Have you noticed a new page?

Namaste, beautiful strangers and friends! Have you noticed a new page in the navigation bar on my website? Well, let me tell you all about what I am now offering at seeking celestial grace! I have always been drawn to healing. As a youth, I believed I would be a psychiatrist, and my friends knew meContinue reading “Have you noticed a new page?”

Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!

Namaste, friends! I made something pretty cool! But I won’t be selling (due to licensing requirements for selling food and drinks) but I will be gifting them in various Instagram contests! Have a taste of something for the mind, body and soul… Making tea is a meditative experience that takes patience and awareness. The veryContinue reading “Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!”

in a creative mood

Namaste to all. I was up pretty late last night, with the moon streaming through my window, as I was crafting and creating. As seen in my last blog post, I bought some absolutely beautiful fabrics with some pretty sacred imagery all over them. And so, I got to thinking what I could make withContinue reading “in a creative mood”