Mastery of Self

These words are not my own. They came to me during a session with a client in which their Life Purpose was shown to be ‘Mastery of Self’.

“The saying that we are “Made in the Image of God” is not a stretch, because the goal of life, of accessing our Higher Self and transcending this earthly plane, is to recognize that God is truly within each and every one of us. “God” is merely the energy of Love, as it vibrates at the highest frequency. The way we can elevate ourselves is by first acknowledging the Love that exists within us and Loving ourselves beyond measure, and it is then that we are able to extend that Love into the world for others and make a difference at a greater scale. The lesson of Self-Love is the most important message of all. It is truly a Mastery of Self. By transcending the traumas of our past and present lives we break the repetition of hurt and the mentality that we are “not good enough as we are”. We no longer seek our purpose outside of ourselves, but we find it within us, and it begins with that lesson: we are whole and complete as we are. And a purpose that is rooted in loving ourselves is just as important – if not more so – as making a difference in the lives of others. Rising above self-doubt and Mastering ourselves is precisely how we become full and complete enabling us to point out the Kingdom of God that exists within others who doubt it. But the first step is you and your spirit. And that causes a bigger shift in consciousness than you can imagine.”


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