Top 75 Tarot Blog & Card Highlight – The Tower

Wow, what a wild week it has been! Since revamping my website and services, since putting together a newletter, and since making an effort to bring quality content to the spiritual sphere, my work has taken off! I’ve been using affirmation statements and imagining success in the here and the now, and it’s been amazing to see the universe gift me these windows of opportunity that will allow me to make my spiritual work my primary work focus.

Out of absolutely no where and since updating my blog twice (since one post in 2018 and, prior to that, frequent posting in 2015), I got an e-mail from the Founder of Feedspot letting me know that my blog is in the TOP 75 TAROT BLOGS list! The weirdest part: Jordan had sent me that particular list as a “study tool” to recognize where to improve upon my business and to analyze the content that folks like you want to see. Out of absolutely no where, I’m on that list! And not at the bottom, either — working my way up. What an honour!

In addition, I continue to get absolutely beautiful testimonials from my clients. I still have the occasional person who reaches out and asks for an in-person reading, not believing that what I do could possibly work via e-mail but I encourage you to read my last blog post if you’re still hesitant and keep in mind that all my testimonials are gathered from clients read in this manner – remotely via e-mail. The folks don’t lie!

I’ve decided to start a video “mini-series” via Instagram stories that I’ll also post here, featuring common cards that come up in particular readings, what they mean, and how to listen to them. This post’s feature is THE TOWER.

The Tower is not a scary card in the deck, but it’s definitely a card you have to listen to! Even in movies and television, they show the ‘DEATH’ card as the “scary card”, but, honestly, The Tower is far more earth-shattering (visually and literally). When it shows up, get ready to make some big changes that will hurt you, but trust that what the universe has in store for you is so much better!

Oddly enough, the clients who ask me, “Is so-and-so the one for me?” are the ones who always get shown The Tower… listen to your intuition! You’re asking me because you know they’re not for you. Trust yourself, trust your guides, trust the card.

Have you ever received The Tower in a reading? Let me know in the comments below!


FAQ: What makes you different? How does a remote reading work? How *can* it work?

I’m often asked by people new to the Tarot world or clients new to the idea of remote reading about how it could possibly work without their live interaction with me.

I’m here to tell you that not only does it work, but the details that come out of a remote, written reading are beyond your expectations.

When you ask to be read by me, there is an energy exchange. I can not and will not ever read someone without their permission. It just doesn’t work. I cannot pull out my cards and say, “Tell me what So-and-So will do next year,” because that’s not how the universe functions. Without the clients approval to read them (followed by the energy exchange of payment), I am able to use my guides to tune into my client’s guides and create a very accurate response to their many questions.

My tarot reading is very different from standard readings. You’ll notice I don’t follow the typical spreads or limiting formats. I am more of a psychic-medium who uses tarot cards as my communication tool with higher energies. My cards are the tools to help visually guide the responses I already intuitively feel, but would like put into clearer words.

That’s what makes me different.

In addition, I am a writer by spirit, so this work allows me to create the spiritual stories of people’s lives. Clients are consistently amazed by how long and detailed my work is, and find themselves reading it four or five times after they receive it. When you are participating in a live reading, it’s difficult to focus, take quick notes, and sometimes your emotions get in the way of you completely understanding a message. By having a written reading to refer to, you can take your time with it and return to it in one week, one month, one year, and analyze how you’ve transformed according to this guidance.

It really works. This process is truly authentic and mind-blowing. Energy exchanges don’t need to be “live” to be real and transformative. My guide has never let me down and he always manages to tune into the communicative angel guides of my clients. It’s really unbelievable how beautiful and authentic and moving the experience is.

I hope that clarifies the process to you.
Do not hesitate to ask me more questions about my work in the comments, below.

Cloud S. Amen

Work/Life Balance

I’ve moved back to Paris and am on a job search. But I’m conflicted. Firstly, I enjoy being at home with the dogs while also taking care of our space, whether it’s organizing, cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking dinner. I like the “housewife” role. But at the same time, I enjoy making money and feeling established, so I’m looking for work.

I want to make my spiritual life my professional one. I want my writing, my tarot reading, my intuitive skills to bring value into the lives of others. I’m trying to find out how to do that.

