so much to do, so little time

Namaste, gorgeous souls!

There’s a lot to share with you, and I hope I remember it all…

I got a Tarot reading by a beautiful human on Instagram called @nathaliesage (I have read for her, as well, and we have exchanged many talks since then… I haven’t had a reading by another in ages but I am in love with her energy and took her up on the offer for a free reading) and she told me some absolutely incredible things, that really solidified the answers to a lot of questions I was holding in my heart. Here a few snippets of the high-energy beauty she shared with me:

  • Tapping into my energy blew her mind! (The feeling was mutual when I read for her!)
  • I can do anything I set my mind to – I’ve got the spirit to will it
  • There are Fae around me that are asking for my attention
  • I’ve come a long way on my spiritual journey and am ready to step up and fulfill my mission
  • There are some fears holding me back from tapping into all of my own power and it could be tied to past life trauma I am bringing with me into this life
  • I need to tap into Nature’s energies, get in touch with my inner Wicca and make more meditative connections with nature spirits
  • I also need to move forward with healing – possibly past life stuff – and let myself be more vulnerable

All of the reading resonated with me, but the thing that stuck out the very most was the emphasis on tuning in with nature, connecting with my inner witch and taking time to talk to the Fae that surrounds me. It really stuck with me because as of late, I have been drawn to books that focus on naturalistic religion and nature-focused spell casting. And I used to see fairies, goblins and really evil, evil sprites when I was a child, but haven’t seen them in years. I have very vivid memories of these creatures… The fairy flew into my room through my window, a small sparkle of light, flew towards me, moved things around near my head (I heard it) and then I watched her fly out. I also used to see goblins walking up my stairs, peeking through the stair spindles, peeking into my room and then running away, and walking around – as if on guard – outside my room. My experience with evil little sprites was I once woke from my sleep having had a bad dream, and joined my grandparents in their bed in the guest room. I was lying between them and looking at the chandelier on the ceiling… these little black, evil looking things were hanging from it, holding fingers to their lips, telling me to “shhhh” and threatening to climb down onto the feet of my grandparents (and I could sense it was to harm them). I told them “no” and “don’t” and they stuck their tongues out at me and disappeared…

Overall, the reading seemed to indicate that I’ve got some strong psychic abilities about me! And that I need to heal, tap into my energy and my guides and move forward. If you have any suggestions on Fae literature or cards, I would love to hear them!

After my reading, I felt drawn to pull a Goddess Isis Oracle card about where to go next, and a Byzantine Tarot card about the same or the next steps. The readings I got were outstanding!


The Portal of Light was the oracle card I got, indicating that I am only bound by the physical world, but I’m conscious beyond this! It’s safe to allow myself to expand as I grow in power and awareness. I am not who I thought I was – I am a much vaster being, and even more wonderful gifts await me, including gifts of healing, and Isis would like to guide me, beyond time and space! The portal of light is opened for me to walk through, be healed, and share this healing with others.

The Four of Staffs was the Tarot card that I drew, and in simple terms, it indicates a harvest of the work I have put into myself, my spirituality and the acknowledgement of my psychic abilities and gifts. It speaks of a “homecoming” and when I work with the spirit is when I feel most at home.  I will taste the fruits of my bountiful soul!

I could not be more excited about what the future holds! This was all shared with me shortly after ordering my first batch of business cards and as I was planning to create myself a Book of Shadows! And so, I did! At least, I mean, I’ve started to! As of such, I’ve created my dedication page, my “Law of Spirit” page (I suppose I am “solitary” so it’s the laws I follow for my spiritual journey), a page on the elements and I’ve started a page on numerology. I really love it, already, and I am starting to feel the energy I’m pouring into it being a very powerful thing. In it’s collective and complete state, I bet it will be a very powerful book. A very personal book, but immensely powerful.

I am so excited for Mabon/Autumn Equinox, but a very unfortunate event is occurring that prevents me from enjoying it in my own sacred way (it’s also my partner’s birthday on that day, so it has more loving intention poured into it)… I have to go on a 3 day, 2 night trip with a bunch of 8th graders on a leadership camp/cabin trip, starting on the Equinox. I’m so disappointed. Already I have been complaining that I don’t have enough personal time to start my days off in a spiritual manner, and that I’d like to take more time to focus on me and my sacred needs, and here I will be, up at 6, on duty at 7 and in bed by 11:30pm… how does that give me any time to dedicate myself to honouring nature, honouring the spirits, honouring the universe… Despite the exhaustion I’ll likely face, I will have to take the few moments before bed to do something in private for my soul… Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

I suppose that’s all I have to share that is of value. I know there has been more going on with this week, but alas, if I don’t write it when I think it, it’s lost. And I can’t seem to bring myself to write it late at night, because I would much rather make some time for spiritual reads and casting.

Oh! One last thing: I found a book at the thrift shop that’s about Mary Magdalene. Specifically, it’s a man who is channeling her spirit and writes, in her words, her experience. It’s amazing… I paid $2.99 for this book that is causing me the most intense vibrations from my guides! When I sit down with it, I am overwhelmed by the beauty in the words and the story she tells about her experience with the Master, Jesus. It’s so beautiful… I am flying through it. I’ll tell you more once I finish it up!

Are you reading anything lovely lately?

Wishing you the most blessed night, the night of Rhiannon! Have you cast your spells of self-love or romantic love, tonight?


Oh, and Mercury is in retrograde so I dropped a million things today and I was unnecessarily stressed and the like. Could be worse!


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2 thoughts on “so much to do, so little time

  1. Maybe the universe is challenging you to find your balance and share it in some way with your students – leadership camp could be an opportunity for you to show them the importance of honouring the self and nature. Both are gifts from God.
    We are in such a huge state of change, it doesn’t surprise me all of this is coming up for you.


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