Etsy Shop!

Blessings on this lovely night!

I did it! I’ve done it! It’s here… my very first Etsy shop! Here are some of the things you can expect to find there:



These divination / crystal / tarot bags are made by hand, to order (no sewing machine used) … sewn together in a ritualistic fashion, with a positive atmosphere and energy, good intentions and blessings from Archangels.

The fabric is layered inside with a random tie-dye fabric.

The fabric choices are in picture two — these are made to order, so you select which one your prefer to have. They are all 100% cotton.
From the top, starting at the left, the patterns are as follows:

These drawstring bags are made with white and gold ribbon and slipped onto them is a bead that helps pull the strings together, easily.

Between the two layers of fabric, a dash of sacred White Sage from my local Native Reserve has been added, creating an even more sacred piece of work.

These hold large Tarot cards with room to add crystals or crystal wands. But these lovely bags with sacred imagery can hold absolutely anything! They are $6.00 USD.


Do you want to double the sacred intention of your bag? Add on a sacred image sachet to layer over your original tarot/divination bag.

These sachets have been decorated with the sacred imagery of 100% cotton fabrics in a ritualistic fashion, with positivity and good intention, and the blessings of Archangels, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that does not contain any negativity.

For $1.50 USD, select the intention (the image) you wish and I will make it to go along with your bag order. They come in green or red but the colours are randomized based on availability.

If you select EGYPTIAN as your sachet choice, you can expect something as seen on the left hand side of image one.
If you select LARGE LADYOFMERCY, you can expect exactly what is seen in the centre of image one.
If you select SACRED GEOMETRY, you can expect something as seen on the right side of image one.

The other options have not been created – due to not having been ordered yet – but you can expect something of the same good quality and positive intention. See image four for imagery options. (Our Lady of Mercy in that image is my smaller fabric used for divination bags only… the large lady of mercy used for these layered sachets are larger)

If you wish me to invoke a particular intention as this product is made, please let me know as you order.


Would you like to enhance your phone with some sacred geometry and the healing power of crystals? No need to worry about EMT when your phone is constantly being charged by the positive energy of these reliably sourced crystals (from my local new age shop)!

Covered in various colours of Jasper, Amethyst, Citrine, and various Quartz, the sacredness of these stones shine through in the geometric shapes I have created on the phone cases.

These phone cases were created in a positive environment with good intention and the blessings of the Archangels. The crystals were cleansed but will be re-cleansed before being sent to their new home.

You will get either or of what you see in the picture (iPhone 6 Plus or the 5/5S), exactly as is. They are both hard cases. They are $10 USD.


Well, what are you waiting for, my blessed brothers and sisters?! Head over to the shop and have a look-see for yourself:

I intend on adding tea blends to the shop, eventually (if you have a look at the Sacred Art of Tea page, there is more information on that, there).


I got a tarot card deck that I had been waiting for, for forever: SHADOWSCAPES!!!!! I am so thrilled! I wanted to do a reading today, but it didn’t happen because it got too busy. I will hopefully have time, tomorrow.

Blessings, Love&Light!
Don’t forget: I am still offering FREE Tarot readings for a limited time. Please check out the TAROT READING page for more information.

Cloud-ia xo


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