Inspirational Questions Lead to Inspirational Blog Posts

Blessings beautiful brothers & sisters!

Sorry that there haven’t been daily updates as anticipated. When I don’t have much to share, I’d rather not be verbose just for the sake of verbosity. But today I have quite a bit to share, starting with a PM I got on Instagram that really inspired me to start writing this post.

An individual messaged me and asked me about their Tarot deck: all the cards have been negative recently! They tried cleansing them, they tried burning sacred sage over them, they tried leaving them under the full moon, and they even got the card Death twice this week! What were they doing wrong?! This is what I told them:

Firstly, DEATH is not a negative card. Death asks you to recognize something in your life that needs to end for something new and amazing to begin. In the Shadowscapes deck that I read with, death is represented by a phoenix, emphasizing re-birth! So, getting this card twice in one week is clearly an attempt from the universe that you ‘get the message’; recognize what in your life needs a big change to move forward, and get moving.

Secondly, negative readings are really a state of mind, in my opinion. I can find a good message or guiding lesson in all  the cards, even the ones that most people are afraid of or scared of. They often just want you to recognize something in your life that needs to be a bit different before abundance can be obtained. You need to tear down the foundations of your spirit before you can build yourself up to enlightenment. When you’re on the right spiritual path, you shouldn’t be comfortable! If you’re comfortable and pleased, then simply put, you’re wandering on an ego-lead path, and it’s the wrong one. Challenging readings or dark readings are often just a sign that you’re on the right path.

Third, if the tarot cards are purchased from a used items store or hand-me-downs, then they might be too intensely imprinted by the previous owners. Get rid of them. Or keep them aside but never read them. They’re not yours to read.

Fourth, are you taking the time to imprint your cards, carefully and delicately? Touch and look at every image, daily. Sleep with them by your bedside. Fan them out and hold them in front of your heart, filling them with positive love-filled intentions and thanking the universe for their guidance.

Finally, all these “negative” readings might just be telling you that you need a big cleansing, or that your chakras need cleansing! You can’t get a proper reading with blocked chakras.

What are your thoughts on decks that read “negative” all the time?


Last night I had the most curious dream. I wrote it down as soon as I woke for fear that I would forget it, despite how vivid and real it seemed.

I was in the middle of a forest, deep within, with bright greens and deep floral colours all around. I was surrounded by animals coming out of the forests, birds sitting in the trees, Fae folk (faeries in particular) with brightly coloured gorgeous wings, all around me and smiling at me, and dozens upon dozens of cats, with strange bright coloured geometric shapes floating above each their heads.
I was working intently with crystals of the earth and pieces of nature in a bowl, and I was being told by the other Fae that I was the fairy healer.

Unfortunately, it was at that moment, that I was woken up by my cat licking my face and meowing in my ear, at three in the morning (the witching hour).

Is that not bizarre? What do you think it might mean?

I have always had a deep connection with Fae folk, the good and the bad. As a child, I could see goblins dancing around outside my bedroom door and hanging from the lap on my ceiling. Some were wing-less, the ones on the ceiling had little wings. They were mischievous, mean looking things.

But my most comforting and beautiful memory of Fae folk in my childhood was when I saw a sparkle move through my window, float across my room, and make it’s way to my bed. I then proceeded to see that bright sparkle move away from the head of my bed and go back out the window. There was no doubt in my mind that that was a fairy.

I don’t really know what it would mean to be a faerie healer, but I will be asking my guides for more information.


I started a new craft form (because that’s what I do… I love to learn and experiment with new crafting ideas): Wood Burning!



-And I got two amazing new books today, too! But perhaps I’ll save talking about my collection of spiritual texts for another day…-

It’s far more difficult than it looks and I’ve already burnt myself a few times over. The altar box above is something I’m working on: those are just the outlines I’ve done but I have to use my other wood burning heads (they’re little pieces you screw onto the hot tool) to do sharing and various detailing. But, so far, I’m liking the way it’s coming out! I don’t really have plans on what to fill it with, yet, but I’m excited for it, most especially because it’s a piece of my own and would have more sacred intention within it. I am also planning to paint it with watercolour paint!

Are you working on any spiritual crafts, lately?


That’s all, for now! Remember, the moon is waxing, which means it’s a perfect time to start something new, create intentions to send out into the universe for things you want to grow or succeed, and to keep your mind focused on abundance!

Blessings, Love&Light!


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4 thoughts on “Inspirational Questions Lead to Inspirational Blog Posts

  1. I totally agree – Death is not a negative card! In my journey with Tarot, I have come to find that I have little to no negative associations with certain “scary” cards. I can always find the good within. I know I’m getting a message when the same card starts popping up and I know that it’s an important message if it’s a “scary-at-first” card. There are definitely cards I’m not so happy to see at first but when I dive deeper into the reading, it all starts to make sense! There’s a purpose! I feel like if the cards are coming up “negative”, there must be a very serious message or lesson for you there. But that’s just my opinion.
    I really enjoy the way your Altar Box has turned out! I can’t wait to see it finished! xoxo


    1. I think it’s the human ego that sets negativity to certain cards. “Change is scary,” ergo, cards emphasizing a need for change is also scary. I don’t ever read “death” from my Tarot spreads, because while some people use cards for foretelling the future using scare tactics, I use them as guides for how to help myself and others become better versions of themselves. In that sense, no card is ever bad, as they all lead us on the path to something great!

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