colourful days

Namaste, beautiful, blessed people…

I missed a day of updating! The past two days, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with readings (thank the Heavens! I am so blessed!), appointments, events, festivals…!

yes — festivals!

At a large park about 8 minutes from my house, a festival called, “Midsummer’s Dream” was happening — a hippie/gypsy event with live music, beautiful spiritual wares, fortune telling booths and colour-throwing every 30 minutes – an experience similar to the Holi festival in India! It was out of this world. The vibes were amazing. Everyone was carefree. Everyone had compassion for one another. Everyone was telling one another how amazing they looked, covered with all the colours of the rainbow.

FullSizeRender (2)


It was a nice experience getting to release my inner-gypsy in public!

I’m not sure if I had mentioned this on my blog already, but Archangels are known to answer requests made by those who call out to them. I asked the Archangels, before going to sleep the other night, to give me a sign that I was on the right spiritual path, to clearly explain my spiritual purpose to me, and to ensure I remembered it when I woke up. The next morning, I thought back on my dreams and thought, “What the heck… where is my answer?” Now, remember, the Archangels always answer your requests, but you can’t ask how they will do it — that’s their own secret. So I was sitting there, in bed, disappointed, and I opened up my e-mail … the list of tarot reading requests from clients was OUTSTANDING! There was my sign! It couldn’t be any louder or any more clear! It is comforting to know I am headed on the right journey.

I also went to a tea leaf reader, yesterday. I was so thrilled with the opportunity to get a reservation with the reader who goes to my local tea room every Tuesday and Friday. I waited there, I anxiously saw her moving from table to table, and then FINALLY she came to me!

What a disappointed… When I encounter highly spiritual people, I feel their vibrations around my biceps. It’s an unmistakable pressure and “prickly” feeling. This woman had none of that. In fact, she barely looked at my tea leaves at all… she stared off at the table behind me, she looked at her watch a few times, she didn’t even peak at it when she sat down and immediately started talking about social issues. She grasped with a lot of questions that had me building up the foundations for her to “elaborate” on, in the most un-inspirational ways. She barely sat for 3 minutes and couldn’t wait to get up and go to her next client — but not without reaching her hand out for her payment. How people could play on the spiritual needs of people who need guidance for a few bucks here and there is mind-blowing and heart-breaking. I left heavier than when I got in. So disappointing…

Have you ever had a bad experience with a ‘spiritual’ individual? Or someone offering spiritual guidance?

Have a beautiful night, you beautiful souls!

Blessings, Love & Light,

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