At this moment, I am feeling lost. I asked my cards (my guides) for clarity on what I should be doing for work and how to get there. The responses were very clear: reassess my talents in regards to my financial situation and find out where I am lacking, sense and pleasure are the measure of appropriate, personal wealth, I have at my disposal the strength to pursue happiness and to make my fortune, and my love of self and others allows me to get out of life what is most important, I must organize my everyday routine in a way that moves my daily life.

The message is clear: I need to do something that is spiritually satisfying and wealth will follow. I’m just trying to be open to signs and indications on how to go about doing it. I’ve never owned a business. I don’t know how to create a business plan that will ensure me success. I don’t want to do the self-advertising aspect because it’s not spiritually satisfying to me. So, what do I do? What steps do I take? Do I accept the mediocre jobs and get stuck in the comfort of 9-5 because it’s safe, or do I keep searching? How many branches can I put out into the universe until one catches?

This is my adventure. I’ll just take it one step at a time, no matter how exhausting some days may feel.

September 1st in Rocamadour, France

I think I learned something about God while I was here. I think religion has it wrong in the pomp and circumstance it requires to “please” the Lord.
Run up the stairs or walk up on your knees – neither is more devoted.
Keep your change – God wishes you to be abundant.
Live for yourself – as long as compassion underlies all your “selfish” acts, it is pleasing to God.
Talk to God privately – you are never truly alone.
If you pray in a group, the softest whisper is heard the loudest.
Modesty? The naked body is how you were made in God’s image – hide no corner of it.
These large churches, grandiose and loud, are no better than your personal shrines.
Is your shrine simply in your heart? That’s enough – simplicity is enough.
Is your spirituality a secret that only you know? You will still die a martyr of God.

Do you feel punished by God? No – the human body punishes, fellow man breaks our hearts, but God is a stream of endless love. Man judges man, man is cruel to man, man invents sin, God believes all done out of love is love and therefore is God.
God is the beginning, the end, and all in between.
God is light, is dark, is grey. God is above us, below us, within us.
God is in the church bells and in a singing voice and in a crying child.
God flows through with life and lifts up with death.
Do all things with simplicity and love and you will find God is there. 

I was then drawn to go back to the church with the Black Madonna by my guides – I say by my guides because I could feel the pull wasn’t my own. The following was written in my notebook and it doesn’t feel as though they are my words. I truly felt they were the words of Queen Mary. Even the handwriting doesn’t look like mine. I know that sounds insane, because believe me, it sounds crazy to me as well. But when I read over what was written, I don’t even feel like I wrote it. But alas… here it is. I’m going to give some context in brackets because some of what was written seems to be a response to what I was seeing in the church – the first starting with this woman with dark hair covering all her face who was there with her child in the church – in different pews – who knew people were in there and was rocking back and forth like she was possessed while she was praying….

“When you pray in public do not moan for me or rock for all to see, do not make a show of this private act. I am listening. You needn’t move and I still hear your heart. I am in your heart. I listen to the secret prayers of your heart. The rocking does not appease me. It disappoints me.

You are made in my image, you are sacred, you do not need to act lesser than. We are one. I am you – you are me. We are one. Do well to know this. And do well to treat yourself as sacred. You are not an object of sin, you are a beacon of light and sacred potential. Do not let the church convince you otherwise. Everything I am you are too. 

You are holy. You are blessed. You are a saint. We are one. I love you and I am with you always because we are one. Goddess, Queen, Sacred Being. So I am, so too you are.

Go and tell the world of this. Go and guide the nations to light. I am with you. I am with you. Be my mouth. Write for all. Convert many.
Be blessed.

Live for me and my Son. Live for light and grace and live for truth. Write for me. Do you accept? 

(in my heart at this point, I was like… uhh, k)

Then it is. So it is, so it is, so it is. 

You will write and change lives.
Your purpose is to write for me. Be my mouth.

When you write they who read will listen.
You are a living dream come true and your journey inspires others to hear you and follow suite. 

(at this point the child of the woman went to sit beside her mom and the mom got up and went to another pew to pray away from the child)

What this woman is doing hurts me – isolating the child – she holds darkness. The child is light. She is Spirit. The child finds comfort in me. I am with her.

Say it. Say that I speak to you the way Michael does. (I call Archangel Michael my homeboy and say I have a telephone line straight to my dude…) Say it everywhere. (At this point I say in my heart – okay, but that scares me, because it sounds insane, so I’m scared to say it to anyone) So am I. Scared of isolation? But I am with you. So you are never alone. Do not forget. 

