Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!

Namaste, friends!

I made something pretty cool! But I won’t be selling (due to licensing requirements for selling food and drinks) but I will be gifting them in various Instagram contests!


Have a taste of something for the mind, body and soul…

Making tea is a meditative experience that takes patience and awareness. The very act of stopping your worldly cares to boil a pot of water and prepare your loose leaves is calming and can turn an emotional or negative moment into a quiet and contemplative pause from reality.

Different tea leaves also have specific spiritual and physical purposes. They can calm anxiety, they can invigorate your senses, they can heighten your awareness before an intense yoga session… The opportunities are endless, as are the benefits of quality blends for living a healthy spiritual life.


And so, a Tarot’s Tea Potion Bottle from Seeking Celestial Grace, full of delicious tea blends, can help kick-start (or continue) your transformation from the inside and have it extend into your spiritual life!


Potions are available in 1-cup brew, 2-cup brew, 1 pot brew, or 1.5 pot brew sizes. The contest running this time around will be for a 1-pot brew size of either The Star or The Lover blends. I will be picking one winner for each.


Each label and tag are hand-painted and hand-designed, giving the potion a more authentic look and feel for display on your alter or in your sacred space. On the back of each tag, steep time and water temperature recommendations are featured. Potion (tea) blends are named after Tarot cards in the Major Arcana…


The Lovers (A chocolate black tea & vanilla tea rooibos tea blend):

The Lovers represent a perfect union and passionate love. The chocolate and vanilla blend in this tea intertwine to create a smooth and invigorating flavour sensation. Bring yourself comfort, warmth, and passion with this smooth blend. Black tea leaves are believed to help with blood flow while rooibos tea leaves are said to have cancer fighting agents.

IngredientsBlack tea, yerba mate, stevia with chocolate, ginger flavour, rooibos with vanilla flavouring, flowers


The Star (A ginseng green tea & hibiscus rosehip tea blend):

The Star represents spiritual awareness, inspiration and a sense of serenity. This tea blend increases concentration and awareness and the hibiscus and rosehip are believed to have antioxidant effects; better your physical self to better your spiritual self.

Ingredients – Green tea with ginseng root, citrus flavouring, Hibiscus, rosehips with berry flavouring, flowers

Drink it, place it on your alter as an earthly offering, or just sit them on your counters for a magical piece of decor… it’s your choice! But in order to enter to win one of these Tarot’s Tea Potion Bottles, you need to read the contest rules on my Instagram account: @seekingcelestialgrace

Contest is only open to Canadian and US residences.

Tea leaves are purchased from a bulk supplier and as such, may have come into contact with nuts, gluten or other allergens. Seeking Celestial Grace’s owner is not responsible for allergic reactions to the Tarot Potion Tea Blends.

Good luck & blessings!


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