Spirit Guide Spread – Part Two


I did another Spirit Guide spread yesterday morning. I’ll be a little quicker with these results as I don’t have all the time in the world to type it up, and my last posting gives a good run-down of how the spread works.

Is my Spirit Guide male or female?
Knight of Staffs – I really thought this one would end up being female, but male took the dominant stage. The knight of staffs is passionate, has a strong energy, is explorative, a rebel and wanderer, and loves freedom (which totally sounds like a description of me! So maybe that’s why I thought the energy was one of a female!).

The personality of my spirit guide:
Countess of Swords- Cold and aloof, determined, forceful. Don’t look to this guide for gentle words, but look to this guide for strong opinions. He’s very intelligent, and can cut to the heart of every problem in my life.
Page of Coins – This card was used to describe my previous guide, as well. Meditative mind, careful, pragmatic, disciplined, high energy.
Knight of Cups – Romantic, charming, high spiritual aspirations, constantly questing, a dreamer (this card seems to contrast with the first, which makes me think that my guide is as emotional as I am!)


Element associated with my guide:
Ace of Swords – I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP! Just like my dream, I met my guide NORTH and I met my guide EAST as the Ace of Swords is associated with the East! My mind is blown! The element is air, which explains my guide’s indecision with it’s personality – haha!

Three things my guide is here to show me:
The Hanged Man –Clarity of vision, balance, submission to things greater than myself, and personal sacrifice
Empress – Strength, my ruling passions, the feminine (there’s further explanation as to why this guide felt feminine to me!), and my wild nature!
Sun – happiness, enlightenment, kindness, glory and accomplishment


What do I need to do to understand your guidance?
Six of Swords – I got the same card on the first draw with my other guide, too! This is a journey, I must listen to the messenger, I must be ready for periods of transition and always be ready to move to the next phase that I am being guided down.
Five of Coins – I may feel as though I’m “struggling to survive”, so I must be ready to toil, I must be determined, honest and ready for this relationship
Eight of Cups – Again, I must progress through uncertainty and be ready to separate from old paths, following my guide down the path that is best for me

Yet again, this reading has given my other guide much clarity, and I cannot believe I got North and East (in that order, as they introduced themselves to me in my dream) in my spreads. If I dream of any more guides, I can assure you I’ll be doing another reading!


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