FAQ: What makes you different? How does a remote reading work? How *can* it work?

What makes me different (and better!):
I read tarot far more effectively and with less limitations than standard readers while simultaneously ensuring you’re not inconvenienced trying to obtain a reading.

I use tarot as a communication tool for my intuitive psychic abilities as I connect with your angels and spirit guides and relay these messages in written format. I don’t use limiting spreads or “just read the cards”, and I incorporate my clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairvoyant gifts to give even deeper insight into the guidance I am sharing with you. There is no need to be “live” because my energetic connection transcends that physical limitation; I am endlessly available and my process extremely convenient for you. I use this gift to help write you your most inspirational Spiritual Story meant to guide you and transform you, and I create you a spiritual and authentic keepsake that you can return to, again and again.

You don’t need to revolve your busy life around scheduling a reading, you just need to be ready to have your life changed.

I’m often asked by people new to the Tarot world or clients new to the idea of remote reading about how it could possibly work without their live interaction with me.

I’m here to tell you that not only does it work, but the details that come out of a remote, written reading are beyond your expectations.

When you ask to be read by me, there is an energy exchange. I can not and will not ever read someone without their permission. It just doesn’t work. I cannot pull out my cards and say, “Tell me what So-and-So will do next year,” because that’s not how the universe functions. Without the clients approval to read them (followed by the energy exchange of payment), I am able to use my guides to tune into my client’s guides and create a very accurate response to their many questions.

My tarot reading is very different from standard readings. You’ll notice I don’t follow the typical spreads or limiting formats. I am more of a psychic-medium who uses tarot cards as my communication tool with higher energies. My cards are the tools to help visually guide the responses I already intuitively feel, but would like put into clearer words. I use my “four clair” gifts to get psychic intuitive and mediumship messages along with your Tarot reading.

That’s what makes me different.

In addition, I am a writer by spirit, so this work allows me to create the spiritual stories of people’s lives. Clients are consistently amazed by how long and detailed my work is, and find themselves reading it four or five times after they receive it. When you are participating in a live reading, it’s difficult to focus, take quick notes, and sometimes your emotions get in the way of you completely understanding a message. By having a written reading to refer to, you can take your time with it and return to it in one week, one month, one year, and analyze how you’ve transformed according to this guidance.

It really works. This process is truly authentic and mind-blowing. Energy exchanges don’t need to be “live” to be real and transformative. My guide has never let me down and he always manages to tune into the communicative angel guides of my clients. It’s really unbelievable how beautiful and authentic and moving the experience is.

I hope that clarifies the process to you.
Do not hesitate to ask me more questions about my work in the comments, below.

Cloud S. Amen

Published by Claudia

Content Manager & Editor | Writer

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