Sherlock Holmes of the Shadows

Dark entities* exist and the strength behind the messages and the way they speak to you is not random. Words are selected with intent. 

If you were a child raised in a Christin household, your first trauma would be hearing that you are sinful and need to repent. Dark entities will come to the child of a Christian past can call them a sinner. If you were a child who was told they would never become anything of value or be enough, dark entities will come to you and use the same words. If you were a child who was told how great, beautiful, and how perfect you are, dark entities will come to you and tell you that you are better and more powerful than others and that others just want to bring you down. If, when you were young, your parents called you crazy for what you thought, heard, or felt, dark entities will also call you crazy. If you were a child who was made to feel guilty from a young age, dark entities will come to you and use words that put you in a guilt trip. 

They aren’t dumb! But they aren’t clever, either. 

There is a reason that Shadow Work so often addresses accessing and acknowledging the wounds of the Inner Child. This is precisely the trauma that dark entities play off of. They go to your very first memories and use that convince you of the message they are saying to you. They find your most vulnerable point and use it to their advantage. There is nothing more helpless than a child, so they dive deep into your spirit and find those memories and say exactly the thing that needs to be said that will fill you with self-doubt and darkness. 

While I am only human and am just as susceptible to the dark words of dark entities myself, I don’t fear them. I see right through them and recognize how hollow they are and that helps show me how truly powerless they are against the arsenal I’ve got on my side. I have noticed that a lot of people, out of no where, come to me and share their demons, and figuring out their tactics is like solving a riddle. It brings me a lot of satisfaction (not ego or personal, but joy in knowing I can share this clarity with others) knowing I can figure out their chess move as easy as it is to tie one’s laces. It’s almost /laughable/ how transparent them and their tactics are! But the knowledge isn’t my own; it’s been buried in my spirit by God for me to uncover and share, and I get a beautiful “ah-ha” moment when I really nail it. I guess you could call me the Sherlock Holmes of the Shadows! 

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve done this in a past life, and that’s why it’s so easy for me to battle them – fearlessly – now. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the reason why so many people come to me and say, “Can you shed light on this darkness I’m dealing with?” I’m sure this hasn’t been my first mental battle with these entities, but I’ll continue to unravel them and expose them without hesitation.

*And to clarify: I’m not talking about a sad thought or a low period in your business that causes you stress, I’m talking about real demons, baby. I’m talking about the ones who cloak themselves in familiar clothing to make you trust them but then lead you down a lost path. I’m talking about the ones who start by tempting you with ego, and then consume you and isolate you. I’m talking about the ones who sleep in your chakras and will fight you if you try and kick them out.

Empowerment, Ego, Destiny & Free Will

“Any true spiritual teacher – even God – is not interested in having your personal power. Rather, the opposite is true: true spiritual teachers are interested in empowering you.” – Joshua David Stone, Ph.D

This is a powerful statement, and it often crosses my mind when I am asked to give readings where clients ask for their definitive future, not realizing that’s not how the Universe works. When the words ‘Destiny is Written’ are spoken it means that all possible outcomes are available to you, and what path you decide to traverse is your Destiny. This was further emphasized in Dr. Brian Weiss’s book when he began studying progression therapy (seeing into the future). He asked his patients to see what their future looked like if they continued with the same habits and struggles they had now, and then to visualize an alternative future where they eliminated these traumas and healed. That is how Free Will works with relation to Destiny. Will we continue to not learn our lesson in this new lifetime and pick the path that causes us pain and struggle, or will we learn from the lessons of our past lives and our present traumas and change the course of our future? 

Someone asked me: how does that work with people who are victims of horrible crimes, who would choose that destiny for themselves? I used my own sexual assault as an example. I did not choose that road (to be sexually assaulted) but my assailant did. He had the Free Will to choose another path but chosen this one. I was caught in the crossfire of his Free Will. This is not Destiny that was written for me; I could have learned the same lessons in this lifetime if he had chosen the other path. He chose the path of aggression, and I was the victim of that decision. I forgive him for choosing this path. 

I told this person that I have likely encountered this person in many other lifetimes, and he probably has been given the same choice in numerous lifetimes as well – act with aggression, or choose the path of compassion – which causes him to repeat this error in this life. He continues to choose aggression of his own Free Will. My path gets tainted by his decision, but this was not written in my Destiny. My Destiny is the path I choose to traverse after this cruelty. My Destiny is what is written by my own Free Will (no one else’s). 

And so my work as a psychic-intuitive reader lays out the same information: here is the outcome you will have if you choose this path, here is what you will have if you choose the other. You make the final decision. You are the one who is given the tools to create your own Free Will, to empower your own life. So many people are so comfortable in their misery that the thought of altering the path they are already walking is a burden to them. They’d much rather have the world feel sorry for them and the miserable life “they’ve been handed”, but no, you have chosen to continue down that path, you have chosen to keep the road of victimization and self-loathing and sorrow. You can create the abundant life you wish for yourself if you are given the proper tools to do so, which is what a Spiritual Healer aims to do for you. 

