The downs to being an empath & Halloween

Namaste, lovely people!

I love being an empath. I feel very in-tune most of the time, and when I’m able to ground myself and handle the energy of other people, than I see my gift as a blessing. But there are real downs to this gift, and as I become more energetically aware, more spiritually-lightened, my sensitivities have started to become far more physical than just the emotional reactions I used to have.

I was on a flight a while ago and prior to us taking off, there was a huge fight between two families, where individuals threatened to fight one another and there was the possibility of individuals being removed. The families agreed to stay civil, but the tension was high, and we were stuck at the back with both the fighting families. Shortly after take-off, I felt immensely nauseous, and I never get sick from airplanes! I love flying! It was so uncomfortable, and no medication or usual therapies could help the sickness. It slowly passed after we landed and began to drive away from the airport.

Last night, at a most marvelous family dinner for Rosh Hashana (my partner’s family is Jewish), I began to, out of no where, feel really physically sick, like I was coming down with a bad cold. There was no reason for this feeling to pop out of no where, and I didn’t feel the “comings” of a cold, which I’ve pretty much nailed at this point from having worked with children for so many years. Then, as the dinner table began to clear, so too my “sudden cold” began to clear, and by the end of the night I was perfectly fine.

Analyzing these situations, I now very strongly believe that both times I was picking up on the energy of other individuals and feeling the physical reactions of their negative energies. It was clear on the flight who’s energies I was feeling within me, but at the family dinner it was less obvious. But, considering it is a family event of sorts, I imagine the stress was high for a lot of the people involved in organizing it (and one of them did actually have a cold!) so perhaps that’s what I was feeling…

Before, my empath abilities only had me feeling the emotional reaction’s to people’s energies, but this physical energy is far worse. I asked for Archangel protection, but when you’re overcome with these feelings, it’s hard to focus on the intention. I’m obviously still trying to work at protecting myself, and if anyone has any tips or tricks, I would be most grateful…

Unrelated entirely… who else is excited for Halloween!? I want to dress up like a sorceress goddess lady and dance around all night! I love going into stores and seeing all the Halloween decor, and I have to resist buying it all, especially the beautiful pieces I’ve been finding at Homesense, a Canadian decor store for 60% less than the brand-name price (same company as Marshall’s in the US). I’ve found the most outstanding pieces and I struggle to put them back on the shelf … haha! I also have to remind myself that I don’t have the biggest house and I need to think about where I’m going to put all this stuff, if I were to get it!

Autumn, for me, is hot chocolate and candles season, so I have been stocking up on pumpkin scented candles and have them running almost 24 hours a day. I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving long weekend when I can head back up to the cottage for a much-needed escape from the suburbs for some forest living… it’s my happy place, and I’ve never actually been up in the Fall, so I’m so very excited.

But, back to Halloween! I wish I could pack my house full of spooky pieces and funky “potion” bottles and the like. At the fabric shop, I couldn’t resist the outstanding Halloween fabrics! I picked a new tarot cloth/altar cloth for the season, but let me tell you, choosing was no easy task!

Autumn truly feels like the most magical season. I know that everything is in the process of dying, so to speak, but it’s as if the whole planet bursts with colourful energy, prior to taking a rest for the winter months. It’s so beautiful. Everything about it gives me a sense of comfort and bliss, and, as I had hoped, I’m feeling the ongoing pull to the spiritual. As the cards read for me, work has been nothing but wonderful and this year, I truly found my niche and my happy place. The universe has blessed me.

I’m rambling tonight, I’ll stop here! Let me know if you’ve found any cool Halloween goodies or if you have any tips for my Empath issues!

Blessings, Love&Light!


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