I do not care about the rosary. Speak from your heart with passion and the Gods will hear you.

Devotion is not decided by an institution but a person themselves, is not taught or passed down, but experienced in a moment of surrealism (I had a hard time reading this word) and earthly wonder.

You will move mountains and I am with you always. 
We are one.
We are one.
We are one.

Light above all.
Speak truth.
Write truth. “

I feel it’s important to mention that there was no overwhelming emotion to this writing/channeling (?) experience. I was very calm the whole time, just totally weirded out. Writing it feels insane to me and I know many will read it and think the same – hahaha Cloud the crazy… But I know I’m a highly intuitive person, I believe in mediums and their connection to the spirit world and their ability to speak to it, so why should I believe I am an exception to this rule? All humans have the ability to connect to a higher energy, it’s just a matter of not ignoring them when they speak.

This is the first time they’ve chosen to speak through writing, so I guess that’s why I’m a little like… uhhhhhk. hahaha



I don’t know why I have left you in silence for so long. And I don’t know why I have delayed sharing with you my experience from Samhain with the angel medium. I suppose I have been busy, and I have been overwhelmed – most especially with the strife going on in the world and, being an Empath, the hate is a lot to handle …

But, pushing that all aside, just for the moment, let me share with you, an overview, of my interaction with the medium:

First, when I entered, I was told that I was surrounded by Fae who are desperately trying to get my attention.

Enya, queen of fairies, was one of the elementals that she saw right behind me, her wings spread as a tent of protection around me.

She alsl said she felt the presence of Selena, another Fae royalty.

She told me that every time I work in my space, I am creating Metatron’s cube right below my desk, invoking high energies in my readings and work in my sacred space.

She told me that I was a woman who read Tarot for nobles, back in Medieval days. She saw a large, round stone table and royalty would come to me to hear me speak of the future, or to give advice. She said Tarot reading is natural for me because I have done it in lives before.

She tokd me thatI do not have two guides, as I suspected, but SIX guides!

East, the name of the guide I encountered in my dream as a deer, is actually a raven who comes in sits at my feet and becomes a human form. This was very curious! Because as my connection with my guides started to grow, as did my love of ravens!

She told me to learn with and use sacred imagery, particularly the Tree of life – the sacred flower – and Metatron’s cube.

She said she felt the presence of three angels surrounding me.

She told me that, being an Empath, I have a difficult time with the gathering and blocking caused by negative emotions. She gave me these tips: go in steps… Manifest your feeling mentally – emotionally – physically – spiritually and let go. Don’t let your negative thoughts gather.

She asked if I was a writer and I said it is a deep passion of mine and always has been. She told me to keep writing, which is ironic considering how long it took me to write this blog post!

Many moons ago, I approached an artist friend about creating a deck with me. The medium told me, without me mentioning this, that I MUST create a deck. A fairy and elemental deck in particular.

Again, she stressed that I should listen to my elementals, and they’ll be a guide in the creation of this deck.

She also told me that she felt significant Unicorn energy around me, and I have always loved horses and magical animals. Perhaps it is an energy I should focus upon, a little more.

She told me that there is present around me a little goblin just asking for my attention…

And finally, she mentioned that if I am having difficulty with communication with my guides, to ask my guides to communicate in a way I will better understand.

Overall, it was the best reading I have ever had, and the most amazing experience. The lights kept flickering in the room and the positive energy was so high. She was loving and compassionate and when she hugged me and touched my hands to feel my energy, she sent with her a most outstanding, comforting energy back to me. I would definitely like an opportunity to get a reading from her again, sometime when my expenses are not ridiculous due to Chrismakuh!

Have you had outstanding mediumship readings before?

Blessings, Love&Light,

Review: Tarot in Thyme


Sorry I have been so quiet as of late; I have lots to share with you, but I’ve been pretty overwhelmed at work, and when you’ve spent all day writing progress reports for children, typing out a blog is a heck of a lot of work. Although, I should make an effort to write throughout the month of November, seeing as it is National Novel Writing Month. Perhaps that will be my inspiration hence-forth.

I have some amazing mediumship experiences to tell you about, but I’ll save those for later, as, right now, I would like to share with you a gloriously beautiful new set of cards I received after winning a giveaway on Instagram… Tarot in Thyme.


