I am so, so glad that I prepared myself mentally and spiritually for heading back to work (I am a teacher of a grade 7/8 Gifted class), that I prepared mulling bowls full of positive intentions for this month and the year ahead, that I prayed for strength, read myself and asked for advice and direction, and overall placed all my worry and the whole weight of the return into the hands of the spirits and the universe. As such, these past two days were nothing short of amazing. They weren’t stressful or exhausting, they weren’t overwhelming or negative, they weren’t filled with stress or strife (not even the waking up early part!)… they were just beautiful. I love my class – a bunch of strange nerds, just like me, who are brilliant and creative and hilarious – I love the freedom I have within it, I love the new age group I’m working with this year, and I love the energy of the space I created in my room. Not to mention, I am back working at a school I used to call home because I loved it so much. All things have come together with perfect harmony and I am so happy.

As such, in my excitement and happiness, I went to the book store and spoiled myself a little, yesterday, and then went to the local “hippie shop” (as I like to call it) after work today, and spoiled myself again. Bad, I know. But when it’s spent on spiritual goods, I never see it as a waste of money or out of the budget (also bad, I know!).

I got two books: Spell Craft and 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability.

Now, I’m not a witch. I don’t give myself that title. I do participate in witch/pagan/druid-like things, I do read Wiccan texts, I love Wiccan stories/movies/TV shows/etc, I do recognize and sing praises to the gods and goddess of the faith which resonate with me, and I do spell-cast (but often direct my spirit protection to Archangels as opposed to the guarding spirits of Wiccans).

When I was a teenager, I identified as Wiccan without really knowing what I was really identifying with. Often people ask me (privately) what steps they can take towards becoming “a witch” and I always ask them:
1. Why Wicca?
2. Why do you assume I am Wiccan?
3. Why tie yourself to only one religion?
4. What do you know about Wicca?

As it’s usually fantastical ideas that draw them to it, not the reality of the faith… often they just start playing with Tarot-as I did, as a youth-or are following lots of “cool looking people” on social media who are self-identified as Wiccan so they suddenly think it’s made for them. Or they’ve watched lots of cool movies on witches and want to be magical, etc. Or they think they have to be Wiccan to participate in Wiccan rituals authentically and accurately. These are all ego-driven reasons to move towards a faith, and I always recommend that individuals educate themselves before they commit to anything.

The Wiccan faith is immensely important to me (as is any faith founded on Light and Truth and Love), and I follow many pagan practices in rituals of my own, but I’m not committed to it, alone. My Universal Energy I call ‘God’ and I worship Jesus as a prophet of Love, I honour the Archangels of messengers of Truth and Light and the Mother Mary is the Queen of the angels. I also give offerings to Saraswati and I love Ganesh. I adore Krishna and Radha and I honour Lakshmi for her grace and love. The Egyptian gods and goddess are recognized and appreciated by me as well… and the list can go on. I don’t discriminate when it comes to my spirituality. I also don’t label myself as one faith and disregard the rest. I don’t think anyone should, before thoroughly researching about a faith they’re interested in (and I don’t mean one source or one book, I mean analyzing all sides to the faith before taking it up as your own). What do you think?

Whoa — this all took a tangent. All because of my Spell Craft book! It advertises itself, throughout the text, as being Wiccan, but I find it to be a fascinating addition to the spiritual books I own and I will be happy to adapt the spells accordingly, as they will be no less effective with the right intention. Have you had this experience with certain books of certain faiths, as well?

Today’s spell was for the Feast of Durga; another Hindu goddess that I respect and love. The book categorizes the spells according to ideal cast time, and this week, the spell for self-sufficiency and financial stability was in honour of Durga. It was a beautiful first cast from the text.

The other book I got – 365 Ways – will be a journey I will be traversing with my spiritual self. I am constantly reading about mediumship as I feel it is where I am being pulled, and perhaps this book will help me on the journey. It invites various journaling opportunities, one per day, about different spiritual aspects of one’s life. Day One was about goals, Day Two (today) was about number patterns, and so forth… I am excited to continue with it!

I also got a new Tarot Deck that I will be interviewing here, soon! I felt drawn to it as I am drawn to ideas about my past lives… I believe I was involved in Ancient Egypt in some way or another, but due to my love of the art and the gods and goddesses, since I was a youth, I believe I was of a wealthy family. Then, I believe I lived a life somewhat tied to Judaism, perhaps to heal karmic wounds from mistreatment of Egyptian slaves. I think I was a gypsy at some point (and the cards seem to think so, as well). I also believe I might have been my great grandmother. And before it all, I think I might have been a part of Atlantian civilization. But I do know I am a Lightworker, so I think I chose all those paths consciously and carried them with me, deep in my memories. I’m hoping the cards will bring them forth a little more clearly.

What past lives do you think you might have lived?

Unfortunately, when I opened the cards and imprinted them, I didn’t feel the connection with them as deeply as I did when I excitedly saw the box in the store. I’m hoping that changes after we exchange a little energy with one another. Have you ever felt this way when receiving a deck as a gift or after purchasing a deck yourself? What about a spiritual text? Or a crystal you thought resonated with you but ended up being something you put to the sidelines?

Okay, 9:15pm is late for a school night… hehe… I’m tired, so I’m going to go read in bed. I also got a used copy of a 2001 Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac. I browsed through it and loved the articles, even if the dates don’t match up. I was 13 when this Almanac came out, and I was just starting to call myself Wiccan… how strange, indeed!

Blessings, Love&Light…
Cloud ❤


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4 thoughts on “Invigorating

  1. I totally felt the Egyptian cards were not meant for you. As odd as it may sound and I am not a psychic but I feel you are identifying yourself with the wrong civilization and the cards gave you an accurate feeling too.

    It did happen with me when I bought some crystals online thinking they’d enhance my energies but once I got hold of them I couldn’t care less what happened to them and just stored them away never to be seen again!
    Citrine in this case.

    Keep posting!


    1. Namaste “Lilly” ;),

      Hmm… That’s an interesting comment! I really don’t believe I am wrong about my past having been heavily tied to Egyptian roots. I don’t believe the Ancient Egyptian civilization were completely human; I think they had divine contact with Angels/”Aliens” and I think many of them were Earth Angels, explaining the precision of their structures and the complexity of their systems, that were way beyond their years (or their tools). Believing myself to not totally be “of this world”, I think my connection fits…

      I used to dream about Egyptian civilizations as a kid, and anything with the Eye of Horus had to be mine! I purchased Egyptian imagery, I played Egyptian civilization games obsessively, I listened to Ancient Egyptian style music… I don’t think that the civilizations we are drawn to are forced or coincidence… And I actually didn’t know there were Egyptian cards in this deck until I opened them up!


      1. Yes! In that sense you are definitely connected to that civilisation, the earth angels part. Because what I know of Egyptian history is very dark and had its ups and then downs and downs that do not click with your beautiful spirit and energy.


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