Why I don’t read “reversed” cards

A lot of Tarot Readers read their cards as upright and reversed. Upright cards are when the cards appear, after shuffling, upright in a reading. Reversed is obviously the opposite. I only read cards as upright.

This is the magic of the Tarot; there are so many messages, so much detail, and so many answers to your cards in their upright position. I don’t feel any need to read cards as “reversed”. While most Tarot Readers use the cards alone to get their messages, I also use intuitive messages from my guides to create spiritual stories for my clients and the stories in the (upright) Tarot are endless!

I have found a few professional readers who have written books about Tarot who agree with me, that especially in the Rider Waite standard design, the imagery and the subtle messages are endless and there is no need to conform to reading cards as “upright” and “reversed”.

I find that if a message doesn’t line up (a sunny card for a not-so-sunny situation) my guides will lead me in that direction and there’s no need for the card to be flipped to determine that. But that never seems to be a concern; the right cards always seem to appear at the right time.

I make an effort to shuffle my cards in same direction but I do not hesitate to flip a card to its upright position if it shows up “reversed” when I’m reading for a client. Already, “reversed” cards are seen as having a weak influence on the situation so what’s the point of focusing on energy that will not have an impact on the client?

Do you read your cards in reverse or just upright? Let me know in the comments below, and let me know why you read the way you do!



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