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I do remote tarot readings for clients. Just because it is by e-mail, does not mean it is any less authentic, accurate, or thorough! You will come to find that you return to your reading time and time again, and continue to gain insight from it as the days go on.

Quick Pricing Reference:

Tarot Readings are €15EUROS
Additional Oracle cards are €1EURO each

Interested in getting your fortunes told by the ancient Tarot? Looking for some guidance from the Oracles? Interested in a Tarot or Oracle Reading via e.mail? Something that is personal, intimate, authentic, accurate, and yet remote, for convenience and privacy?

I do remote Tarot readings for clients.

My readings are all done with blessings from the Archangels, which are non-denominational celestial entities. You will receive a very detailed and personal reading and a photo of your reading. The cost of a reading is €15EUROS.

I have found the messages to be of an immensely high vibration and truly on-point. I can’t thank my guides enough for my growth in this aspect of my readings!

My spreads are individualized and catered to your questions and concerns. They are no smaller than three cards (sometimes with extensions upon specific cards) and no longer than 8 cards total. I do not do yearly spreads or reads over 8 cards long because as I am more comfortable with less verbosity from my guides for clearer comprehension. The clearest responses should come out in three direct cards. I only extend if I find clarification is needed or if my guides are being unclear in the cards they’ve chosen.

You can add an Oracle Card to your reading at €1EURO (each)

My oracle cards are as follows (those which have made the move overseas with me, and are my favourite oracle decks to use): Archangel Oracle, Archangel Michael Oracle, or Keepers of the Light Oracle.

Archangel Michael Deck: Gives you a general reading or guidance about life overall and has a prayer that goes with the card
Archangel deck: Usually gives people a life-focus if they are feeling stuck or lost
Keepers of the Light deck: gives you a message of insight (almost like a fortune) that helps give you direction

If this is something you’re interested in adding to your readings, simply indicate which you’d like added in your e.mail!

What to do, to get your reading:

Please send me your full name, your birth date, where you live as well as a subject title that says, “Tarot Reading Request”. Please note that I will never share your personal information.

(Please read through the Terms & Conditions for my e.mail … by e.mailing me, you accept those conditions.)

Once we have confirmed the reading with one another, I will send you a PayPal Invoice with the agreed-upon amount. Payment must be processed prior to me proceeding with your personalized reading. Readings are guaranteed to be completed within 48 hours after payment is sent, or your money is returned to you. Invoices list the date and approximate time that I have booked for your reading.

Also, please let me know if I have the permission to share your reading (question & answer with names removed) on my blog (I do not share all readings, but some resonate with me and I feel they might resonate with others).

If you do send me an e.mail with a tarot request, I will try and respond to your request with an acknowledgment e.mail in 24 hours or less.

Please take a moment to send me a testimonial after you receive your reading.

Terms and Conditions

Tarot readings are not meant to be definitive representations of what your future holds (I do not predict the future!), but guides to give you hope, so that you may use your free will to alter the predictions of the cards.

I will never tell you what to do, how to do it, what the definitive answer is, or what someone else might be thinking (I will only read for you).

My readings will be intuitive and knowledgeable and will aim to give you a sense of grace or assist you in overcoming struggles. I am an honest reader, I am down to earth and free of prejudice, and I will always give you the best, most thorough reading that the cards will allow me to give. You can always expect something personal, just for you, but I cannot be held responsible if the reading you’ve received leaves you angry or disappointed.

I will only read for individuals 18+.
I will not give legal or financial advice through my readings.
I am not responsible for any events that may occur following your reading.
I reserve the right to refuse a reading.
You agree that you will not sue or seek legal action based on the choices you made from your reading.

If you agree to all of the former, please take the next step to getting your tarot reading:
My e.mail address is: seekingcelestialgrace@gmail.com
Please title the subject of your e.mail as TAROT READING

14 thoughts on “tarot reading

    1. Moonthorns, I would truly appreciate you spreading the word 🙂 The more people who visit, the more people who share, the more people we have in this community to learn from and grow with. I have many spiritual goals, and you sharing this page would bring me much closer to meeting them. Thank you, sister. xo



  1. Hello lovely!! My date of birth is [removed]. I’m located in Australia. Thanks for this, appreciate it. Would like to know the future for business and family. Thank you💕💕💕💕


  2. I emailed Claudia last week and she emailed me back a day later with a very in-depth reading that was spot-on! The time and attention she took in describing the cards she pulled, and interpreting them, was incredible. My spirit felt instantly uplifted after her reading. I have gone back to her email several times to re-read her message, and new information continues to come through. I have had many tarot card readings before, but this was my first “remote” reading. Claudia is super connected and very talented. Thank you so much Claudia and I’m excited for another reading in the near future! 🙂


    1. Tiffany, I am so honoured by this testimonial. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write it. I feel blessed to have read for you, and blessed that you felt the same connection with it, that I did. Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for this!


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  4. Can u predict timelines?
    Or tell someone about their future love?

    Just want to know what kind of questions to email you to get the best answer!


    1. I cannot predict timelines but sometimes the cards give a good idea as to when something will happen! As for love, my guides usually give good descriptions of the type of person you will meet, under what circumstances you will meet, or they describe the type of relationship you will have! They won’t give you a name, but they can certainly guide you in the right direction! I have done many readings for clients about Soul Mates/Twin Flames!

      Hope that helps! 🙂 Blessings, you beautiful flower!


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