Toe Dipping Spirituality & Dreams vs Visions

Toe Dipping Spirituality What is it?This is the idea that you have to, “do it all” when it comes to your Spiritual Path. It’s the New Age concept of putting your fingers in all the pie. It often ends up in the study or practice of conflicting paths and leads to burn-out, confusion, loss ofContinue reading “Toe Dipping Spirituality & Dreams vs Visions”

Empowerment, Ego, Destiny & Free Will

“Any true spiritual teacher – even God – is not interested in having your personal power. Rather, the opposite is true: true spiritual teachers are interested in empowering you.” – Joshua David Stone, Ph.D This is a powerful statement, and it often crosses my mind when I am asked to give readings where clients askContinue reading “Empowerment, Ego, Destiny & Free Will”

Why I do a Daily Guidance Pull for Myself Everyday

One of the first things I do in the morning – after I make myself a nice cup of coffee or tea – is do a shuffling of my tarot cards and the oracle deck I’m drawn to for that day, and then choose one from each. Doing a daily guidance pull is crucial forContinue reading “Why I do a Daily Guidance Pull for Myself Everyday”

Why I don’t read “reversed” cards

A lot of Tarot Readers read their cards as upright and reversed. Upright cards are when the cards appear, after shuffling, upright in a reading. Reversed is obviously the opposite. I only read cards as upright. This is the magic of the Tarot; there are so many messages, so much detail, and so many answersContinue reading “Why I don’t read “reversed” cards”