Ancestral Path & Goddess Isis deck reviews

Namaste on this New Moon!

Technically, the moon made the switch in to Libra yesterday, but today, the percentage of the moon covered by shadow is greater than it was yesterday! I love that the universe gives us more than one day to celebrate this change. I’ll let you know how I celebrated, shortly.

Firstly, I want to tell you about the “Deck Interviews” I did. Unfortunately, I still haven’t formed a connection to my Ancestral Path tarot deck, and the whole interview, I felt on-edge about them, despite the reassuring messages they gave me. I don’t take such energy readings lightly, and I think I’ll leave them aside for a while, until I feel drawn to them with positivity. My interview with the cards are as follows:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – THREE OF CUPS

The deck wants to be my bridge between people and places of the past – curious that it should tell me this, when that was the reason I was drawn to them in the first place! They wish to bring balance into my life and have a kind of “reunion” with me, allowing me to recognize their important presence in my life. They understand that I have internal trust issues, but they wish to form a commitment with me and create something of importance.

What card do you want me to see? – EIGHT OF CUPS

This deck is definitely not short of a big change for me, and it wants me to acknowledge that although it brings me uncertainty, it recognizes my spiritual yearnings and would like to head on the quest with me.

What do the cards think of me? – ACE OF STAVES (WANDS)

Funny that the card that is pulled is one from the Ancient Egyptian part of the deck…
The cards see potential in me, in our bond. They see me as a ball of fire that represents light and warmth and they can sense my energy. They want to see growth come out of our relationship with one another, and they can sense my creative spirit as well.

How can I remedy the disconnect I am feeling with this deck? – NINE OF SWORDS

I need to acknowledge my insight towards this deck as accurate but our disconnect will remedy itself in due time. I will dream about the deck – a prophetic dream will improve our bond with one another. And then it’s up to me to take action and work with this deck to help that bond grow.

I have dreamt of my other cards before, so perhaps I’ll wait for the moment when I dream of this deck to pull them out and use them again. As of right now, I’m not getting the most pleasant ju-jus from them, so I’d just like to store them… Is that weird? Tell me I’m not the only person who has experienced this with a deck that they purchased, with excitement and anticipation? What a disappointing switch!


But today I was drawn to the most outstanding Oracle set – Goddess Isis Oracle. It’s strange that I’ve felt the pull back to my Ancient Egyptian connection that I had as a youth, as of late! I was in my favourite store, in the town I grew up in, called Akasha’s Den. I was looking at all their available decks, and the wonderful part about this store is that they have many samples of the decks, open to explore and see if they resonate with you. I noticed the Goddess Isis Oracle and went up to the desk.
Me: “Hey, I was wondering if I could check out one of your Oracle decks.”
Clerk: “NO! Just kidding. Which deck?”
Me: “Well there are so many beautiful ones, but I’d like to see the G…”
Clerk: “The Goddess Isis deck?”
Me: “…how did you know?”

Already, I took that as a sign from the universe that the deck was making it’s presence known to me, calling out to me, and emphasizing it’s purpose and place in my life. Shuffling through the deck, it was impossible not to fall in love, I mean, look at these cards…


 Needless to say, I walked out of the store with the deck and I couldn’t be more in love. I had an interview with them, as well, and I look forward to the bond we will form with one another. I think I will offer client readings with just these cards, at some point, once I figure out a spread that fits it beautifully. The interview went as follows:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – ENTER THE CHAMBER OF HEALING

“This oracle comes to you as a messenger. Prepare for great changes for they are on the way to you, now!” These cards will provide me with the spiritual gift of healing. Isis offers this to me with open arms and I should be ready to accept this deck into my heart with unconditional love. I should not have specific expectations for this deck, because it will create a sacred space for me and I will grow to understand it. This deck will change my life.

What card do you want me to see? – TEMPLE OF THE BLACK OBSIDIAN

Two cards focused on healing have been pulled – the deck is surely stressing the spiritual healing it will bring me and my clients.
This temple is of raw love and healing. I must be prepared to take the journey within and fill the darkness with divine love, in order to move forward, successfully, with this deck. Isis will be with me, along this journey, and will allow me to confront my ego – The Shadow – that stands in the way of unconditional self-love and ultimate healing. Our journey together may be a challenge, but it will truly be worth it, in the end.

What do the cards think of me? – INITIATION

What absolutely stunning imagery on this card… These cards have “initiated” me. I am now on a path of intense growth, where I will feel the fire of Ra but Isis will not let me burn; she will help me nourish and grow in my light. I have wounds that need to be cleansed by Ra’s sun, recognizing the growth that came from those wounds. I must now be ready to be open to new levels of power and peace. Isis has sweet fruits awaiting for me, at the top of the mountain.
I also think the cards are emphasizing that I contain the fire of Ra within me, along with the balancing element that soothes the fire, like that of Isis. I am passionate and powerful but composed and compassionate.

I can feel the bond – as I had hoped I would feel with the Ancestral Path tarot. The beautiful thing about this oracle deck is that it comes with a very thorough and detailed text – 211 pages long – that not only explains the cards but has rituals to go with them and incantations! It’s outstanding! The vibrations were high with these cards and they really resonated in my heart of hearts. I truly can’t wait to continue working with them. They’re so, so beautiful.

It was a busy spiritual night for me, as I then proceeded to do a New Moon spell to (yet another Ancient Egyptian presence!) the god Thoth which was simple but very moving and beautiful, and I hope the New Moon brings with it some Autumn beauty and positive changes.

Truly a blessed night! I will be ending it with watching a Halloween themed movie (haven’t decided what, yet, but I’m leaning towards possibly Adam’s Family…), some pumpkin scented candles, my “fake fireplace” heater on full blast and some cuddling of my familiars and my love.

I cannot think of a more beautiful way to spend this New Moon night.

How are you spending your Saturday night?

Blessings, Love & Light!



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3 thoughts on “Ancestral Path & Goddess Isis deck reviews

  1. What a beautiful experience with your Goddess Isis deck! They really are quite beautiful!! When I first got the Prisma Visions tarot, I was so excited to connect with it but the connection wasn’t quite there yet. We’re taking our time with each other and lately, we’ve been rekindling a connection together. I feel like you’ll have the same with your Ancestral Path deck! ❤
    Sounds like you had a beautiful night! My boyfriend and I went to dinner with some friends and late last night, his nephew was born! We get to have baby cuddle time later today! xoxoxo


  2. This is an excellent idea. I’ve had the experience of not ‘bonding’ to a new deck, but I have to admit I’ve never considered just asking the decks themselves. Thanks!


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