No Spiritual Healer will be your quick fix, no Spiritual Healer will put the work in for you, so if that’s what you’re expecting, prepare to be disappointed. You are the Master of your own Life, and the work comes from you and your hands. You are handed the tools by a Healer, and encouraged to start chipping away to reveal your marble self on your own terms. 

Sometimes we hate what we are told – I have had and heard of situations where people think the session is an “attack on their character” when really it’s just your Healer clarifying to you where the weaknesses in your character are preventing you from having the successful life you deserve. It’s not meant to offend. It’s not meant to stir your ego. It’s meant to help you be your best self. And if it made you uncomfortable, that should be even more reason to analyze why. 

What trauma, past life memory, or personal insecurity was triggered by this information, and why? How can you use that as a tool to empower yourself and be better? Often we hate what we are told because it means we must begin our marble carving from scratch after we thought we were doing so well! Will you empower yourself with this frustrating information or continue down your path of ego? That choice is up to you. It’s not said to you to take your power from you or make you feel small or incomplete, it’s said to you to help you better yourself, step into your greatness, and live a life of spiritual grace. 

In the end, distrust any healer who says they have all the answers. Distrust anyone who makes you rely on them like a guru and doesn’t give you the strength or confidence to venture out on your own. But also take the time to reflect on how the choices you make affect the Destiny you create for yourself, take time to reflect on where you failed to use the advice or guidance or information provided by healers because it would be: too much work, hurt your ego, meant you had to start from scratch, would require you to walk down a different path when you were quite comfortable on the one you were on. Where have you failed to use these tools handed to you because they challenged you and your confidence or the comfort of your sadness? 

If you won’t walk down your best-self path with your own two feet, don’t think your Spiritual Healer will push you down it. And distrust anyone who does, because Mastery of Self is the foundation of all Spiritual growth and it can only be achieved on your own.

Mastery of Self

These words are not my own. They came to me during a session with a client in which their Life Purpose was shown to be ‘Mastery of Self’.

“The saying that we are “Made in the Image of God” is not a stretch, because the goal of life, of accessing our Higher Self and transcending this earthly plane, is to recognize that God is truly within each and every one of us. “God” is merely the energy of Love, as it vibrates at the highest frequency. The way we can elevate ourselves is by first acknowledging the Love that exists within us and Loving ourselves beyond measure, and it is then that we are able to extend that Love into the world for others and make a difference at a greater scale. The lesson of Self-Love is the most important message of all. It is truly a Mastery of Self. By transcending the traumas of our past and present lives we break the repetition of hurt and the mentality that we are “not good enough as we are”. We no longer seek our purpose outside of ourselves, but we find it within us, and it begins with that lesson: we are whole and complete as we are. And a purpose that is rooted in loving ourselves is just as important – if not more so – as making a difference in the lives of others. Rising above self-doubt and Mastering ourselves is precisely how we become full and complete enabling us to point out the Kingdom of God that exists within others who doubt it. But the first step is you and your spirit. And that causes a bigger shift in consciousness than you can imagine.”

Written 04/09/2020

I think this is it: the initiation of fire that will have me writing the words of Mary (the words I was destined to write on September 1st, 2018). The words that have me speaking of truth and spreading love. I feel the flare of Her love in my heart. Something has awoken in me. 

It’s been a while since I have sat down and written in a journal, but I feel compelled to right now. Remember how I once started my mornings with this? Can I return to that, but this time with greater grace? 

I’ve lost my lust for social media. I am told that if I pray, people will find me, seek out my services, that social media is not necessary for me to send out my ripple of light. I would rather pray than prey.

I can see my heart, its energy reaching into the world like tentacles, sparking the light in others. I am in a daze and my head is pulsating.

I am who you call Michael, though, to me, I am Mik-ael. “Like God”, I am not though. I am for righteousness of the same caliber. I emanate love and look to protect those who seek my loyalty and friendship. I will not appear on my own accord; I require your call. An act of humility which in turn begins an ascension into grace and protection. The Free Will of man is not as complex as they may believe. The power that they have when they just ask is enormous! So many missed opportunities as they sit in their sadness and wallow in their inactions.

Mani-festus – it is in their hands and the Kingdom of Heaven is in their grasp. I speak not of a place but of a state. They seek fulfillment outside themselves when it is in them all along. 

You are loved. Fame is Nothing. I am near.

Healing Mandala

Sorry for the silence! I’ve been rather busy with this business and the projects surrounding it.

