New Moon in Aquarius

The first new moon of the year is here!
No – no — the first new moon of the decade is here!
As if harnessing the power of New Moon energy wasn’t enough, now we have this one that’s not only going to kick-start the adventures of 2020 but the adventures of the next ten years. Do you understand the kind of power this moon possesses!?

New Moons are opportunities to set intentions. work towards manifesting your goals and projects, and beginning something new with the passion and power of the moon energies. Since it’s set in Aquarius, you’ve got the carefree, risk-taking energy of Aquarius to back you up. It’s time to move forward with your heart and stop listening to the doubt of your head. This is the rebel moon to help you get a little wild in all the right ways! Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with those dreams; that’s what this is all about!

Don’t miss the opportunity to shift your energies in line with this New Moon. Harness the power in every way you can. To help guide you on this lunar energy adventure, I’m offering a printable template below that can be your guide with intention setting and manifesting during this powerful New Moon. Don’t worry if you reached this blog post too late — this can be used at any New Moon!

Don’t forget that I’m offering some FEBRUARY ONLY specials on my Tarot Reading and Services! Have a look at my latest newsletter to see all the changes I’ve made in sync with this New Moon!

Let me know what intentions you plan to set for the New Moon in the comments below!

And don’t hesitate to book a reading with me while we enter this new moon phase!



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