The Many Faces of God

My business merges the many Faces of God. Think of the elements – earth, water, air, fire – so too God has more than one face. He is not just of the Spiritual realm.

Using the material – Tarot Cards – to get a physical representation of a client’s message, using the mental skill of building a story from these cards, emotionally tapping in to what your Highest Self needs to thrive, and spiritually tuning in to a Higher Realm to gain insight from the outside (mediumship), I aim to best understand all of God’s Faces.

A lightworker or healer who only focuses on answers from the Spiritual Realm is missing many aspects of God/the Universe, and will fail to properly root you in what is necessary to create a more blissful life. It’s so easy for people in the Spiritual Community to make the Spirit Realm their focus because the Material world is so much harder to master! If it was simple, everyone would be living a peaceful, happy life and there would be no need for healers, at all.

A lot of spiritual leaders fail to properly address or, or don’t address the Material Self/Material World all. It’s like people who meditate with crystals on their third eye chakra but miss their root chakra – what is the point? No chakra is more important than the other! The roots are needed to be fully planted for the crown to be fully clear.

Missing the material disregards the humanness we are born into – and simply can’t escape or avoid. These bodies, this earthly experience, requires guidance or practice that is given proper roots. Someone without deep Material roots will sway and break in the first storm. Avoidance of our humanness is ignorance, and failure on the part of a spiritual leader. Failing to honour what the physical self, as well as the spiritual self, needs means you’re not honouring all aspects of God and therefore are not honouring all aspects of the Self. And that simply means you’ve failed at the first task of a spiritual journey: Mastery of Self.

You cannot Transcend without first Descending into honouring your material self, loving and understanding and healing it completely. Remember that the root chakra is the first chakra for good reason. Distrust any spiritual guide who is so caught up in the Spirit Realm that they miss the real world around them, with all its wonder and lessons to be learned.


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