Why is my/her/his/their success a threat to you?

I love seeing people succeed. I don’t view anyone as my competition because our journeys are in no way the same. Despite it being a spiritual journey, my path is mine and someone else’s path is their own to traverse. I don’t even brag. I emphasize gratitude but I stay humble. And maybe it’s the fact that I’m so focused on my own path that I continue to succeed. Everything I’ve ever wanted to manifest for myself, I’ve done it. I’ve done it by worrying about me, my life, my goals, and no one else’s opinion of it, and no external validation that I’m doing well.

Maybe that’s why I’m continuously rewarded; because I keep my eyes on me and my path and don’t let the insecurity of others get projected onto my way. And maybe because I celebrate the victories of others with a genuine and authentic internal happiness that I am gifted with rewards in my own life. When someone publishes a book (my dream), I don’t resent them for it. When someone pursues a path that fascinates me, I don’t wish I had done it first. I use the goal-setting and success of others to inspire me and remind me that, “I can do that too!” I don’t use it as a window into my internal disappointment that I hadn’t done it first.

I once had a best friend who would continuously celebrate my failures and not my successes. With my successes, she would make sarcastic comments or find an aspect of the journey to criticize. Needless to say, I disconnected from her completely. I’ve also had friends who have faked their enthusiasm towards my successes (I am psychic, you can’t really hide this from me, sorry), including as my loving relationship progressed (they projected their own insecurities and doubts onto my relationship with Jordan). And I just don’t understand it. I am not a threat to anyone. My success in love and in life is not detrimental to your own. Me succeeding does not create a roadblock to you succeeding. I am not anyone’s competition. 

Did you know I have two Bachelor degrees, a Masters degree, and 6 additional educational qualifications including a Specialist certification in Religious Education? No? Because I am fine with being defined as the humble tarot reader behind her cellphone if it means I am off of most people’s radars. Did you know I resigned from a Special Education Administration position (with a hefty pay) to pursue this side gig in the city of my dreams? Probably not. Because my accreditations and professional successes and paycheque are not akin to my self-worth. Why other people would see it as a threat to their self-worth is beyond me. If it doesn’t affect my self-worth, why would it affect yours? 

I pursue the paths I do because I feel it helps me grow in my own personal wisdom and be better for my clients. That’s my focus, always. I love to learn, I love to grow, I love to be endlessly better. And if people would focus more intently on their own personal growth rather than how my growth is potentially detrimental to their own (what?), then perhaps they’d be ions ahead of me! But I wouldn’t even notice as I’m so focused on my own path; but I would definitely celebrate the successes you gain along the way because your successes are no threat to mine. And because that’s what I do.


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One thought on “Why is my/her/his/their success a threat to you?

  1. I know I messaged you personally but YES! All of this!! I think this is a big one that I struggle with: “no external validation that I’m doing well” because I saw others being praised and wondered why *I* wasn’t being praised. And even just letting some of that go, I was instantly happier (like doing my photography and art, no matter WHO likes it… I do so who else matters?). I’m working on letting it all go and I look forward to being even happier.


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