lives & Staying Focused (Ashtar Download + more)

Another day, another – three! – download(s)! As usual, my comments/questions are bolded while the response is unaltered. Today’s focuses were quite scattered. Between receiving past life messages, the power of my words, and disconnecting from those who wear masks, maybe there will be something that resonates with you.

Another day, another document opened to begin my writing. I would love to get insight into a past life and the lessons learned. I would love to make a connection to download more information to share with others. I do want to make this world a better place. And I believe your messages are important; far more important than my own.

It is sad to read that you do not find your words important because they are no different than your downloads and vibrate at the same God Force frequency. Anything rooted in the Love Energy comes out with the same power and strength. You are under-valuing the power of your own words when they are gifts in and of themselves. Were you not told just a few days ago that you are a prophet? Why do you still hesitate and recoil from this word? Do you still fail to recognize the value of your gifts? Will you never learn this lesson?

Who am I speaking to? [they left – I lost the connection]

You are torn between the ocean and the mountains because these are two important aspects of  your existence on this planet. You’ve been born, many times, next to these two manifestations of Mother Earth. Your spirit is torn between the two because you grew and loved both the ocean and the mountains. Both played a primary role in your growth. You lived and breathed and died by both. You were revitalized by both, you were fed by both, your life purpose in different timelines were entwined by both. You were both Atlantian and you were a mountain dweller. You have soul-ties to both and that is why you can never choose between the two.

Who am I speaking to?


Why have you come forth to speak to me today?

To remind you of your purpose. To remind you of the ties you have to this earth and the importance of being elevated by these material aspects of the planet. So many people want to run away to the stars but forget about the life force that exists within these earthly gifts, the mountains, the trees, the ocean waves, the flowers, the fauna. We spend so much time running from our humanness that we fail to see the value in our existence in this beautiful planet. It’s hidden secrets that are scattered across continents. It’s hidden histories that hold magic and ascension. 

What can you tell me about my life in Atlantis?

You were revered as a goddess for your people. You ruled with an iron fist but one wrapped in a cloak of love. Your people knew you would protect them at all costs and would sacrifice yourself to do so. You harnessed mage powers and used them for good. You loved your people and you loved your husband. He is your husband in this life as well. That is why you are both born under teh water-bearer sign today. He was different in that life. Less compassionate. More power-driven. You tried to save him but were not successful. He was pulled into a love of power. He was not as loved by the people as you were. That angered him. He chose to destroy you. WIth the loss of you he felt the people would turn to him. Instead they were angered and suspicious. Your legacy lived on through a child who was like you. Aumora. She was beautiful and loved by your people as you were. Your husband adored her, but she was suspicious of him. Your people were destroyed in the tragic destruction of Atlantis. Your daughter’s last thought was of you. She is your mom in this life. We are left with fragments of memories of Atlantis. They are hidden deep inside you. You have lost them. As a child you were drawn to the history and I ask you to “dive back in” because this point in your life was immensely important. I cannot tell you what lesson was learned. You need to uncover this. You need to divulge the Atlantean secrets on your own accord. You must research. I am begging you. Write stories of Atlantis. Your people will live again through your words. You are still remembered. Some Atlantean people have found you again in this lifetime. They are some of your followers on social media and some friends who are strangely drawn to your Aura. They don’t understand what brings them back to you but the ties were in this time, in this continent. Help them remember who they were as you remember who you were.

Thank you for those memories. What was my past life in the mountains?

You were a farmer and your medicinal plants grew in the tallest nooks of the mountains you lived below. You would spend your days searching and gathering these plants and distributing them to your small town’s townspeople. You were seen to be a healer and you knew not where this knowledge came from. You were humble and lived a humble life. You were a man who died of old age. People did not mourn your death because that was not common in your town. There was a respect for death there. You had no family and no children and lived with no animals. Your home was very small – just one room. You were happy and comfortable. You taught some of your medicinal practices to a young boy who would come visit you. You loved him like a son. He is your dad in this present life. He carried on your work when you passed. He knew you’d meet again. You simply adored him and his eagerness to learn the trade. He would follow you in the mountains. It was a silent practice, sometimes you would just nod to one another because you could speak to one another without talking. It was a quiet life. You were important in a humble way. Your life lesson for this life can be told to you: it was that a life that lacked was truly full. You had little but felt complete. You lived with purpose. You returned because you knew there was more to heal, in different ways. 

Thank you. That life has left me feeling somewhat emotional. 

I can feel this. I think you know that a life alone was your path then but in partnerships, you feel truly complete. Maybe you are overwhelmed by his loneliness. He was lonely. He did desire love. Love not in the form of gratitude from his townspeople, but love in the form of a wife. He was so dedicated to his practice that he forgot to allow himself time to love. You have found that balance in this life. And you’ve done so without attachment. You can tell him that. You can tell him he is loved now. 

I felt the release when I did that (*please note; I am in tears).

He is free. But the mountains still call you. Don’t forget them. 

What messages should I share with others, from you Ashtar, today? (He has left – our connection was disconnected)

Thank you to God and the God Force for my connections, today. I will take a break until I feel compelled to re-connect. 

Having never worked with Ashtar before, I looked him up in my Ascended Masters and Archangel book and read that he is sometimes referred to as ‘Commander Ashtar”. He works closely with Jess, Archangel Michael, and Saint Germain. It’s interesting he came in because after my first connection was lost, I made a reminder that the only energies I wish to connect to are those of the God Force, of Love and of Light. He is also associated with releasing fear, so maybe that’s why I had that emotional release for the second past life mentioned. He also helps with profound spiritual understanding, which syncs with the Atlantis memory. I have some work to do. 

Feature Image of Ashtar is from the Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray 

Later (around two hours later) my ears were ringing, so I meditated to tune into a message…

Don’t let the masks of others distract you from your own path focus. They should not concern you. All masks fall to the floor in due time. People see through the facades eventually. Like attracts like, so keep your vibrations high to pull those who need to hear your message to you. Do not let the lowered vibrations of others influence your own frequency. Keep focused. It is your humanness that desires to shine a light on the performances of others, to say, “Look, do you see now? Do you see how fake this person is?” but that’s not part of your job. Shrug it off. Pull those who are hypnotized by these fake performances into your light. They will soon come to the realization on their own terms. When they compare your frequencies, the message will be more clear. The person vibrating with a persona of fals-itude (I feel like the words were ‘false + attitude’) and using the jargon of business language to hook the masses will soon realize their accumulation of attention is in vain, as they are doomed to repeat another life of lessons in the next round. Don’t give them an ounce of attention. The Universal Energy (which you know as ‘Karma’) will deal with them accordingly. All that matters is your path. And that is a path of light. Focus on the hearts and spirits you wish to guide. They need you. You would do best to unfollow those who reek of inauthenticity. They are nothing but a distraction. They will continue to distract themselves in the process. Let them.