I have noticed exceptional anxiety as of late, so I created a Healing Mandala to print and colour. I invoked the healing of Archangel Raphael while creating this design, was in a calm and meditative state while drawing, and packed it full of love and Light. My hope is that colouring it may bring you a sense of inner stillness when you need it, most.

Why I do a Daily Guidance Pull for Myself Everyday

One of the first things I do in the morning – after I make myself a nice cup of coffee or tea – is do a shuffling of my tarot cards and the oracle deck I’m drawn to for that day, and then choose one from each.

Doing a daily guidance pull is crucial for so many reasons:
– It sets a goal for the day ahead
– It provides advice for challenges you may face
– It gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel like you can handle anything
– It means the day doesn’t leave you blind-sighted
– It gets you closer to better understanding the cards that appear in your life
– It inspires you
– It becomes a journaling prompt or an introspective experience

A quick pull can propel your day in a healthier, more spiritually aware direction that leads to either being ready to change the things we don’t want or the necessary affirmations to manifest the things we do.

Since it is a part of my every day life, I introduced it as one of my services as well, at a very low cost.

You get to choose which oracle you’re draw to for the day, and any purchase made before midnight gets you your pull in your inbox by the time you wake up.

Set your day on the right foot.

While you’re at it, feel free to use my coupon code which expires on 16/02 – if you put a few Daily Pulls into your shopping cart, I’ll deliver one for every day of the week!


Why I don’t read “reversed” cards

A lot of Tarot Readers read their cards as upright and reversed. Upright cards are when the cards appear, after shuffling, upright in a reading. Reversed is obviously the opposite. I only read cards as upright.

This is the magic of the Tarot; there are so many messages, so much detail, and so many answers to your cards in their upright position. I don’t feel any need to read cards as “reversed”. While most Tarot Readers use the cards alone to get their messages, I also use intuitive messages from my guides to create spiritual stories for my clients and the stories in the (upright) Tarot are endless!

I have found a few professional readers who have written books about Tarot who agree with me, that especially in the Rider Waite standard design, the imagery and the subtle messages are endless and there is no need to conform to reading cards as “upright” and “reversed”.

I find that if a message doesn’t line up (a sunny card for a not-so-sunny situation) my guides will lead me in that direction and there’s no need for the card to be flipped to determine that. But that never seems to be a concern; the right cards always seem to appear at the right time.

I make an effort to shuffle my cards in same direction but I do not hesitate to flip a card to its upright position if it shows up “reversed” when I’m reading for a client. Already, “reversed” cards are seen as having a weak influence on the situation so what’s the point of focusing on energy that will not have an impact on the client?

Do you read your cards in reverse or just upright? Let me know in the comments below, and let me know why you read the way you do!


Choosing Your Perfect Tarot Deck

I am often asked by others how to choose their first tarot deck. Also, I often see beginner tarot readers purchasing the most “hip” or “instagrammable” deck, all the while being incapable of reading or interpreting it because the symbolism is lacking or unclear. You can find a happy medium while on your hunt for the perfect deck, and I’m here to guide you!

Make sure it resonates with you

First and foremost, the deck needs to resonate with you. When you see the imagery, it should invoke hope and inspiration. If a deck doesn’t resonate with you, you will hate using it. Don’t settle for a deck just because it comes paired with a free book, or simply because it’s the cheapest one on a store shelf. Patience will bring you the perfect deck.

Make sure the card symbolism is clear

Rider Waite is the traditional card style of the ancient tarot. Many new cards adapt their style and design to this original style and it makes reading the cards so much easier! Try and find a deck that takes their unique art style and molds it around the RW standards if you’re a beginner to reading. Most books and online tarot aids revolve around this original symbolism and you’re more likely to begin to understand the cards by heart. And don’t ignore the little booklets that come along with the cards, no matter how small!

So many popular decks these days are impossible to read without training and you’ll find yourself constantly referencing the accompanying text with no idea what the card means. And because the symbolism is so vague, you’ll never grow to comprehend all the hidden meanings that each card contains. A cup drawn on a card is meaningless, but a cup being held by a heavenly hand, overflowing with the waters of love is easy to understand!

Don’t buy used, but gifted decks are a treasure

Never buy a used tarot deck, even if it’s your first deck and you just want to become familiar with the cards. While tarot cards should be cleaned after each use, there is a bad juju that sticks in a used set of cards. Not to mention, they’re bonded to another reader and you’ll never have a good relationship with them.

On the other hand, a gifted deck carries with it an immense weight of magic and love. In fact, the deck I’ve bonded with the most is not even my most beautiful deck but it was gifted to me by my best friend, my brother, and my sister in law. They found it in Venice and thought of me! What a magical gift! It’s the deck I use for majority of my client readings. We have meshed together on a level I do not share with other decks.