Don’t be fooled by the name: these are more like oracle cards, though inspired by Tarot and Lenormand cards. At the first experience of them, I was overwhelmed at how beautiful they were. The colours were outstanding. The drawings were honest, simplistic and touching. Even the backs of the cards were just GLORIOUS. And the card stock is thin but easy to handle, smooth, and allows for perfect shuffling with it’s size and the fact that the cards do not stick together, inconveniently.

I get the impression that these cards were made in a manner that is meant to be fully interpreted by the reader, which leads me to believe that these cards would be difficult to use if one is not already familiar with reading cards, and interpreting symbolism. But that’s, in fact, what I love most about these cards! They are just calling to be personalized by me and read in my own way.

As usual, with cards I get, whether Tarot or Oracle or otherwise, I had an interview with the deck, and here is what the conversation looked like…

What do you want to tell me about yourself? – The Priestess

This deck is a compassionate keeper of knowledge, of sacred spirituality and intelligence, and it’s ready to work with me and reveal it’s wisdom to me. The oracle will reveal to me the workings of my unconscious mind and will help me better understand the whispers of my inner voice.

Does it really get any better than that?!

What card do you want to show me? – Smoke

Firstly, I’d like to mention that this card is one of my favourites based on the imagery and the meaning, and I think the deck wanted to show it to me to emphasize, ‘Yes, I know this is what you want to see, and I want you to know that as we continue to work together, you’ll continue to see and hear what you’re looking for.’ I believe the deck is implying to me that it will, in fact, fan away the smoke that shields my eyes from higher truths. It will be the light and clarity through that fog.

What do you think of me? – The Moon

REALLY!? Anyone who truly knows me, knows the attachment I always have to the Moon cards in a deck! This deck believes me to be an intuitive, secretive individual, with the wisdom and knowledge of old, always ready to illuminate a spiritual path and bring light to the darkness. This deck also knows me, already well enough, to compare me to my most favourite imagery! The bond is already formed, and the relationship has begun!


There are a few other comments I want to make about this deck, but I want you to remember that this is the first print of the deck, and I imagine improvements will continue to be made.


There is a set of cards in here, Rock and Crystals, that are, essentially, the exact same card with the exact same imagery. Yes, I’ve read that the reason this is, is because you should be aware that there are always two ways to read a card or imagery. Now, I’ve removed the Rocks card from my deck because I think it’s a little silly. Of course there are always two ways to read any card! And if we were truly going by that rule, than each card in the deck should have a mirror image of itself (and I’d love to have mirrors of each card… it means more of these beautiful pieces of art)! I find the double card to be redundant and unnecessary.

Second, there are a group of cards with imagery that simply don’t fit with the theme that the other images are working with (watercolour pictures with a white background). These cards represent the elements and also include some ancestoral altar cards. I have also removed these from the deck and are using them as separate invocation and intention cards. I think they throw off the natural flow of the other cards, and think they would be better suited sold separately. They’re so beautiful! And I will be using them for spells, personal intentions, and extending my readings. But I won’t be using them with the other Tarot in Thyme cards because I don’t feel like they fit (but that’s just my own opinion – many people feel they fit perfectly!).

But I think that’s the beauty of these cards, and I’ve never experienced this with other cards before, but I feel as though they’re meant to be taken and altered and interpreted to suit the needs and style of the reader. There are no restrictions! It’s the most freedom I’ve felt with a deck since Shadowscapes. I ADORE it!

And lastly, as an English and Philosophy major and now a teacher, writing and editing has been an extensive part of my life for years and years. There is nothing I dislike more than reading an accompanying text to my cards that is unedited, containing grammatical errors… (I am the coworker you DON’T want to be paired with, as I will correct all your writing and spelling errors — haha!) The text for these cards is not written very well, cuts off (from the printing, I’m assuming), contains formatting errors and is missing many punctuation points. There are also a group of cards that do not have a written component at all (I would have really loved to see what inspired the cards or the imagery)… But considering that I believe these cards to be better suited to personal interpretation, the written component is secondary and unimportant to the splendor of the cards themselves. But considering this is an important aspect to many people who are learning to read, I considered it an important point to mention.

