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Namaste, friends and new visitors!

Yesterday, the mailman brought me the tarot deck I researched, fell in love with, and just had to have. I have been waiting for it, for a while and now it is mine, in my hands, ready to become a part of my daily life: SHADOWSCAPES tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Man Law and Barbara Moore.


What can I say about this deck but wow, I’m in love. I am truly in love with this beautiful piece of sacred divination art. I took it out and admired it yesterday, wrapped it up, slept with it next to my bed to attune it to me and this morning I finally had a chance to read it, ask it questions about itself and get to know it, truly…

First, let me begin with my favourite card: THE QUEEN OF CUPS.

behold her beauty

While it was difficult to really pick a favourite as every single one of them are outstandingly beautiful, this one really resognated with me. Last night, when I was looking through each one of them and getting to know them, visually, this card spoke to me. I stopped on it for a very long time and felt as though it was my card. I felt like it was a representation of me in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck. And the more I stared at her and devoured her, the more I felt it to be accurate.

Pictured is a woman who is illuminating. She radiates grace and beauty. She walks on water while floating on the winds of the sky – she is a combination of two energies; air and water. This is accurate of my sign Aquarius, as it is actually an air sign while being a water bearer. She is connected with life, with animals. To interact with her is to be touched by grace. The creative universe drops from her very essence. She is led by this desire to follow the spirituality that draws her, though, who knows where it may lead…
While my reading of this card sounds like I am being the least humble person of all time, I suppose I am seeing the goddess within, who constantly struggles to show her face behind her earthly veil.

The Shadowscapes mini booklet described the Queen of Cups as simply as so: “She is poetry in motion, imagination incarnate. She heeds her intuition and follows her heart. Though her steps seem random and impulsive, they are guided by instinct.” I would say my reading of the card was pretty accurate to the intent of the artist. That’s how easy it is to create detailed and perfect stories of these cards without assistance: the imagery paints a perfect picture for the novice or advanced Tarot reader. It speaks to the open, spiritual heart.

I decided to continue by reading the cards as I usually do when I get them a new deck, by asking them three important questions about themselves:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – TWO OF CUPS

The cards wish to form a union with me, one of earthly energies and spiritual energies, entwined. it offers me love and a cup of abundance, of flowing grace and knowledge. It wishes for our roots to grow around each other, deep in the soil of understanding, as we read together and become spiritually fruitful. We have a relationship, now. We have a bond.

I am so touched that the cards feel that way about our bond, because I fell in love with it as soon as I browsed through each card mindfully. I feel honoured to be in this union with the deck.

Which card do you want me to see? – KNIGHT OF WANDS

The cards are regal; strong, yet graceful. And they are on an intentful path towards wisdom. The cards wish to illuminate and lead me in the direction of good and positivism: this is it’s goal. The cards are passionate about this intent.

I’m glad to see that the cards read with purpose and intent. I am happy to know that their goal, as is mine as a tarot reader, is to make the path clear and to head there confidently, gracefully…

What do the cards think of me? – SIX OF CUPS

There is a youthful innocence about me, as I hope to ‘play’ the role of ‘host of abundance’ when I read, and give sustenance to the souls of all and any who accept what I offer them. I aim to illuminate a path to spiritual grace but can sometimes get caught in the almost nostalgic-like pleasures of my generosity, that I may be pouring my energies into those that do not even care to receive. I take joy and pleasure in these acts, regardless.

Child-like innocence is an absolutely accurate representation of me, and as both a Lightworker and an Empath, I truly pour myself out into any and all people, offering myself up endlessly, despite how draining it can sometimes be. Perhaps the cards are warning me to recognize this, so as to not deplete my abilities and energies.

my 3 card reading & the beautiful backing
my 3 card reading & the beautiful backing

Overall, these cards will definitely be my main deck for readings. While the little booklet it comes with does offer very short, two-sentence blurbs about each card, allowing them to be used by beginner readers, I really think this is a deck that needs to be learned and known by novice and advanced readers.

This will be a bond that I form slowly and beautifully over a long period of time, and I believe we will continue to learn and grown and understand each other better through each reading and journaling activity that I do with the cards. I am so happy that I did my research into these cards and got to know them before I bought them; it made loving them so much easier when they arrived at my doorstep. The art is ethereal, soul-touching work, and it is truly like stepping into a new world with each card I read.

Do you have a favourite deck? One that moves you as Shadowscapes has moved me? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading, spread the word of the page to friends, blessings, love & light to you.


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    1. Blessings, sister!

      That’s so exciting… be sure to share with me what deck you’re drawn to, when you visit! In the mean time, you should visit to research about various decks, get a few ideas of their imagery, read some reviews, how good they are for beginners, etc…

      Thanks for always visiting and commenting xo!


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