Review: Tarot in Thyme

Namaste! Sorry I have been so quiet as of late; I have lots to share with you, but I’ve been pretty overwhelmed at work, and when you’ve spent all day writing progress reports for children, typing out a blog is a heck of a lot of work. Although, I should make an effort to writeContinue reading “Review: Tarot in Thyme”

Messenger Oracle Review

Shalom and good evening! If you follow me on Instagram (@seekingcelestialgrace) you might have noticed that I acquired a gorgeous new oracle deck, just in time for the outstanding Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse we had last night. Tonight, I did a very brief interview with the deck, as I don’t feel that we have completelyContinue reading “Messenger Oracle Review”

so much to do, so little time

Namaste, gorgeous souls! There’s a lot to share with you, and I hope I remember it all… I got a Tarot reading by a beautiful human on Instagram called @nathaliesage (I have read for her, as well, and we have exchanged many talks since then… I haven’t had a reading by another in ages butContinue reading “so much to do, so little time”

Ancestral Path & Goddess Isis deck reviews

Namaste on this New Moon! Technically, the moon made the switch in to Libra yesterday, but today, the percentage of the moon covered by shadow is greater than it was yesterday! I love that the universe gives us more than one day to celebrate this change. I’ll let you know how I celebrated, shortly. Firstly,Continue reading “Ancestral Path & Goddess Isis deck reviews”