Fear in the Spiritual Community

TLDR: Dear Spiritual person spreading fearful messages, your emotion of fear is valid. But you, more than most, know that our emotions are meant to be felt, learned from, healed and released so they don’t consume us and block us. By passing on your fear to your followers, you are literally sharing your trauma. In a parent-child relationship you would call this GENERATIONAL TRAUMA and would exclaim how it’s your DUTY to break that Trauma Chain. So, why is acceptable now to share your fear-centered trauma with others under the guise of wisdom?

Listen, let’s begin with this: true change comes from a point of discomfort, that is known. Discomfort and fear are not synonyms. But Spiritual accounts who come from a place of fear to “scare you” into action is, quite simply put, a cult tactic. That is truly how cults work: they get down to your biggest fears (lack of freedom, being watched, nothing can be trusted, etc) and they manipulate those emotions to put their misinformation wyrms in your head while making you believe: “You are so wise to have discovered this! Make sure you tell others that they need us as well! You are finally safe with this wisdom!” Hello Ego, what’s up?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever communed with Spirit, but they’ve never spoken to me from a place of fear. They have never used fear to make me aware of the “dangers” on planet earth. We are certainly in a confusing and fearful time, but be wary of information that preys on that fear of yours and fans it. Your sensitivity is being taken advantage of.

Sometimes your growth and betterment /is/ scary, that’s for sure! But the information given to you to proceed down this path is given to you from a place of abundance and not from a place of scarcity. The Spiritual information provided to you is never /scary/, it’s just your emotional reaction to what you’re called to do that brings fear (it’s risky, it means letting go, it involves changing your behaviour, etc). That is the key to analyzing who you’re taking advice from: Is the information full of fear (be careful), or is your human emotional reaction to the information one that brings fear (normal)? 

What’s exceptionally scary is that so many of these Spiritual accounts that are spreading fear about governments and Instagram and privacy and freedom were also silent during BLM. BLM was “picking a side” but this conspiracy blow-up is about “saving the planet”. Curious… That’s because these messages have actually come from right-wing sources, and the ultimate goal of the source of this misinformation isn’t saving humanity and uniting people, it’s about further division, freedom of speech to spread misinformation, racist, anti-semitic and discriminatory content, and about not being policed while doing so (as that content gets removed from IG). Go onto Parler – a social media application that does not police content – and check out what kind of content gets shared there. It’s an echo-chamber of offensive ideas and racist ideologies. Again, Ego anyone? 

Spiritual accounts are calling this spread of fear an “intuitive feeling” and a “message from Spirit” and are begging their accounts to listen and be aware, but for what? So everyone is scared of these theories (that’s what they are, just theories)? What is the purpose of perpetuating this message? What difference does it make to humanity if all it’s doing is increasing fear? It creates division, it creates distrust, it creates isolation, it creates a focus on the government (they’ve never been for the people, this isn’t news) rather than life purpose and helping others, it streamlines your focus in a fear-centered direction which not only leads to zero change and betterment but where your attention and energy goes, you manifest. Fear-centered attention leads to some pretty scary manifestations: usually, things that add to your fear and not your abundance

You can place whatever mask you want on your fear-based content that will make your Ego feel more comfortable about what you’re spreading. You can call it whatever name you want – your duty, your duality, your intuition, your desire to bring harmony to the planet, your soul purpose – but that doesn’t negate the fact that it all comes down to being information carrying a fear-based emotion and thus doesn’t speak to the Spiritual core of others but inflates and stirs their Ego, and is, ergo, not the information of Spirit Source. Plain and simple. And if that makes you angry to read, get to the Ego-reason for it. Analyze carefully why it makes you so angry. If you’re as connected as you believe yourself to be, I can guarantee: you’ll come to the same conclusion.

I will continue to bring you messages that come from a place of abundance, not scarcity, and I hope you will be more cautious about what people you look to as Spiritual Mentors and Teachers and analyze their content more carefully. Just because someone you once loved and respected says it, doesn’t mean it’s always good. Fear is a cult tactic, and it begins with a foundation of trust and friendship in the “powerful person” who is sharing the message. Beware.


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