Who is My Spirit Guide Spread

I decided to do the ‘Spirit Guide’ spread that I saw on Balance The Scale’s Blog in order to get a deeper understanding of the Guides I work with. I know I have more than one (two for sure, but I have a feeling there may be four energies present) and I wish to do this spread again and find out more about other Guides, but I wasn’t feeling great today and only got through one reading.

First, to do this reading, you separate the cards into Courts, Minors, Majors and Aces. You’ll get an idea of what pile of cards I use for each part of the reading!

Is my Spirit Guide a man or a woman? – Page of Cups
Dedicated life to study and learning, devoted, loyal, a keeper of secrets. Page usually reads as male, but some cards have them as male or female… This deck, it is represented by a male, and I understand the guide to be a male (which is further confirmed later in the reading).

What 3 personality traits does my Spirit Guide have?
Countess of Staffs -Creative, virtuous, charming, loves to get their way, sometimes overwhelming
Countess of Coins – Generous, gracious, sincere, someone who gives a feeling of security and makes you feel safe
Page of Coins – meditative mind, careful, pragmatic, disciplined, high energy


I am lead to believe that when I am feeling my strongest vibrations, it is the energy of this particular guide that I am feeling. The energy of my guides can often be overwhelming, and I can see that this particular one would always want to be heard! And it’s usually the most overwhelming feelings that lead me to be most creative or productive, so it makes a lot of sense.

What element is my Spirit Guide associated with? – Ace of Coins
Coins are associated with the Earth element, which is actually tied with the compass location of NORTH! I am not sure if you read about the dream I had a few days ago, but I dreamt my guides came to me (two of them as deer) to tell me their names were NORTH and EAST. In my dream, North was the male energy present! This element is associated with winter, and the following astrological signs: Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn. My Twin Flame is a Virgo.

What 3 things are you here to show me?
Holy Fool – Divine Awareness! Play havoc with the ordered world, challenge set patterns of existence, knock down walls we build around ourselves
Fortitude  – Strength, courage, endurance, authority, calm determination, patience. Mastery of self! Taming of the wilder elements of our consciousness to access our personal power.
Tower – A break down of old ways, wake-up calls, being aware of dissolution, being ready for sudden change

I’ve got to say, I do have a guide in my life who, when I’m impacted by their presence, leads me immediately into impulsive and sudden change, inspiration and ready to take on the world. I am honoured by the presence of this Spirit Guide…


What do I need to understand in order to help my Spirit Guide help me?
Six of Swords – This is a journey, I must listen to the messenger, I must be ready for periods of transition and always be ready to move to the next phase that I am being guided down.
Eight of Coins – Hard work is expected of me, commitment to my Spirit Guide and my journey is necessary, I must be creative and see our relationship as Apprentice to Master.
Two of Staffs – I must be constantly seeking to uncover the next steps on my journey, I must allow for inspiration and “ah-ha” moments from the universe; this inspiration will come from a supernatural source (my guide) and I should intuitively listen to them.

I absolutely loved doing this reading! I cannot wait to try it again and read more of the other Spirit Guides present in my life. I am going to meditate on this connection and try and strengthen our bond, now that I know more about this male energy present in my life.


Yesterday, I went to the Ancaster Gem Show and my favourite metaphysical shop, Akasha’s Den, and got a few rock goodies.


I was drawn to the white quartz in the corner because it’s a Window Quartz. I was talking by and my eye instantly looked inside the window. I was captivated. I felt the push from my guides that I needed to own it. I looked it up on my phone and noticed that it is often referred to as a “Seer Stone”… my Developing Your Psychic Abilities book has asked that I keep an eye out for a Seer Stone to make a presence in my life! Well — here is was!

I also got that black piece of Shungite. Let me tell you… initially, I walked by this Shungite booth, not pulled in to it because I’m not often drawn to black stones. But I decided to have another look on my second go-around and I thought to hold one. I was BLOWN AWAY. The vibrations in my hand were absolutely INSANE. I had to have a piece to bring home with me. I recommend looking up the stone which has a very interesting chemical compound, unlike any other rock in the universe. I purchased the piece from Shungite Canada and I think I’ll keep an eye on maybe purchasing more of these stones. I have never felt a vibration like that in all my life. I am feeling a bond with the stone already, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.

Alas, it’s quite late for a work night, and I’m not feeling 100%, so I should head off.
There is much more I wish I could talk about, and more readings I wish I felt drawn to do, but I need to listen to my body.

Blessings, Love&Light, kind reader!



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