bad vibes, bad karma, bad things all around

Namaste, folks.

this is authentic
this is authentic

I just want to talk about something that is immensely concerning to me: the “spiritual” Instagram universe.

I use spiritual loosely– it’s falsely spiritual. It guises itself as being spiritual when it is really ego-based which is the opposite of enlightenment and sacredness.

Rather than being a gathering place for like-minded people to share ethereal beauty, it is an on-going performance piece and a pit of lies, under a mask of being “one with the earth” or “lover of all things spiritual” etc. All I see in my newsfeed and from so many people that I follow that seem to have these hippie/gypsy/boho/witch-y accounts are “FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW!” and “SHOUT OUT TO 100K!”, posting the photos of others without credit, and posting photos of other IG users with pretend compassion just so they do the same and increase their follower count to the next thousand… where is the spirituality in this? What a joke! What an absolute joke!

Feeding the Ego is the most earthly thing a person can do. Nothing keeps you more grounded to these low energies, no matter how many posts you have afterwards that state how much you love the higher frequencies.

It is all a game. It is all a show. A circus act. There is nothing authentic about many of the experiences of spirituality on Instagram.

Obviously, there are a few exceptions to this rule, but if you’re feeding this perpetual black hole of false sacredness, then prepare to live with the karma that follows. Ten thousand followers won’t help raise up a heavy soul. Ten thousand followers won’t authenticate your spiritual experience. This is not the kind of spirituality we want to feed to people just finding their ground. This is the easiest way to get lost in falsehood and remain dissatisfied when a real spiritual life is the most gratifying experience of all.

Stop clowning around and focus on the spirit, not the ego.

Are you finding a disconnect between the spiritual lifestyles displayed through Instagram and other social media? Do you struggle with this yourself? Share in the comments. We are in this together.

Blessings, Love&Light.
With great concern for the spiritual future,


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9 thoughts on “bad vibes, bad karma, bad things all around

  1. Thank you for discussing this post!

    When I began my spiritual journey I began on Instagram as I felt it was an outlet where I could reach out to like-minded souls, and while that is very true…I have seen many of those accounts your write about. While that may be their spirituality …or sense of being, I do not resonate with those accounts. I am blessed for my followers, I am thankful for those who have started with me since the beginning and I do not believe in loop follower sprees. This is about sharing, learning and growing with one another, not growing each others follower number. It is a superficial world…we must remember to stay grounded.

    Fullmoon Crystal

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    1. Ah! I love this comment, Fullmoon Crystal! Especially that last sentence of yours: “It’s a superficial world… we must remember to stay grounded.” I did a lot of ranting without really recognizing the personal growth and spiritual benefits that it would have for me; a reminder to *stay out of it*, to not be a part of the facade and to recognize and be thankful for the honest and authentic and ~real~ spiritual followers and connections that I do have.
      Thanks for reminding me of the blessings beneath the dirt. A seed hides it’s secret beauty under mounds of soil but contains the most beautiful of flowers!

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  2. I have recently, and coincidentally, began unfollowing accounts with these sort of shoutouts. It’s too continuous, annoying and confusing. I’ve started the “buddie tags” because I wanted to help someone grow, i only have three people i’m doing this with and they all seem very true to their life goals. If i see it change i’ll probably and the system all together, it was a “on a whim” decision and now that i’ve fully processed it i’m not sure how i feel about it anymore. Any advice for keeping an instagram page “pure” so to speak? Thank you as always Claudia!


    1. Yes, I’m feeling the same draw towards a mass un-follow of these types of accounts, too. I miss some, now and again, or I’m so drawn to the rest of their feed that I hope it would be the last time… Buddy tags is a lovely, authentic system, if you feel attached to the person that you are doing it with, for sure. But if it’s just a way to get each other followers, then you’ve got to question the draw towards doing it – ego or spirit?
      The best way to keep something “pure” or highly spiritual is to ask that question: will this satisfy my ego or truly make me a better person?

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  3. Thank you for posting about this! I recently started an Instagram for my Tarot readings (since I’m still fairly new) and started following Tarot / Spiritually-centered accounts to learn from and connect with. There are some people whose tarot / crystal / spiritual posts I really enjoy but then they throw in tons of ego-centered posts which make me reluctantly hit the unfollow button.
    On my feed, I know I use a lot of hashtags but that’s so I can find more Tarot people so I can continue my Tarot journey and direct people to my Tarot blog so we can talk to each other and connect that way. I’ve had some success but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth sifting through all the noise.
    This is something that has been on my mind lately. It made me think of a YouTube video I had seen about False Modesty. I don’t have time in my life for those kinds of toxic posts – there are so many other great people posting out there! Thank you again for bringing up this topic! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts xoxo


    1. I hope I am following you, because it sounds like you’re on the same page as me! What’s your IG handle?
      I use hashtags for the same reason: to connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey – and of course to offer my assistance to them should they want a reading! I suppose there is some ego in that, but it’s not for money at all; it’s because I like reading for people, I like knowing that a reading resonated with them, I think my earthly purpose is guidance and spiritual healing so, so far, this is how I’m trying to achieve that!
      More than anything, I use IG for spiritual inspiration, connecting with like-minded souls and positive-energy pick-me-ups every once and a while! But, as you said, sifting through the noise is exhausting and sometimes makes you want to forget about it all together…

      Thanks for your comments and for connecting! Glad the universe allowed us to cross paths 🙂


  4. It makes me so happy that we’re on the same page about this sort of thing. I know it can get frustrating but I make an effort to not get swept up in all of that – even in my day to day interactions – it’s tough but we manage, right? I’m so happy we connected! Thank you, again, for posting about this topic. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    My IG handle is @balancethesescales 🙂


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