Messenger Oracle Review

Shalom and good evening!

If you follow me on Instagram (@seekingcelestialgrace) you might have noticed that I acquired a gorgeous new oracle deck, just in time for the outstanding Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse we had last night.


Tonight, I did a very brief interview with the deck, as I don’t feel that we have completely imprinted on one another yet but I am already in love with the way it reads, its imagery and its messages (with all these new oracle decks, I might have to switch up my available options for client readings!).

What does the deck want me to know about it? HAVE COURAGE
It’s interesting that the deck should show me this card first when I was just recently speaking of the dreams I used to have as a child where I was running from a giant lion (who I believe might actually be one of my spirit guides). The oracle wants me to know that I am not alone anymore. Gaia and The Great Spirit are with me along my journey and have brought these messages into my life for good reason and divine guidance. They’re here for me now.

What card do you want me to see? SEEK THE LESSON
Again, the deck shows me another animal symbol that I have always felt connected go, perhaps clarifying to me that my guides are truly with me and are communicating through this deck. I really feel the high energy radiating from this deck; I am feeling the love!
This particular card speaks to seeking wisdom in unknown places, and acknowledging the different forms and roles our spirit teachers take. Everything is connected, and I think this deck is emphasizing to me what a divine connection we will have!

What does the deck think about me? REVEAL YOUR TRUTH
The oracle wants me to cast aside the mask that hides my truth, that hides my light. It believes I possess magick and wisdom and I hide it under the normal that so many ask me to be… And this isn’t far from the truth. I have a role to play in society and I play it well. But maybe I shouldn’t hide so much of me. Maybe I’m preventing my own growth this way…


This deck is outstanding. It’s so beautiful. And I’m really starting to feel our bond. The more I read with it, imprint upon it, the more our relationship will grow. I have been blessed with two other-worldly oracle decks as of late and I cannot express how much love flows from my heart in gratitude to the universe for helping me find them when I didn’t expect to.




Have you come across any amazing oracle decks lately? Or tarot decks?

Before I sign off for the night, I’m asking that you please send prayers and positive affirmations for my friend’s husband Paul. I would be most grateful for any blessings you send his way.

Blessings, love&light!


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12 thoughts on “Messenger Oracle Review

  1. I have this same deck. You’re right, it’s absolutely beautiful!! I was in love the moment I got to hold and go through it. And my very first reading with it, it was so in tune with everything that was going on around me at time, which helped me deal with it better. Hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I have! 😊
    (Also, blessings for Paul!)


  2. Amazing! Now this one looks like it clicked well with you! I hope Paul wakes up to a brighter health, and whatever is ailing or troubling him leaves him, surely patience is required, but he will come out of his situation in a better shape 🙂

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  3. Oh forgot to add..,that I have a few cards myself. I own the beautiful Tarot of the Old Path and my oracle cards are ‘Words and Whispers Oracle ‘ by Linda Ravenscroft and ‘Crazy Sexy Love Notes’ by Kris Carr Artwork by Lori Portka 🍁🎃🍁


  4. Does anyone know what the name of the book shown in the above pictures? Two images show title pages of the ‘New Moon” and “Blessing the Home Spell”. I like the look of it. If you all do, could you let me know here?



  5. Oh by the way, I purchased these cards as well, gorgeous! Also recently acquired the “Golden Tarot:” by Kat Black, my favorite tarot cards yet, and the “The Enchanted Map” oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid, love, love these cards also.



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