Inspirational Questions Lead to Inspirational Blog Posts

Blessings beautiful brothers & sisters! Sorry that there haven’t been daily updates as anticipated. When I don’t have much to share, I’d rather not be verbose just for the sake of verbosity. But today I have quite a bit to share, starting with a PM I got on Instagram that really inspired me to startContinue reading “Inspirational Questions Lead to Inspirational Blog Posts”

colourful days

Namaste, beautiful, blessed people… I missed a day of updating! The past two days, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with readings (thank the Heavens! I am so blessed!), appointments, events, festivals…! At a large park about 8 minutes from my house, a festival called, “Midsummer’s Dream” was happening — a hippie/gypsy event with live music, beautifulContinue reading “colourful days”

cutting energetic ties

Namaste, folks! Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to read for four different clients and give tarot advice and direction for another client. What a busy, spiritually-packed day! The readings¬†that came out of my sessions were packed with high-vibrations and understanding the cards came to me with such grace – the thanks for thatContinue reading “cutting energetic ties”

Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!

Namaste, friends! I made something pretty cool! But I won’t be selling (due to licensing requirements for selling food and drinks) but I will be gifting them in various Instagram contests! Have a taste of something for the mind, body and soul… Making tea is a meditative experience that takes patience and awareness. The veryContinue reading “Tarot’s Tea Potions Bottle Contest!”

shadowscapes review :: my new favourite deck

Namaste, friends and new visitors! Yesterday, the mailman brought me the tarot deck I researched, fell in love with, and just had to have. I have been waiting for it, for a while and now it is mine, in my hands, ready to become a part of my daily life:¬†SHADOWSCAPES tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-ManContinue reading “shadowscapes review :: my new favourite deck”

blessed tuesday

Hello my blessed brothers and sisters! Oh, what a beautiful day. Yesterday, my parents returned from California and with them brought an amazing haul of goodies for me, from Haight street — the Hippie District of California. I went to visit them today and they came out with two beautiful bags full of spiritual goods!Continue reading “blessed tuesday”