Higher Soul Consciousness Readings

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Higher Soul Consciousness Reading

COST: 65EUROS/70USD/88CAD (these prices reflect a + 24% increase due to French tax regulations )

“I am sending you so much love and gratitude for this reading! You have no idea how much this has helped me, and I truly feel that this is a turning moment in my life, where I can rest and HEAL. I have been going back to prior readings to remind myself of everything spirit has led me to thus far, and now this one has completely opened my eyes! It’s like the perfect cherry on top.
I was so nervous about how it would go to be honest, and what has come back was completely unexpected but EVERY SINGLE THING resonated with me! You have nooooo idea how much I cried and basically wept over reading what you sent. The more I read, the more I cried. And I’m talking stuffy nose, sobbing, can’t catch my breath sort of crying lol. It more than touched my soul, and I’m still trying to process it all.
Reading everything you wrote and just knowing that spirit is with me, and sees me has made me feel so uplifted and has brought me so much clarity in just a short period of time. 
Overall, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. For the first time in a long time, I feel safe and comforted in who I am and who I have been.
I don’t think I can ever repay you for what you have allowed me to see. You have given me hope and you have helped me to see who I truly am, in the midst of my forgetting, and to me this is the greatest gift of all. And I know you say that you’re just the messenger but without you, it wouldn’t have been possible, it may not have come across as clear as it did if it wasn’t for you. So thank you for using your gift to serve others. Thank you for giving all that you do, so others can experience joy.” – Niya

I will be reading from your Higher Soul Consciousness to give you the Awareness necessary to create change and manifest your most abundant experience. I will access your Soul Blueprint and karmic collections and have the opportunity to present the path of healing to you. I will begin the session by laying out initial messages or past life visions that are coming forth from Spirit and the Angelic Realm. I will also attempt to theorize the lessons coming through with these messages in a kind “spiritual counseling” format.

After the first messages have been completed, I will then proceed with any four questions you have related to your soul purpose or life journey.

I work rooted in Divine Love. Everything I see, hear, feel, and “just know” will be written in response to what you have asked. All the Wisdom of the Light will move through me and be written down for you. Cards may or may not be used during your reading – it depends on what I am pulled/called to do. I can also connect to Deceased Loved Ones should you wish for a message from them.

In addition, should you wish to connect with an unborn soul (Spirit Baby), this can be requested in my readings. These messages come through in point-form, sometimes disjointed format. I can connect to unborn babies for pregnant women, women wanting to get pregnant, women wanting to know if they will have children, or people who are struggling to get pregnant. I do recommend that people read the book SPIRIT BABIES to help better understand where any issues may be situated and to provide a better, healed foundation prior to trying to connect with their spirit baby.

Please note, I am Reiki II attuned. My Spiritual Advisor has also informed me that my work is simultaneously a healing process, as the Reiki Masters come forward during my sessions and work with clearing my clients.

I cannot anticipate how long or short the messages that will come through will be, but I dedicate a minimum of one hour to each session. My sessions have always come forward with multiple pages of meaningful and transformative information. Please note: your reading is sent in a simple PDF format of a black-and-white Google Doc.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cloud’s High Soul Consciousness Reading. The messages that come through to her are ones that touch the soul- those feelings that you only think to yourself, the pain you keep buried underneath everyday life- comes out. I am so grateful for Cloud.
Each time that I have received a reading from her, I just get overwhelmed with emotion because how does she know exactly how I’m feeling?! Down to phrases I say and conversations I have? It is just unreal. She is truly gifted and she tells you what you need to hear but is gentle with the harsh truths that sometimes have to surface in order for you to get clarity. Seriously I get chills! Cloud is kind, thoughtful with her feedback and she is very generous with her insight.
This is reading that you will go back to over and over again. “
– Samantha

Do you wish to book a reading with me?

Please email me at seekingcelestialgrace[@]gmail.com with your desire to book a reading and your four questions. I will follow up with that email with the date I have your reading booked for. A week before your scheduled reading, I will confirm your booking and send you a PayPal link for the payment (you only need to pay a week before!). I will also ask you if you wish to change any questions or focus for your reading.
Remember that this is a remote reading, and you need not be present, you just have to be energetically open.

I ask that your questions not be “yes or no”, not be health related, related to legal affairs, and to be focused on your greater expansion as a human being, and the importance of this earthly journey. If you have a question for a Deceased Loved One, please send their name and their picture along with your question – please note: if you ask them if they’re proud of you, I assure you, they will say yes! They’re also safe and happy! Don’t waste your questions as those messages will automatically come through.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to send me an email.

“Hi Claudia,
Thank you so much for this reading. I needed to hear all those messages, and you hit every single points with an outstanding clarity. Truly, you are a blessing. Your messages were insightful and hits close to heart. Your words were encouraging and kind, and accurate! Thank you again for the wonderful messages. 
Xoxo, Jilly”

“During my Higher Soul Consciousness Reading, I asked Claudia to help me communicate with my Spirit Baby. It was the first time I’ve requested her to help me connect to my unborn child. Her ability to heal through words and bring me closer to this little soul was powerful. She was able to dig through some of my existing blockages and help discuss them with my partner. She’s so gifted and confirmed what another clairvoyant read to me a couple of months ago. Claudia’s readings always end with transcendent energy healing that leave me relieved and blissfully happy. Thanks for bringing light into this world!“
– Julie

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