All in all, I cannot praise these cards enough. They’re outstanding. They’re beautiful. They read really well. And I’m so excited for the bond we will be forming with one another. I highly, highly recommend jumping in and getting a copy of the next printing of these cards (just in thyme for Christmas!). They’re so unique and intuitive, and @tarotinthyme did an amazing job with them. I love them, and I feel so blessed to have them be a part of my spiritual life and work. We were meant to join forces – and what a powerful force these cards truly are…


Have you had an opportunity to see and work with these cards? What’s your experience been like?! Share in the comments!

Blessings, Love&Light,

The Hobbit Tarot Deck Review


At the Psychic Expo this weekend, I got a beautiful new deck of Tarot cards: The Hobbit Tarot. Those who know me well know that I am a big Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fan (in fact, I’m going to start the movie The Hobbit after writing this blog entry). It began in the sixth grade, when my teacher read The Hobbit to the class. In the seventh grade, LOTRs came out in theatres and a deeper infatuation started. I now have the Tree of Gondor tattooed on my side, over my ribs, as a representation of rebirth and of my love of the world that J.R.R. Tolkien created.

So, there was no doubt in my mind when I saw this deck, that I should take it home with me! (They also had another set there, The Lord of the Rings Tarot, which, if they didn’t look like Magic the Gathering cards and have descriptions at the bottom of each card – which I find distracting when I am interpreting cards for clients – then I may have also considered them.) And let me tell you, I am glad I did…



As I usually do with decks, I had a day and night to imprint upon each card and slept with them near me, and so I will proceed with the ‘interview’ to get to know them.

What does the deck want me to know about it? – Five of Coins

This card shows the Dwarves deep in Mirkwood. The card is telling me that we all have to go out and get the things we need in life, which I am assuming is the deck indicating that it was needed as a member of my spiritual life. But if I am to know this deck truly, I must get over my fears in life – the deck might sometimes say things I may not want to hear. It will reveal to me my true needs and speak them to me. It will clear the trees that block out my light.

What card does the deck want me to see? – Ten of Cups

Another Mirkwood scene, only this one is where the Elven guard stands on watchful alert. But what you cannot see in this card, is that Biblo has slipped on the one ring, and passes him, without care…
This card is telling me that my bond with this deck will be an emotional commitment; we will build a family together, and we will find harmony with one another. Happiness is around the corner; the doorway is in front of me… This Deck. It may be small, but it should not go unnoticed. Our bond will bring me great joy.

What does the deck think of me? – Four of Wands

The companions are on their way to the Lonely Mountain, passing the River Running.
The deck is excited at the thought of our bond, and feels as though it will be a helping hand as I work towards being a part of something immense and great. The deck already feels valued by me, and believes me to be light-hearted and joyful. It encourages me to “let my hair down” or “take off my mask” and truly be my genuine self as I work with them.




I was excited by these cards as soon as I opened them, and the reverse art just adds to the beauty of these cards. The cardstock quality is on the high end. They’re easy to shuffle, feel good to work with, and are just gosh-darn easy on the eyes. They are also quite nice to read, but more time, practice and varied reading will determine that a little more. I may fall in love very deeply with this set…

I also got a set of Archangel Michael Oracle Cards a few days ago, as they were on sale for 50% off – the set had been opened and one corner of one card has the image torn away. Big deal! How could I resist? They’re really outstandingly beautiful cards. I should probably do a review of them, too, but the night is drawing me in, and my eyes are getting heavy. Time to put on a movie, cuddle in bed, and get ready to say goodbye to the day.

I still haven’t received the MP3 recording of my reading at the Expo, but you can expect a post of the experience, in detail, when I do.

Blessings, Love&Light,

Psychic Expo in Hamilton Ontario


I spent a good deal of time at the Hamilton Psychic Expo today. The energy was overwhelming; I actually found it to be quite suffocating. I’m still working on creating energy walls against energies I find intrusive.

There were a few moments where I actually felt dizzy from everyone reaching in, trying to read me. I *know* they were trying to read me, because I was reading doing it. And I *know* they were reading me, because I had many, many comments from many, many tables about my energy: “You are very easy to read,” “Wow, you feel strong,” “Are you a healer?” “You must be a healer.”

They weren’t wrong, but I didn’t ask to be read as I was walking by your table. I find it intrusive, and as energy-working folks, they should have known better: you ask before you step into that space and know someone that intimately.

