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What makes me different (and better!):
I read tarot far more effectively and with fewer limitations than standard readers while simultaneously ensuring you’re not inconvenienced trying to obtain a reading.

I use tarot as a communication tool for my intuitive psychic abilities as I connect with your angels and spirit guides and relay these messages in written format. I don’t use limiting spreads or “just read the cards”. There is no need to be “live” because my energetic connection transcends that physical limitation; I am endlessly available and my process extremely convenient for you. I use this gift to help write you your most inspirational Spiritual Story meant to guide you and transform you, and I create you a spiritual and authentic keepsake that you can return to, again and again.

You don’t need to revolve your busy life around scheduling a reading, you just need to be ready to have your life changed.

Remote Full Spread Tarot Reading

I do remote Tarot readings for clients. All my readings are delivered in a stunning template format to your e-mail. There is no need to ensure our schedules match up, as our energetic connection allows my readings for you to be accurate, authentic, and thorough.

My readings are all done with blessings from the Archangels, which are non-denominational celestial entities. You will receive a very detailed and personal reading.

I have found the messages to be of an immensely high vibration and truly on-point. I can often tune-in to those who have passed, as well.


My spreads are individualized and catered to your questions and concerns. There is no limit to the amount of questions you can ask, but I always aim to get the clearest messages from your guides and mine. My readings take me 1.5-2 hours minimum; I put thought and care into my work.


Purchase a Full Spread Reading

Please remember to e-mail your birthdate and your questions (up to 8) to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM after making your purchase

45.00 €

3-Question Small Reading

This is a remote reading that is done without your live participation (other than energetic approval). It is a three-question pull for any topic or questions of your choice – and clients will receive their reading in a special PDF template designed specifically for this mini spread. The reading is catered to your needs – are you looking for love? do you have questions about your career? do you need advice? You tell me the direction you’d like the tarot readings to take and I offer you an insightful (and beautiful) reading at a discounted price. Using your birthday, I find your birthrite card, making this more of a 4-card reading!


Purchase a 3-Question Small Reading

Please remember to e-mail your 3 questions + birth date to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM following the purchase of this reading.

20.00 €

Life Purpose Discovery

This is a remote reading that is done without your live participation (other than energetic approval).  This is a 5-question reading that focuses on your life purpose and asks questions to your guides that you may not know how to word or ask. You don’t need to provide the questions, I will know what to ask. If you are feeling lost and would like to know what you are meant to do or where you are headed, this is the perfect reading for you. I know my life purpose, and once discovering it, my life transformed for me to live that purpose. Let me help you get there as well.


Purchase a Life Purpose Reading

Please remember to e-mail your birthdate to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM after making your purchase

35.00 €

Pre Recorded Tarot Reading

This is a remote reading that is done without your live participation. If you’re not a reader but you’re an oral learner, this may be the best reading for you! Keep in mind that writing is my angelic/Divine Gift and my written readings do become like a personal piece of spiritual text that you can refer to for the rest of your life, but this reading will be just as meaningful!

This is a 15-20 minute tarot reading that I do on camera for you (you just see the cards) and gets sent to you with a private YouTube link. The reading is centred around any topic you’d like insight on (career, love, family concerns) or any questions you’d like answered (4 maximum). In addition, I will pull from whatever oracle card I am drawn to at the end of your reading!

Along with reading the cards, I may be interrupted with things I “hear”, “see” or “just know” and I’ll provide that insight in the recording as well.

Please be as detailed as possible when you describe your situation or ask your questions.

Please note that these readings may take 3-4 days to process.

Purchase a Pre Recorded Tarot Reading

Please remember to e-mail your birthdate and your questions for the person who passed (up to 4) to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM after making your purchase

30.00 $

Life Purpose Check-In


Have you had a Life Purpose reading with me?
Has it truly resonated with you, but you haven’t made any progress manifesting it in your present-day life?
Do you have worries or concerns (about money, education, next steps, leaving your present job, etc) which are blocking you from moving forward down your path?
Do you not know where to start, but know you want to start your soul calling NOW?
Book a Life Purpose Check-In with me!
I will help clarify what is preventing you from moving forward and give you suggestions from Spirit that assist you in taking the correct steps towards your calling.
Even if you have no specific questions, I’ll know what to ask after you give me a brief overview of what is going on in your life since the time of your Life Purpose reading. I will narrow down the personal blocks and external challenges that are getting in the way of manifesting a truly fulfilling and joyous journey, your soul purpose journey. And as with all my readings, I’m happy to answer any follow-up questions that arise for your clarification.


Purchase a Life Purpose Check – In

Please remember to e-mail me where you are at since our Life Purpose reading to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM after making your purchase

25.00 €

Past Life Lessons Psychic Intuitive / Mediumship Reading

As someone who has had numerous past life visions and downloads, I understand the healing benefit of knowing and learning from your past lives. I wanted to find a way to weave this into the work I do, and decided to introduce a Past Life Lessons Mediumship Reading

Using Past Life Oracle Cards, Healing Oracle Cards, and the Tarot, as well as my psychic intuitive mediumship abilities, I will discover one past life that was lived and the lesson that is following you into this life that needs to be learned. I will try and narrow down what and where your past life occurred, what lesson from that lifetime is being repeated in this incarnation, what must be learned, healed, and overcome.

There are three parts to this reading: discovering your past life and role in this past life and where it took place, finding out how it relates to your present life and what lesson needs to be learned, and discovering what steps will help transcend this repeat of past life lessons and other healing aspects of this life journey. Let your past life illuminate the path of your present life and help clear any roadblocks standing in the way of your abundance.

This is a remote reading that does not require your presence, just your energetic permission. The reading is delivered to you in a template format. Please provide your birthdate, place of birth, and first name.


Past Lives Lessons Mediumship Reading

Please provide your birthdate, place of birth, and first name to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM after paying for this reading.

20.00 €

Low Cost Spiritual Healing/Guidance 

This is a remote reading that is done without your live participation (other than energetic approval).
It is a low budget option if you are wishing for some quick intuitive psychic advice with Tarot as communication tools to aid in the healing given. Unlike my full price readings, this is not delivered in a template format, only via e-mail. I also do not share insight into your birthright card.

The reading is catered to your needs – you share where you’d like me to find guidance or personalize your reading with specific questions. The number of questions does not indicate the number of cards pulled; I pull until I get a complete answer and/or combine my intuitive psychic messages to help draw out the answer as well.

Please note – it is TOO ENERGETICALLY HEAVY to connect to people who have died. I will also not tell you your life purpose through this reading; please book my Life Purpose Reading for this.

Low Cost Spiritual Guidance

Please remember to e-mail your birthdate, first name, and your two questions or concerns to SEEKINGCELESTIALGRACE@GMAIL.COM after making your purchase

10.00 €

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