I don’t know why I have left you in silence for so long. And I don’t know why I have delayed sharing with you my experience from Samhain with the angel medium. I suppose I have been busy, and I have been overwhelmed – most especially with the strife going on in the world and, being an Empath, the hate is a lot to handle …

But, pushing that all aside, just for the moment, let me share with you, an overview, of my interaction with the medium:

First, when I entered, I was told that I was surrounded by Fae who are desperately trying to get my attention.

Enya, queen of fairies, was one of the elementals that she saw right behind me, her wings spread as a tent of protection around me.

She alsl said she felt the presence of Selena, another Fae royalty.

She told me that every time I work in my space, I am creating Metatron’s cube right below my desk, invoking high energies in my readings and work in my sacred space.

She told me that I was a woman who read Tarot for nobles, back in Medieval days. She saw a large, round stone table and royalty would come to me to hear me speak of the future, or to give advice. She said Tarot reading is natural for me because I have done it in lives before.

She tokd me thatI do not have two guides, as I suspected, but SIX guides!

East, the name of the guide I encountered in my dream as a deer, is actually a raven who comes in sits at my feet and becomes a human form. This was very curious! Because as my connection with my guides started to grow, as did my love of ravens!

She told me to learn with and use sacred imagery, particularly the Tree of life – the sacred flower – and Metatron’s cube.

She said she felt the presence of three angels surrounding me.

She told me that, being an Empath, I have a difficult time with the gathering and blocking caused by negative emotions. She gave me these tips: go in steps… Manifest your feeling mentally – emotionally – physically – spiritually and let go. Don’t let your negative thoughts gather.

She asked if I was a writer and I said it is a deep passion of mine and always has been. She told me to keep writing, which is ironic considering how long it took me to write this blog post!

Many moons ago, I approached an artist friend about creating a deck with me. The medium told me, without me mentioning this, that I MUST create a deck. A fairy and elemental deck in particular.

Again, she stressed that I should listen to my elementals, and they’ll be a guide in the creation of this deck.

She also told me that she felt significant Unicorn energy around me, and I have always loved horses and magical animals. Perhaps it is an energy I should focus upon, a little more.

She told me that there is present around me a little goblin just asking for my attention…

And finally, she mentioned that if I am having difficulty with communication with my guides, to ask my guides to communicate in a way I will better understand.

Overall, it was the best reading I have ever had, and the most amazing experience. The lights kept flickering in the room and the positive energy was so high. She was loving and compassionate and when she hugged me and touched my hands to feel my energy, she sent with her a most outstanding, comforting energy back to me. I would definitely like an opportunity to get a reading from her again, sometime when my expenses are not ridiculous due to Chrismakuh!

Have you had outstanding mediumship readings before?

Blessings, Love&Light,


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