Mindful Tarot Readings

Mindful tarot readings are sent via video recording and depending on the service selected, can range from 10 to 20 minutes in length. They are not intended to tell you the future or tell your fortune but are meant to give you guidance and clarity as you navigate your life path. I will be pulling from my tried, tested, and true personal deck, Rider Waite Renewed, and any oracles I may be drawn to during your reading. In addition, any mediumship or clairaudient hits will be shared during the reading, as well.

Tarot Reading Types


Feeling Blocked

Got a roadblock or wall that you can’t seem to get around? The first card pulled in this reading will tell you how you are currently looking at the issue, the second will speak to the mindset that needs changing, and the remaining cards will speak to ego blockages and potential solutions to help you move forward.

10-minute reading


Growing Spiritually

The Growing Spiritually reading consists of understanding what may be getting in the way of your spiritual growth and development. This reading will not only help you redirect your mindset but will also give you tips and tricks for advancing and developing your spiritual gifts.

15-minute reading


Romantic Betterment

If you are looking to find a Divine partnership that benefits your spiritual, emotional, and mental growth, the first step is to uncover the path to being your best self. This reading will uncover any blockages or self-sabotaging behaviors that may be standing in the way of finding your soulmate, and the next steps to finding them.

15-minute reading


General Life Guidance

If you are looking for some general insight about life and all it has to offer, from your career to your love life to your connection with your guides and spiritual team, this reading may be ideal. I will provide you with an all-encompassing overview that highlights and clarifies the steps to your most abundant path for you.

20-minute reading

I have been reading tarot for 22 years and have not only been providing insightful and transformative tarot readings to clients since 2015, but I have also designed and created numerous tarot and oracle decks – including one which had a successful Kickstarter launch.

After putting my readings temporarily on pause to focus on my Higher Soul Consciousness Readings, I have worked hard to find a way to merge my desire to provide meaningful guidance back into my tarot readings.

If you are interested in a reading, please email me your name, the reading type you are interested in, and a brief overview of your inquiry or situation. I will respond with whether or not I can move forward with your reading, when you can expect it, and a link to an invoice to be paid at reception to secure your reading.

seekingcelestialgrace [@] gmail . com

Please note: by moving forward with your booking, you are agreeing to my TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

I will not speak about health issues, legal issues, and will not look into the intentions or energy of another non-consenting person. If you are looking for direct guidance from your guides or angelic team, you will be directed to my Higher Soul Consciousness Readings.


15 thoughts on “Mindful Tarot Readings

  1. Amazing talents!! I got my reading less than a day later and it really helped me gain hope for the future!!! Thank you so much Claudia!! For sure keeping in touch!


    1. Moonthorns, I would truly appreciate you spreading the word 🙂 The more people who visit, the more people who share, the more people we have in this community to learn from and grow with. I have many spiritual goals, and you sharing this page would bring me much closer to meeting them. Thank you, sister. xo



  2. Hello lovely!! My date of birth is [removed]. I’m located in Australia. Thanks for this, appreciate it. Would like to know the future for business and family. Thank you💕💕💕💕


  3. I emailed Claudia last week and she emailed me back a day later with a very in-depth reading that was spot-on! The time and attention she took in describing the cards she pulled, and interpreting them, was incredible. My spirit felt instantly uplifted after her reading. I have gone back to her email several times to re-read her message, and new information continues to come through. I have had many tarot card readings before, but this was my first “remote” reading. Claudia is super connected and very talented. Thank you so much Claudia and I’m excited for another reading in the near future! 🙂


    1. Tiffany, I am so honoured by this testimonial. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write it. I feel blessed to have read for you, and blessed that you felt the same connection with it, that I did. Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for this!


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  5. Can u predict timelines?
    Or tell someone about their future love?

    Just want to know what kind of questions to email you to get the best answer!


    1. I cannot predict timelines but sometimes the cards give a good idea as to when something will happen! As for love, my guides usually give good descriptions of the type of person you will meet, under what circumstances you will meet, or they describe the type of relationship you will have! They won’t give you a name, but they can certainly guide you in the right direction! I have done many readings for clients about Soul Mates/Twin Flames!

      Hope that helps! 🙂 Blessings, you beautiful flower!


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