Top 75 Tarot Blog & Card Highlight – The Tower

Wow, what a wild week it has been! Since revamping my website and services, since putting together a newletter, and since making an effort to bring quality content to the spiritual sphere, my work has taken off! I’ve been using affirmation statements and imagining success in the here and the now, and it’s been amazing to see the universe gift me these windows of opportunity that will allow me to make my spiritual work my primary work focus.

Out of absolutely no where and since updating my blog twice (since one post in 2018 and, prior to that, frequent posting in 2015), I got an e-mail from the Founder of Feedspot letting me know that my blog is in the TOP 75 TAROT BLOGS list! The weirdest part: Jordan had sent me that particular list as a “study tool” to recognize where to improve upon my business and to analyze the content that folks like you want to see. Out of absolutely no where, I’m on that list! And not at the bottom, either — working my way up. What an honour!

In addition, I continue to get absolutely beautiful testimonials from my clients. I still have the occasional person who reaches out and asks for an in-person reading, not believing that what I do could possibly work via e-mail but I encourage you to read my last blog post if you’re still hesitant and keep in mind that all my testimonials are gathered from clients read in this manner – remotely via e-mail. The folks don’t lie!

I’ve decided to start a video “mini-series” via Instagram stories that I’ll also post here, featuring common cards that come up in particular readings, what they mean, and how to listen to them. This post’s feature is THE TOWER.

The Tower is not a scary card in the deck, but it’s definitely a card you have to listen to! Even in movies and television, they show the ‘DEATH’ card as the “scary card”, but, honestly, The Tower is far more earth-shattering (visually and literally). When it shows up, get ready to make some big changes that will hurt you, but trust that what the universe has in store for you is so much better!

Oddly enough, the clients who ask me, “Is so-and-so the one for me?” are the ones who always get shown The Tower… listen to your intuition! You’re asking me because you know they’re not for you. Trust yourself, trust your guides, trust the card.

Have you ever received The Tower in a reading? Let me know in the comments below!



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