I wanted to be read by someone, and I brought my mother along with me. My mother was asking me “who felt right” as we did the rounds, and one woman gave off a very strong, but very loving energy. I could feel my guides press upon me, as I often do, but not in an uncomfortable manner. I decided to go with her, and I was glad I did. I asked her for confirmation about my life path, about my spiritual journey, and she just confirmed what I was feeling in my spirit. It was a beautiful reading. She recorded it, and will be sending me the MP3 at some point, and when I get it and listen to it again, I will write about it all in more detail.

She started her reading by telling me she sees Scarabs. I was blown away… with my connection & love of Egypt, I was immediately “turned on” and ready to receive her messages. That was a clear message from my guides, ensuring this woman was for real.

At one point, I asked her for messages from my Spirit Guides and she looked at me, quite confused, and said, “Did you really just ask me that? You’re joking, right? You need to stop doubting yourself. You hear them, you see them, you feel them. I’m not getting in between that relationship you are building.” I laughed. And I also felt far more confident in my skills, my abilities, and my ongoing and ever-building relationship with my guides. It was a beautiful thing.

I left my business cards for Seeking Celestial Grace around the place and they disappeared almost instantly, so if you’re here because of coming across my card on a table at Crowne Plaza, you are meant to be here, we are meant to have a connection, and I’m happy you’re here. Explore, read, participate in the discussion, and reach out if you would like a reading or some guidance from me. You’ll find that my prices are quite low, and perhaps it may have you doubting my abilities, but feel free to have a look at my testimonials, and understand that this is not my primary income, but something I want to do because I know my purpose in this life is to help, and the assistance-karma is my true reward.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Post Scriptum: I also bought a new deck – The Hobbit Tarot. I’m already in love… You can expect an interview with the deck, soon.

Spirit Guide Spread – Part Two


I did another Spirit Guide spread yesterday morning. I’ll be a little quicker with these results as I don’t have all the time in the world to type it up, and my last posting gives a good run-down of how the spread works.

Is my Spirit Guide male or female?
Knight of Staffs – I really thought this one would end up being female, but male took the dominant stage. The knight of staffs is passionate, has a strong energy, is explorative, a rebel and wanderer, and loves freedom (which totally sounds like a description of me! So maybe that’s why I thought the energy was one of a female!).

The personality of my spirit guide:
Countess of Swords- Cold and aloof, determined, forceful. Don’t look to this guide for gentle words, but look to this guide for strong opinions. He’s very intelligent, and can cut to the heart of every problem in my life.
Page of Coins – This card was used to describe my previous guide, as well. Meditative mind, careful, pragmatic, disciplined, high energy.
Knight of Cups – Romantic, charming, high spiritual aspirations, constantly questing, a dreamer (this card seems to contrast with the first, which makes me think that my guide is as emotional as I am!)


Element associated with my guide:
Ace of Swords – I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP! Just like my dream, I met my guide NORTH and I met my guide EAST as the Ace of Swords is associated with the East! My mind is blown! The element is air, which explains my guide’s indecision with it’s personality – haha!

Three things my guide is here to show me:
The Hanged Man –Clarity of vision, balance, submission to things greater than myself, and personal sacrifice
Empress – Strength, my ruling passions, the feminine (there’s further explanation as to why this guide felt feminine to me!), and my wild nature!
Sun – happiness, enlightenment, kindness, glory and accomplishment


What do I need to do to understand your guidance?
Six of Swords – I got the same card on the first draw with my other guide, too! This is a journey, I must listen to the messenger, I must be ready for periods of transition and always be ready to move to the next phase that I am being guided down.
Five of Coins – I may feel as though I’m “struggling to survive”, so I must be ready to toil, I must be determined, honest and ready for this relationship
Eight of Cups – Again, I must progress through uncertainty and be ready to separate from old paths, following my guide down the path that is best for me

Yet again, this reading has given my other guide much clarity, and I cannot believe I got North and East (in that order, as they introduced themselves to me in my dream) in my spreads. If I dream of any more guides, I can assure you I’ll be doing another reading!

Who is My Spirit Guide Spread

I decided to do the ‘Spirit Guide’ spread that I saw on Balance The Scale’s Blog in order to get a deeper understanding of the Guides I work with. I know I have more than one (two for sure, but I have a feeling there may be four energies present) and I wish to do this spread again and find out more about other Guides, but I wasn’t feeling great today and only got through one reading.

