blessed tuesday

Hello my blessed brothers and sisters!

Oh, what a beautiful day. Yesterday, my parents returned from California and with them brought an amazing haul of goodies for me, from Haight street — the Hippie District of California. I went to visit them today and they came out with two beautiful bags full of spiritual goods! I was blown away by the immense amount of things they found me.

look at all the sacred goods!
look at all the sacred goods!

From calligraphy paintings, to pieces of artwork by Navajo artists. From incense that’s burned in the temples of India to crystals of all colours, sizes and shapes. From a new Buddha incense burner, to bitty Buddha candles. From gorgeous sacred pieces of jewelry to new Tarot cards.


…yes! New Tarot cards! The Victorian Steampunk Deck! My parents said it was their favourite of all the ones they saw in Californian stores.

So, of course I had to delve into them, learn them, explore them, get familiar with them, and I did so with an introductory reading: my introducing myself to the cards and the cards introducing themselves to me. I asked them a particular set of questions and got some pretty incredible answers that made me quite excited about what this deck has to offer me!

First, let me introduce you to the deck a little bit… Have a look at a few of my favourites from the Major Arcana as well as the back of the cards:

cali3Whoa; that checkerboard pattern is easy to get lost in!  (And have a look at my brand new Tarot cloth, too!) The back is also accented in the suits of the Minor Arcana which I will get to, shortly. Have a look at the design of these cards: collage art of vintage and steampunk imagery. Very cool. Very bold. And very easy to read and understand. Already I am thinking this to be an excellent deck for beginners, despite the Minor Arcana changes. Let me get to those changes, now…

cali2The Minor Arcana have been accentuated using the popular fascination of the Victorian era: nature/botanicals. Instead of Cups, there are Dragonflies, Beetles for Pentacles, Moths for Wands and Bees for Swords. In case it’s a little too confusing, you can find a traditional logo somewhere on the card to help direct your thought accordingly. The dragonflies are my favourite cards of the Minor Arcana because of that turquoise; it’s phenomenal.

The first thing I did with the deck was pick out the card I was most drawn to. That ended up being The Hanged Man.

cali4This card is covered with content imagery that are suspended in time, as those it show all wait for answers and knowledge of eternal truths. This card accepts it’s fate as it waits patiently to be gifted with direction and understanding. But this card also encourages the reader to look at things another way, as change might come a little quicker to you. Rather than stare, hypnotized, as the pendulum swings back and forth, endlessly, turn away and you’ll find the knowledge you seek. Seems like a fitting card to be drawn to considering this deck is new to me, and will encourage me to look at things another way, and will bring with it eternal truths and answers to many questions.

I then shuffled the deck, held it with positive intention, called on Archangel Michael to assist me with finding true answers within the cards, blessed them with incense, touched my crystals to their back and began to ask the cards questions about themselves…

What do you want me to know about yourself? – THE HIGH PRIESTESS

This deck will illuminate the truth and there is other-worldly knowledge contained within this earthly object. This deck will be a mirror for a better understanding of what hides behind “the veil” of the self. It is sturdy, reliable and ready to help.

What card do you want me to see? – EIGHT OF BEES
This card represents the earthly element air, indicating that this deck is a sign of spiritual change. This element is also tied to thought which shows me that the deck has thoughts that it wishes to share with me. “I think…” it says; it wants it’s opinions and knowledge to be shown and known. This deck does not want me to be restricted to reading with just one deck anymore. It wants to relieve me of the anxieties tied to that kind of commitment.

What do you think of me? – THREE OF BEETLES

The deck believes me to be a creative entity, full of ideas. And it sees these ideas taking form through projects, creative pursuits and business ventures. Things look favourable for me in this regard. And the deck predicts good omens for me, as well.

the three question spread

What an amazing reading I got from this deck, and what a better understanding of it that came with it! I truly think this deck packs a punch, and it’s immensely easy to read. It came very natural for me, and it’s got me down pat as well: this blog is a kind of “business venture” for me, and having also started my day with a creative crafting run in search of goods for ideas I have brewing inside me, also related to extending the blog’s abilities, the accuracy is outstanding.

I see these cards being an important part of my readings from here on out.  I will spend the next three days attuning them to me before I read with them, again; wrapping them, sleeping with them near me, touching them daily. This is an important part of getting the cards to be in-tune with your energies and connecting the bond they have with you.

I am very grateful to have been blessed with such generosity from my parents. Before I end this blog for the night, I would just like to show you a few more pictures of the goods they brought to Canada from California, for me…

beautiful smelling Indian temple incense
new crystals to add to my collection
new crystals to add to my collection
crystals being cleansed by unpolished, uncut amethyst, post-tingsha bells cleansing
crystals being cleansed by unpolished, uncut amethyst, post-tingsha bells cleansing

Thank you again, as always, for stopping by to read and share in this spiritual journey with me.
Blessings, Love&Light.

Post Scriptum:
To add to a day filled with sacred goodness, I decided to stop in my local thrift shop for no particular reason and was graced with this holy Orthodox icon:

beautiful holy angel Mary & the ever-blessed Jesus Christ
beautiful holy angel Mary & the ever-blessed Jesus Christ

Also, I’m crafting some creative goodness, that perhaps I’ll be selling via this blog, shortly. Have a peak at some of these beautiful fabrics, as a teaser:


Gorgeous! What could I be making… Hmmm!
Namaste, friends!


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