September 1st in Rocamadour, France

I think I learned something about God while I was here. I think religion has it wrong in the pomp and circumstance it requires to “please” the Lord.
Run up the stairs or walk up on your knees – neither is more devoted.
Keep your change – God wishes you to be abundant.
Live for yourself – as long as compassion underlies all your “selfish” acts, it is pleasing to God.
Talk to God privately – you are never truly alone.
If you pray in a group, the softest whisper is heard the loudest.
Modesty? The naked body is how you were made in God’s image – hide no corner of it.
These large churches, grandiose and loud, are no better than your personal shrines.
Is your shrine simply in your heart? That’s enough – simplicity is enough.
Is your spirituality a secret that only you know? You will still die a martyr of God.

Do you feel punished by God? No – the human body punishes, fellow man breaks our hearts, but God is a stream of endless love. Man judges man, man is cruel to man, man invents sin, God believes all done out of love is love and therefore is God.
God is the beginning, the end, and all in between.
God is light, is dark, is grey. God is above us, below us, within us.
God is in the church bells and in a singing voice and in a crying child.
God flows through with life and lifts up with death.
Do all things with simplicity and love and you will find God is there. 

I was then drawn to go back to the church with the Black Madonna by my guides – I say by my guides because I could feel the pull wasn’t my own. The following was written in my notebook and it doesn’t feel as though they are my words. I truly felt they were the words of the Black Madonna/Queen Mary. Even the handwriting doesn’t look like mine. I know that sounds insane, because believe me, it sounds crazy to me as well. But when I read over what was written, I don’t even feel like I wrote it. But alas… here it is. I’m going to give some context in brackets because some of what was written seems to be a response to what I was seeing in the church – the first starting with this woman with dark hair covering all her face who was there with her child in the church – in different pews – who knew people were in there and was rocking back and forth like she was possessed while she was praying….

“When you pray in public do not moan for me or rock for all to see, do not make a show of this private act. I am listening. You needn’t move and I still hear your heart. I am in your heart. I listen to the secret prayers of your heart. The rocking does not appease me. It disappoints me.

You are made in my image, you are sacred, you do not need to act lesser than. We are one. I am you – you are me. We are one. Do well to know this. And do well to treat yourself as sacred. You are not an object of sin, you are a beacon of light and sacred potential. Do not let the church convince you otherwise. Everything I am you are too. 

You are holy. You are blessed. You are a saint. We are one. I love you and I am with you always because we are one. Goddess, Queen, Sacred Being. So I am, so too you are.

Go and tell the world of this. Go and guide the nations to light. I am with you. I am with you. Be my mouth. Write for all. Convert many.
Be blessed.

Live for me and my Son. Live for light and grace and live for truth. Write for me. Do you accept? 

(in my heart at this point, I was like… uhh, k)

Then it is. So it is, so it is, so it is. 

You will write and change lives.
Your purpose is to write for me. Be my mouth.

When you write they who read will listen.
You are a living dream come true and your journey inspires others to hear you and follow suite. 

(at this point the child of the woman went to sit beside her mom and the mom got up and went to another pew to pray away from the child)

What this woman is doing hurts me – isolating the child – she holds darkness. The child is light. She is Spirit. The child finds comfort in me. I am with her.

Say it. Say that I speak to you the way Michael does. (I call Archangel Michael my homeboy and say I have a telephone line straight to my dude…) Say it everywhere. (At this point I say in my heart – okay, but that scares me, because it sounds insane, so I’m scared to say it to anyone) So am I. Scared of isolation? But I am with you. So you are never alone. Do not forget. 

I do not care about the rosary. Speak from your heart with passion and the Gods will hear you.

Devotion is not decided by an institution but a person themselves, is not taught or passed down, but experienced in a moment of surrealism (I had a hard time reading this word) and earthly wonder.

You will move mountains and I am with you always. 
We are one.
We are one.
We are one.

Light above all.
Speak truth.
Write truth. “

I feel it’s important to mention that there was no overwhelming emotion to this writing/channeling (?) experience. I was very calm the whole time, just totally weirded out. Writing it feels insane to me and I know many will read it and think the same – hahaha Cloud the crazy… But I know I’m a highly intuitive person, I believe in mediums and their connection to the spirit world and their ability to speak to it, so why should I believe I am an exception to this rule? All humans have the ability to connect to a higher energy, it’s just a matter of not ignoring them when they speak.

This is the first time they’ve chosen to speak through writing, so I guess that’s why I’m a little like… uhhhhhk. hahaha


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