Dreams & Spirit Animals


Last night I had the most curious dream… I was standing in the middle of a forest (it was like a wide open plain in the centre of the forest… encircled by trees) and I was meditating on the thought that I wanted to be shown my Spirit Guides. Two deer emerged from the trees and walked right up to me. They rubbed up against me. I asked them if they were my Spirit Guides and they nodded. I asked them their names and they mentally conveyed that they were named North (the male said he was North) and East (the female told me she was East). I hugged them and they gave me a deep sense of comfort. In my dream, I was sobbing and I woke up just as emotional.

I had gone to bed the night before asking my Archangels if they would please allow me to dream of my guides and remember them. I shared this dream on Instagram and had someone tell me that they truly are my Animal Guides, and will now remain with me on the physical plane, and that I could call upon them and they will manifest, at all times.

I truly did not expect my Spirit Animals to be deer! I went to the book shop tonight and was looking at various Animal Spirit Guide books for information about Deer and I found this:
In the Solar System, they are represented by the Sun.
Their number is 7 (one of my lucky numbers since I was a child).
Their magical association are Fairies (which I have been drawn too since I was a child).
They activate and awaken new adventures.
They are gentle, graceful, represent clarity and peace. They also represent rebirth (I have many tattoos symbolizing rebirth). They’re sensitive and highly spiritual, and are very wise.
A doe has powers in communication, enchantment and achieving goals.
A stag has knowledge, brings messages and omens from the other world, proposes quests, also represent rebirth and shamanic work.

I always thought my Spirit Animals would be a lion or a canine (wolf or dog), as those are animals I’ve felt the pull towards since I was a child. In fact, I had a re-occurring dream about being chased through a castle by a lion that was as tall as the walls. He was huge. I would have this dream about once a week, and despite how fearful I felt in the dream, running from the lion, I still had an unmistakable love and adoration for the wild feline. Could he have also been my Spirit Animal? Why would he frighten me? Or was he just trying to get my attention?

I feel that if my Spirit Guides are named North and East, I must have another pair called South and West! Should I just ask that they show themselves in my dreams, again? Or does anyone have any suggestions for contacting/making a connection with their Spirit Animals? Please share in the comments!

On a different note, I’m currently in the process of letting my spell in dedication of Archangel Michael on his Feast Day settle until I have to get back to it and complete it. And I am definitely looking forward to the Full Moon tomorrow and the spell casting to go along with it! I am planning on cooking up some Lunar Elixirs for this moon cycle, I just need to gather the essential oils, the herbs and the stones necessary. I’ve never done anything like it before and I’m very excited to try my hand at elixirs! Have you ever made one for a new moon or full moon cycle?

I am noticing the positive effects of many spells that I have cast over the last little while, and I’m so grateful to my guides, to the Archangels, to the universe, to the Great Spirit, for working along with me and allowing all this positivity to manifest in my life. I am truly blessed!

Blessings, Love&Light,
Cloud xo


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