A Thought on NFTs for Spiritual Creators

I think I understand the concept of NFTs, and I support artists who have a career built on their works finding a way to make money. But I have a comment on NFTs made by “Spiritual Creators”.

This particularly references individuals who once created their art from a heart-centered approach that was based on sharing an energetic gift who have switched to the world of NFTs because it’s now a way to “get-rich-quick”, while still using the same advertising strategies they used for their actual spiritual work. I’m talking about putting a “spiritual spin” on the product they are selling, such as: What does this Awaken in you? and, Can you feel the energy of this piece? etc..

I do not think that NFTs should exist alongside spiritual work. I don’t think they can share the same domain. I even told my husband that, if I were to sell NFTs, it would feel wrong in my spirit to me, to take advantage of opportunities to make a quick buck off of people’s weak points of ego curiosity. I believe that artists should take advantage of this platform if it’s available to them, but I don’t think that people who have dedicated a life to Spiritual Service should enter it, as it feeds the ego via a desire for wealth, notority, power, etc..

I think if those in Spiritual Service are entering the world of NFTs they should ask themselves the big why. And be honest when they hear the response. And tune into their guides and ask them, is this the best path for me? They already know the answer, they don’t need to ask.

Everyone has a right to be financially abundant, and everyone has a right to explore avenues to making their money (we need it to survive on this planet, so I understand), but prior to entering any career, those on a spiritual and Awakened path should question whether they’re doing this to exploit an easy opportunity (ie. Fallen Practice), or to grow as artists and spiritual beings.

These are my opinions on the matter.


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