Please make sure you are authentic about your spirituality. Please ensure that you credit and give praise to sources of knowledge where credit and praise is due. Don’t sit back and accept the praise given to you by someone for a spiritual or divination suggestion if you were influenced to do that spiritual choice by someone else, as well. It’s real bad karma. When you allow someone to credit you for an idea that wasn’t even your own, you’re soaking up the negative energies with that deceit. So be prepared to live with those spirits, which won’t be easy. 

I am seeing too much of this on Instagram, including finding people thank and grace others with praise for something that gave them personal suggestion for of guidance towards! I’m not looking for praise, myself, but I’m certainly deserving of credit. 

Be prepared to live with dark spiritual entities and real bad karma if you live an inauthentic life and pawn off my spiritual suggestions to you as wisdom of your own. Deceit is not wisdom. Deceit is darkness. 




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