Book Review #4 – Magickal Mediumship by Danielle Dionne

Publishing Date: December 8th 2020

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
For the record, I am a psychic medium.
I will admit to you right off the bat that this was a DNF.
Perhaps I should have read the description more thoroughly; this is definitely a book that is umbrellaed by Witchcraft and Witchcraft concepts and ideas. She is a part of the Temple of Witchcraft which she mentions later; that brings with it a biased mindset and viewpoint on a lot of the spiritual concepts mentioned in this book.

I don’t adhere to this practice, and it does not resonate with me. In fact, a lot of aspects of specific practices in this book made me uncomfortable. That’s why I didn’t finish it. My red flag for this book came early when she quoted Aleister Crowley, a dude I don’t take advice from. Too. Much. Darkness. Just look at a picture of him and you’ll see what I mean. Yikes.

Danielle Dionne defines Magickal Mediumship as “the partnership with the dead to enact your magick and enhance your life.” Hmmm, yikes again. I definitely didn’t read the description, because honouring the dead is one thing, but partnering with them is not my cup of tea.

She defines mediumship as “Communication with spirits of the dead,” because that’s what she was taught. It is so much more than that. And a medium who focuses on human spirits who have passed misses the opportunity to connect to far wiser people of the God Force. She disregards these other connections as part of the definition. I don’t use the dead to get messages unless they have specific guidance or healing they wish to bring forth to the person inquiring. Playing with the dead is not a fun idea for me. They’re far happier on that side, believe me. And they’re so low level on the spiritual scale that you risk bringing in someone you simply don’t want to invite into your space.

I stopped reading shortly after the Trance Mediumship section where she talked about going into a trance state as a 12-year-old and didn’t warn against this; do you think any 12-year-old is spiritually, mentally, and emotionally prepared to battle against what dark entity could come forward during a trance mediumship session? She says that if you feel the pull to Trance to explore it, with no warnings. Yikes, times three.

That’s where I stopped. This isn’t my cup of tea. Beautiful cover, weird jujus. It might be appreciated by someone else who walks this path.

1/5 Stars


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