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Namaste, folks!

Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to read for four different clients and give tarot advice and direction for another client. What a busy, spiritually-packed day! The readings that came out of my sessions were packed with high-vibrations and understanding the cards came to me with such grace – the thanks for that goes all to the non-denominational celestial beings known as Archangels, as I ask them for clarification and guidance in each session I do. It flowed naturally, authentically, and each person I read for was overwhelmed by the accuracy of the reading. I’ve added some absolutely sensational testimonials to my Tarot Reading page, which will undoubtedly assist me when my free-reading offer is up and I decide to go to paid sessions. I’m not doing this to make a profit or live the rich life, by any means. I’m talking minimal cost for a significant output. I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed to charge for their gift, I’m just not prepared to do it, just yet. I’ll be guided in that direction when the time is right. My skills are improving with each read, my craft is coming together, and I am feeling more confident at the end of each session. It’s an incredible feeling!

But with it comes some downsides. There more energetically invested I am in this, the more I create unnecessary ethereal ties with the individuals I am helping. Thus, they begin to spiritually drain me, without their knowing! This is also a negative aspect of being an Empath. It is easy for other people’s energy to entwine with my own, because Empath energy is one that calls for those who need it most. And so, despite feeling invigorated in the afternoon from all the work I had done, by evening, anxiety set in and a vibrating pressure (it is like a weight on my neck, shoulders and lower back that is pulsating at a slow rate) was happening. It’s heavy stuff, and I’m continuously learning how to cut ethereal ties.

So what does that involve? Think of invisible tubes emanating from your body. Normally, these tubes are just floating around, soaking in the energies of whatever you’re focusing on… so if you’re meditating, it’s taking in high energies and lifting you up. But when you’re doing spiritual work, your tubes attach themselves to the tubes of others and rather than sucking in the good, the person you are attached to is sucking out all your good. They are called etheric cords, and Archangel Michael is my go-to for the cutting of them. Here are the steps, as taught to me by the amazing Doreen Virtue in her many books (my goddess!):

  1. Think of who you want to take energy back from (or if you are feeling drained in a public space, just imagine your etheric cords tied to shadow people)
  2. Close your eyes, breathe deep from the shallows of your body
  3. Call on Archangel Michael – this is an immensely personal part, but you can say, “Please, Archangel Michael, bring me back my energy and cut the cords that I have formed with (person/people).” I also ask him to please remove my energy field from anyone else as it is solely mine, and that he please protect me from further invasions that might deplete my energy field.
  4. Always say thanks to Archangel Michael and ask him to fill you with the Creator’s love.
a photo of doreen virtue’s oracle cards from

The archangels are reliable sources for all spiritual assistance. I cannot stress enough about the power and grace they have. Call on them and they always come. Ask them for something and they always give. It’s outstanding.

Now, excuse me while I continue my etheric cord cutting and then start some spiritual art.
As always, thank you for stopping by, and thank you immensely to clients I have read for who have shared me with friends and loved ones. I am so grateful for the reading requests that continue to pour in. I am honoured!

What are your tips to unwind, replenish your energy and cut your etheric cords? Share in the comments!

Blessings, Love&Light,

Post Scriptum – I read for a LOT of Hierophants today! I wonder what the significance of that, might be…


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