AstroCartography – Where in the World Does Your Soul Call You?

My friend Julie told me about Astrocartography. Using your birth chart details, a map is created where planet lines align with places on the world map. Depending on the symbol (planet) corresponding to that line, there are different meanings for what these places in the world represent to you. 

Here are a few interesting details I noted on my chart with descriptors from Two Wander.

Sun Lines – This will be a place where you will feel self-actualised and like your fullest self (one of the overall best lines to choose). Basically you will shine here.

My lines aligned with – Halifax, Cordoba, Oufa, Abu Dhabi, and Perth (totally random)

Paris directly aligned with my Jupiter planet line. This represents: “Overall this would be considered a lucky and beneficial place! It can also be a place of growth and expansion.” NO KIDDING! Did my most profound self-growth in Paris and it was definitely lucky as it brought me the love of my life!

Tokyo is directly aligned with my Uranus planet line which means, “This place would be anyone’s guess! Overall it could lead to unexpected circumstances and sudden change, as well as rebellion, freedom, and authenticity.” I thought that was super fascinating as Tokyo is beyond important to me and visiting there was a dream! Tokyo/Japan will always hold a profound space in my heart. My Saturn line also hits the Haute-Savoie region of France.

My Moon line aligns with Manilla which was fascinating to me. Moon lines represent, “This can represent places you will be emotionally tied to or engage in, but that can also encompass the full spectrum of emotions. On the whole, this place will naturally feel like home.” My Moon also goes through Cape Town, which I almost moved to with Jordan.

My Neptune line hits Rome (and close to Napoli) which is also interesting because it means, “While this placement could foster creativity and spirituality, it could also bring with it illusion and confusion. Artistic and musical pursuits would do well here, but perhaps not a good place for the long run.” This fits because my ancestral roots are in Italy and when I visited Paris, I always found it strange that I felt more at home there than in my ancestral home. 

Curious about lines hitting in Canadian destinations, my Saturn line hits Calgary, and also hits Salt Lake City. A Saturn line means, “This would be a place that would generally feel like hard work and perhaps a bit of a slog, but will ultimately help you build something sturdy and long lasting.”

These were the most interesting results of my chart.

I then did Jordan’s astrocartography chart and got these interesting results.

What I loved about Jordan’s chart is that New York and Toronto (which he calls mini New York) and Ottawa all align with his Moon line (A place that naturally feels like home). 

Jordan’s Uranus line directly aligns with the Haute-Savoie region, just like me. 

His Pluto line goes directly through Tokyo, which is a place I’m dying to bring him too. Pluto lines represent, “This is a place of profound tests and transformations, it may bring cataclysmic or catalytic growth and rebirths (but not without a power struggle or two)!”

His Jupiter line (“Lucky place!”) goes through the California coast and Los Angeles. What’s fascinating about this, besides wanting to visit California, is that my Venus line goes through the coast and Los Angeles as well, and the Venus line represents, “This is where your heart lies, it can generally represent somewhere you are fond of and will always hold a special place for you (this is another good option to go for in general). It may even give your love life a boost.” Perhaps it should be a destination for a future anniversary trip… plus, Disney Calfornia. Hehe. 

Jordan’s Moon sign moves through Seoul as well, and my Mercury line ran through that space. Mercury represents, “a good place for intellectual stimulation, communication/expression, or social activity.”

If you’re interested in reading your own AstroCartography, I used this site. If you’ve been feeling stagnant where you are and are wondering where you should be headed, give this Astro reading a shot. 

If it all looks a little overwhelming for you and you want me to do it, send me an email at seekingcelestialgrace@gmail[.]com and I’ll put a key-point roundup together for you for 10 Euros.

xx C


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