cutting energetic ties

Namaste, folks! Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to read for four different clients and give tarot advice and direction for another client. What a busy, spiritually-packed day! The readings that came out of my sessions were packed with high-vibrations and understanding the cards came to me with such grace – the thanks for thatContinue reading “cutting energetic ties”

bad vibes, bad karma, bad things all around

Namaste, folks. I just want to talk about something that is immensely concerning to me: the “spiritual” Instagram universe. I use spiritual loosely– it’s falsely spiritual. It guises itself as being spiritual when it is really ego-based which is the opposite of enlightenment and sacredness. Rather than being a gathering place for like-minded people toContinue reading “bad vibes, bad karma, bad things all around”

Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!

Namaste, friends! I made something pretty cool! But I won’t be selling (due to licensing requirements for selling food and drinks) but I will be gifting them in various Instagram contests! Have a taste of something for the mind, body and soul… Making tea is a meditative experience that takes patience and awareness. The veryContinue reading “Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!”

shadowscapes review :: my new favourite deck

Namaste, friends and new visitors! Yesterday, the mailman brought me the tarot deck I researched, fell in love with, and just had to have. I have been waiting for it, for a while and now it is mine, in my hands, ready to become a part of my daily life: SHADOWSCAPES tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-ManContinue reading “shadowscapes review :: my new favourite deck”

blessed tuesday

Hello my blessed brothers and sisters! Oh, what a beautiful day. Yesterday, my parents returned from California and with them brought an amazing haul of goodies for me, from Haight street — the Hippie District of California. I went to visit them today and they came out with two beautiful bags full of spiritual goods!Continue reading “blessed tuesday”

the beauty in new beginnings

What an absolutely marvelous day! This morning, I awoke to three e-mails requesting Tarot readings, and a fourth quickly followed. That immediately set my morning routine into one of high frequency and blessed nature. Instead of my usual meditations, I got right into reading two clients, which is much like a meditation in itself: it’sContinue reading “the beauty in new beginnings”