First, to do this reading, you separate the cards into Courts, Minors, Majors and Aces. You’ll get an idea of what pile of cards I use for each part of the reading!

Is my Spirit Guide a man or a woman? – Page of Cups
Dedicated life to study and learning, devoted, loyal, a keeper of secrets. Page usually reads as male, but some cards have them as male or female… This deck, it is represented by a male, and I understand the guide to be a male (which is further confirmed later in the reading).

What 3 personality traits does my Spirit Guide have?
Countess of Staffs -Creative, virtuous, charming, loves to get their way, sometimes overwhelming
Countess of Coins – Generous, gracious, sincere, someone who gives a feeling of security and makes you feel safe
Page of Coins – meditative mind, careful, pragmatic, disciplined, high energy


I am lead to believe that when I am feeling my strongest vibrations, it is the energy of this particular guide that I am feeling. The energy of my guides can often be overwhelming, and I can see that this particular one would always want to be heard! And it’s usually the most overwhelming feelings that lead me to be most creative or productive, so it makes a lot of sense.

What element is my Spirit Guide associated with? – Ace of Coins
Coins are associated with the Earth element, which is actually tied with the compass location of NORTH! I am not sure if you read about the dream I had a few days ago, but I dreamt my guides came to me (two of them as deer) to tell me their names were NORTH and EAST. In my dream, North was the male energy present! This element is associated with winter, and the following astrological signs: Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn. My Twin Flame is a Virgo.

What 3 things are you here to show me?
Holy Fool – Divine Awareness! Play havoc with the ordered world, challenge set patterns of existence, knock down walls we build around ourselves
Fortitude  – Strength, courage, endurance, authority, calm determination, patience. Mastery of self! Taming of the wilder elements of our consciousness to access our personal power.
Tower – A break down of old ways, wake-up calls, being aware of dissolution, being ready for sudden change

I’ve got to say, I do have a guide in my life who, when I’m impacted by their presence, leads me immediately into impulsive and sudden change, inspiration and ready to take on the world. I am honoured by the presence of this Spirit Guide…


What do I need to understand in order to help my Spirit Guide help me?
Six of Swords – This is a journey, I must listen to the messenger, I must be ready for periods of transition and always be ready to move to the next phase that I am being guided down.
Eight of Coins – Hard work is expected of me, commitment to my Spirit Guide and my journey is necessary, I must be creative and see our relationship as Apprentice to Master.
Two of Staffs – I must be constantly seeking to uncover the next steps on my journey, I must allow for inspiration and “ah-ha” moments from the universe; this inspiration will come from a supernatural source (my guide) and I should intuitively listen to them.

I absolutely loved doing this reading! I cannot wait to try it again and read more of the other Spirit Guides present in my life. I am going to meditate on this connection and try and strengthen our bond, now that I know more about this male energy present in my life.


Yesterday, I went to the Ancaster Gem Show and my favourite metaphysical shop, Akasha’s Den, and got a few rock goodies.


I was drawn to the white quartz in the corner because it’s a Window Quartz. I was talking by and my eye instantly looked inside the window. I was captivated. I felt the push from my guides that I needed to own it. I looked it up on my phone and noticed that it is often referred to as a “Seer Stone”… my Developing Your Psychic Abilities book has asked that I keep an eye out for a Seer Stone to make a presence in my life! Well — here is was!

I also got that black piece of Shungite. Let me tell you… initially, I walked by this Shungite booth, not pulled in to it because I’m not often drawn to black stones. But I decided to have another look on my second go-around and I thought to hold one. I was BLOWN AWAY. The vibrations in my hand were absolutely INSANE. I had to have a piece to bring home with me. I recommend looking up the stone which has a very interesting chemical compound, unlike any other rock in the universe. I purchased the piece from Shungite Canada and I think I’ll keep an eye on maybe purchasing more of these stones. I have never felt a vibration like that in all my life. I am feeling a bond with the stone already, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.

Alas, it’s quite late for a work night, and I’m not feeling 100%, so I should head off.
There is much more I wish I could talk about, and more readings I wish I felt drawn to do, but I need to listen to my body.

Blessings, Love&Light, kind reader!