New Oracle Cards!

Blessings, brothers & sisters!

I purchased a new set of Oracle cards today: the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue.


First off, let me begin by saying that I love Doreen Virtue. I got “into” her (but she came into my life with perfect timing) when I read her book about Earth Angels a handful of months ago. It’s the book that led me to better understand my purpose on this planet and that my sense of not feeling as though I “fit in” was normal, because I am not of this planet, and I do not fit in. It allowed me to understand the term “Lightworker” and from there I was able to extend my research to find out that that was exactly what I was. Doreen Virtue allowed me to put a name to who I was, my skills, my gifts and made me feel less alone.

From there, I began to read more and more of her books (Currently reading Soloman’s Angels – a novel based on factual evidence and her clairvoyant conversations with angels – and Mermaids 101 … Signs From Angels is also sitting, waiting to be devoured) and she also introduced me to the power of invoking the assistance of the archangels, non-denomination ultimate spiritual beings – for everything in my life. This invocation has increased my vibration tenfold. I have even had random people come up to me and tell me that my energy is intoxicating and they just want to hug me… strangers! Complete strangers! Many with gifts themselves. I really credit Doreen for opening up my abilities through the divine act of invoking the Archangels.

And so, it was only fitting that the first oracle cards I was drawn to were that of the Archangels, by Doreen Virtue herself, who emphasizes in the booklet that the cards come with, that she infused them with intentions and blessings for the accuracy of the readings. Beautiful.



When I asked the cards to tell me about themselves, the Spiritual Understanding card came forth: Archangel Raziel’s message is “I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols and helping you understand spiritual truths.” Does any message get more clear than that?! And, with all honesty, that was the deepest purpose for getting the oracle cards: better understanding of spiritual truths. The cards have instantly made their purpose known and want me to know that they’re here to help me.

These cards are very easy to read. The messages on the cards, alone, gift enough understanding, along with the beautiful pictures which are based upon how the Archangels appear to Doreen Virtue when she speaks with them. If you want detail or need to elaborate, Doreen’s booklet expands upon the meaning and gives you a suggestion how how to work with that particular Archangel to achieve the goal that the card lays out (or overcome a struggle that the card anticipates).



My favourite card from the deck was this absolutely gorgeous, gypsy-like, bohemian depiction of Archangel Haniel on the Passion card. Having never seen a depiction of this particular archangel before, it was nice to see that there is one who has the same hippy spirit as myself. Passion was a very fitting favourite, considering these cards are extending my passion for the spiritual, mindful and enlightening.

I hope to learn these cards, imprint upon them and grow with them in order that I can extend my readings with my clients. I would like to begin adding Archangel Oracle readings to go along with my tarot readings as a kind of overall message from the Archangels for their individual lives. The greater the insight that I can help give them, the more my soul smiles!

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Thanks, as always, for your presence and your spirit.

Blessings, Love & Light,



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