My Thoughts on Netflix’s Life After Death with Tyler Henry from a Spiritual Perspective

I have been watching Life After Death with Tyler Henry and I have some thoughts about it, from a spiritual standpoint.

First, I have no doubt about the work he is doing. And I have no doubt of his purity of spirit; you can see it in his childlike face and eyes. But I have some doubts about the safety and healthiness of this kind of spiritual mediumship. In fact, you can see him deteriorate as the show goes on, and he confesses to spending most of his earthly time when he is not working under covers in bed. This doesn’t seem right to me. 

When I am connecting to guides and angels, their energy is always of a greater (far greater) vibrational level than mine, and this ensures that I never really feel “weak” or “detached” following a reading (he describes leaving a piece of himself behind with each reading). When the angels and guides work through me, yes, there is some emotional and spiritual exhaustion which is no different than any standard work, but it doesn’t leave me non-functioning for the rest of the day.

Thus, my concern arises with: just who, or what, exactly, is he connecting to? In fact, many of his connections appear to him the night before or morning before a reading, against his will. They are intrusive and pushy; something angels and guides will never do, as they respond when they are called upon, never forcing themselves into the energy field of a human without the call for intercession or presence. Lower vibrational beings do the things that Tyler experiences. 

Even when he goes into his “room” and does scrying, he seems to be heavily impacted, negatively, by the energies in that space. They come in when they wish and with whatever force they wish, which is concerning. To be that open is to make yourself vulnerable to just about everyone and everything. I think having a “switch” is important because it allows you to properly discern the “level” of the spirit you are connecting with. It is almost like he is connecting with the “soul memory” of the person on earth, but not the Higher Self of the person – which is what is far safer to connect with. 

Second, I know many people hold onto grief and are unable to proceed through their lives due to this and so the connection Tyler makes helps reassure them that, a. It’s really the person they want to connect with, and b. They’re okay, it’s all okay. But we know they’re okay (we, as in spiritual folks who are able to connect on that level). In fact, when my clients want to connect to someone who has passed, I ask them not to waste their questions on, “Are you okay? And are you proud of me?” because the answers will be yes and yes. When you pass that veil, you transcend human judgment or disappointment and you see the good of those you love, see the best in them, and encourage them to continue being the best version of themselves that they can be. 

I don’t believe that a hyper-fixation on the earthly version of the person we miss benefits the grieving process. And I wonder how much an obvious, “He’s proud of me!” will help people on their life paths and self-growth. I wonder if this experience feeds the ego more than it does the Higher Self. And this all comes back to energy and the frequency of what he is connecting with. 

I think Tyler is sweet and I am certainly fascinated by his Netflix show, but I wonder how many of the 300k people on his waiting list will use what is said to them to make a better and more abundant life for themselves, and how many will just use it as justification to continue along the path they’re already on, but now with a hyper-fixation on the experience and talking about it to anyone who will listen. 

And I wonder at which point Tyler will break because this work is clearly taking a toll on his spirit; working with higher energies will not defeat you the way his work defeats him. It will not cause you to spend the rest of your day in bed to recover. It does not include random dark men appearing in your room at night and making the space freezing cold…

In fact, connecting with angels is uplifting and invigorating. After a brief disconnect with the client’s very human and lower energy, you are just tuned into that higher realm and feeling the beauty of that space. It doesn’t make you feel empty or as though you left a piece of yourself behind. It’s super concerning work. 

In addition, not all earth-bound spirits who step in excited to talk should be connected to. I ask my clients for a photo of their deceased family member and I will make a decision as to whether I can connect to them or not based on the energy I feel from the person. There have been moments where I declined because this person did not “transcend” to a different and higher energy realm, and I am not going to put myself at risk to connect to those kinds of lower energies. 

Watching Life After Death on Netflix, I’m continuously thanking God that I don’t have that gift. Not only would I be unable to handle it, but it just doesn’t feel of Light to me, and I am not really sure how, exactly, that shared knowledge helps create a better world. 

Because, in the end, I believe that gifts are meant to be used for that purpose: Awakening others to their true purpose and path of betterment, creating a more peaceful, spiritually centered Universe. 

xo C


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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Netflix’s Life After Death with Tyler Henry from a Spiritual Perspective

  1. I haven’t seen it yet but it sounds like he needs to set some rules and regulations with the spirit world. I have very clear do’s and Don’ts for them to abide by. He also has to protect his energy. Yes mediumship is an energy draw and if you’re a professional- you you should know how to guard it. I’m excited to watch the show.

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