Take time to get to know your cards

Sleep with them by your bed. Spend time looking through each card. Write notes about them. Ask them about themselves, ask them to tell you what they think about you. You don’t need to rush into readings because you feel you have to. Form a relationship with your cards and get comfortable with them. Your bond will grow.

Quality Control – Size, Cardstock, and the rest

Check out how the cards feel in your hands. Are they too big to hold comfortable? Are they too small and difficult to shuffle? Is the cardstock a good enough quality to last you a few years of usage? The downside to this point of advice is that you usually can’t test the quality of the cards until after they’re purchased but they make all the difference. I have some cards that are so thin that they stick together when I shuffle!

I hope this list has given you a bit of guidance as you journey through learning tarot. Remember that first and foremost, you need to love this deck and that attachment will improve your reading ten-fold!


New Moon in Aquarius

The first new moon of the year is here!
No – no — the first new moon of the decade is here!
As if harnessing the power of New Moon energy wasn’t enough, now we have this one that’s not only going to kick-start the adventures of 2020 but the adventures of the next ten years. Do you understand the kind of power this moon possesses!?

New Moons are opportunities to set intentions. work towards manifesting your goals and projects, and beginning something new with the passion and power of the moon energies. Since it’s set in Aquarius, you’ve got the carefree, risk-taking energy of Aquarius to back you up. It’s time to move forward with your heart and stop listening to the doubt of your head. This is the rebel moon to help you get a little wild in all the right ways! Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with those dreams; that’s what this is all about!

Don’t miss the opportunity to shift your energies in line with this New Moon. Harness the power in every way you can. To help guide you on this lunar energy adventure, I’m offering a printable template below that can be your guide with intention setting and manifesting during this powerful New Moon. Don’t worry if you reached this blog post too late — this can be used at any New Moon!

Don’t forget that I’m offering some FEBRUARY ONLY specials on my Tarot Reading and Services! Have a look at my latest newsletter to see all the changes I’ve made in sync with this New Moon!

Let me know what intentions you plan to set for the New Moon in the comments below!

And don’t hesitate to book a reading with me while we enter this new moon phase!


Updates! These are HUGE!

Since turning my spiritual work into a full-time career, I’ve been working daily on improving the business I offer my clients and since February is not only the month of my birth but the month of love, I want to show all of you how much I love and appreciate you! 

Keep reading — these opportunities will blow your mind!

15€ Mini Readings for February!

For the month of February only I’m offering mini relationship readings! 

These three card pulls will be done with the most beautiful and romantic deck in my collection – Shadowscapes – and clients will receive their reading in a special PDF template designed specifically for this February special (see below)! 

The reading is catered to your needs – are you looking for love? are you wondering about your present relationship? are you looking for self-love advice? You tell me the direction you’d like the tarot readings to take and I offer you an insightful (and beautiful) reading at a discounted price. 

Don’t miss out on this deal! The last readings will be done on February 29th!

5 Daily Pull

Looking for a quick pull to start your day off on the right foot?
Send me an e-mail and any invoice paid before midnight is guaranteed a reading in their inbox the next morning. You get to choose the oracle card you’d like to use for your Daily Guidance Pull from a limited number of my decks (more decks offered in regular tarot readings):
– Archangel Michael
– Archangels Deck
– Archangel Gabriel

Begins February 3rd – e-mail today to ensure you get your guidance when you need it most!

Refer Friends – Get a Free


I’m starting a new referral program for my clients of Seeking Celestial Grace!

For each person who purchases a spiritual service from me and states that they were referred by you, you will receive 7€ off on the purchase of your next service from me! These savings can be compounded, which means that after you’ve referred 5 friends to me, you qualify for a free tarot reading!

My best form of marketing is word of mouth from people like you, so I want to reward you for your kindness. Think of it as an energetic karma exchange! Thank you so much!

10 for 10 – 10€ for 10 minutes 

Do you have a question that is plaguing you?
Do you need some quick, insightful, and instant guidance? 
Looking for some quick energy from the universe to send you on your way?
Get a 10 for 10 reading!

This offer is limited to the first week of every month to get you going on the right foot for the 30 days ahead and is delivered via a Google Hangouts text-based chat. I am live chatting with you for 10 minutes and I draw and share tarot cards according to your questions.

Ask as many as you want in that short period of time! And don’t worry if you’re in your pajamas – this is all done via text and I will send you photos of your cards at the end of the mini reading.

Please note that the “money” earned from referrals cannot be used on the 10 for 10 readings.

Remember: I am located in Paris, France (Central European Standard Time – GMT +1)  and these readings are offered from 9h – 16h Paris time.

Contact me at to schedule your 10 for 10 reading for the first week of whatever month you would like! This service starts in February so book now before I’m fully booked!

Celebrating You!

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